11 Baby Girl Nursery Storage Ideas [great tips for a new mom]

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Is your nursery set up for your new baby girl? Or perhaps the baby has arrived but her nursery is a cluttered mess. Whatever stage you’re at you’ll find some girls nursery storage ideas and baby organization ideas in this post that’ll get your little girl’s room nice and organized.

Girls Baby Organization Ideas and Nursery storage ideas for girls
Baby Organization Ideas & Nursery Storage Ideas

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Nursery Storage Ideas for Girls Rooms

A lot of the items shown are pink, but many manufacturer’s have the same item available in different colors.

Just because an item is on this list doesn’t mean you need it. Remember, past generations got by with a heck of a lot less than we have now.

But one or two of the baby organization ideas on this list may be just what you need to “turn the nursery from cluttered mess to heck yes!”

Environmental Note

It’s better for the environment if you re-use items, so check to see if you can buy some items second hand. (And then wash them well.)

You can check Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist or other classified sites to see if anyone is selling nursery organization items.


1) Multi-bin Toy Organizer

Delta Children Deluxe Multi-Bin Toy Organizer with Storage Bins, White/Pink Bins

This quality product made by Delta is often described as a “toy organizer” but initially you could use them to store diapers, baby clothes, receiving blankets, etc…

Then as your child grows she can put her toys or crafts in here. It has 9 fabric bins in total.

Will this work for you?

You can click here to see the size of this toy organizer for girls on Amazon.

2) Book rack (wood and fabric)

Humble Crew, White/Pink/Purple Kids Book Rack Storage Bookshelf, 4 Tiers

You’re probably thinking, “What! Why do I need a book rack for a baby?”

Well, if this is your first baby you’ll realize that what everyone tells you about “They grow up so fast” is so true.

My youngest loves books so we just use a regular bookshelf for her, but the local drop-in preschool has a shelf like this and she loves sitting down in front of it and grabbing the books out. This 4-tier fabric book shelf for girls is where you can tuck her bedtime stories, or use it to store extra blankets, diapers, etc…

3) Baby Girl Closet Organizer – Closet dividers 

Baby Closet Size Dividers, Floral Baby Closet Organizer for Girl, Newborn Nursery Wardrobe Divider Hangers to Arrange Clothes with Separator by Size or Age, Baby Shower, 0-24 Months.

If you’re using a closet for your little one’s clothes these dividers can help you separate the clothes by size.

Having a good baby girl closet organizer or system will make your life easier (and when you’re a tired new parent that’s important).

Each divider has an age listed on it (which corresponds to size when they’re little), so you can have all the 3-6 month clothes together, and the 6-9 months clothes together and so on. It is a baby closet organizing idea that will work right up until they are 24 months old.

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4) Over the door organizer (a great baby storage idea)

mDesign Soft Fabric Over The Door Hanging Storage Organizer with 16 Deep Pockets for Child/Kids Room, Nursery, Playroom - Metal Hooks Included - Textured Print - Taupe/Natural

This over the door baby organizer by mDesign makes clever use of otherwise wasted space. This baby storage idea has 16 pockets!

If your change table is located near a door you can put diapers, wipes and bum cream in this baby organizer and have it within easy reach.

The pockets are fabric and not see through. I guess the one downside I could see is that small items could get “lost” in the pockets.

Click here to see other colors and patterns available on Amazon.


5) Closet Hanging Organizing Shelves

mDesign Soft Fabric Over Closet Rod Hanging Storage Organizer with 7 Shelves and 3 Removable Drawers for Child/Kids Room or Nursery - Textured Print - Gray

There never seems to be enough shelves in a closet. This great closet organizer for a baby girl (or boy) helps solve that by providing 7 shelves and 3 removable drawers.

This hanging closet shelves will allow you to use the vertical space in your closet and provide a great “no tools” required organizer.

If you don’t like gray, it is available in different colors on Amazon.

If you want more baby closet organizing ideas, you can check out our closet organizing posts for inspiring ideas by clicking here.

6) Diaper Organizer Ideas – Hanging Diaper Caddy

hiccapop Hanging Diaper Organizer for Changing Table and Crib, Diaper Stacker and Crib Organizer | Hanging Diaper Caddy Organizer for Baby Essentials | Nursery Organizer for Cribs

This clever hanging diaper caddy has 6 shelves to store diaper changing items, including a large space for diapers.

Now when you’re changing a diaper you can have everything close at hand!

We just use a change table and put the diapers, wipes and cream on the shelf below the change pad, and that works fine for us, but an item like this would essentially turn any table into a change table.

If you’re looking for diaper organizer ideas…check this popular one out on Amazon.


Looking for cute diaper organizer ideas?

Check out this diaper caddy with this adorable hedgehog made by 3 Sprouts.

You can also get this diaper caddy with different animal patterns on Amazon.


7) Toy Storage Organizer with plastic bins

Humble Crew, White/Pastel Kids' Toy Storage Organizer

We have one like this in our daughter’s room (but ours is brown and second hand).

This toy organizer for girls (and boys) is a handy way to keep her room tidy.

Now that our daughter is a toddler she can reach and pull out any toys she wants – even on the top shelf. (Now only if she would put the toys back…still working on that.)

I am consciously trying to cut down on purchasing plastic, and these bins are plastic so I was glad to get it second hand. But I know that I’ll be able to use these bins for years.

Once she is done with toys the bins could be used to store socks, underwear, and accessories in her closet.

Click the picture below to see more details.

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8) Folding Toy Chest

LOVELY LITTLE THINGS Unicorn Storage Bins Foldable - Toy Box Collapsible Cube - Boxes for Shelves - Storage Box Decorative - Kids Toys Organizer - Rainbow Container (PinkBigBox)

Toy boxes are the classic toy storage bins.

There are some really cool new ones out there.

The popular unicorn toy box above is foldable…so it folds flat if not in use.

Below is the picture of my daughter’s fabric toy box: it is similar to the one above. As you can see it is overflowing with stuffies. 

Ours is made by a company called 3 Sprouts.

They make several different animal versions (such as alligator, bear, lion, sheep and more).

It is made of 100% polyester. The washing instructions say to Spot Wash with Cold Water.

Girls Nursery Room organization and storage ideas - fabric toy chest
Click image to see on Amazon

9) Collapsible Nursery storage cubes

mDesign Soft Fabric Closet Storage Organizer Cube Bin Box, Handle - Storage for Baby Child/Kids Room, Nursery, Toy Room, Furniture Units, Shelf - 12.75" High - 2 Pack - Gray/White Polka Dots

We have baskets similar to the ones above.

They are handy for storing a variety of baby items from toys to books to clothes.

You can get cube furniture and stick these nursery storage cubes into the cubbies, or you can put them on shelves. They are very versatile baby storage idea.

The ones shown above are popular ones made by mDesign.

10) Bookcase/Foot board

Sauder Pogo Bookcase/footboard, Soft White finish

This is a versatile piece of furniture that can be place against a wall to use as a bookcase, or it can be placed at the foot of a bed to make a foot board. 

Wherever you decide to use it it’ll make a great piece of baby storage furniture.

It’s cool how the lower compartment angles outward to act as a storage bin for bulky items, and you still have the middle and top shelves for additional storage.

Click here to see more details on Amazon.

11) Nursery Organization Set

Delta Children Nursery Storage 48 Piece Set - Easy Storage/Organization Solution - Keeps Bedroom, Nursery & Closet Clean, Infinity Pink

This Delta 48 piece nursery storage set contains many items that I have already mentioned above in one handy nursery organization set.

I don’t know how each item would compare on a head-to-head basis with the individual items I’ve already mentioned, but this has the convenience of having them all in one set.

If you’re sick of pink here is a grey nursery organization set.

I hope you have found some inspiration in this list of girls nursery storage ideas.

If this is your first baby, don’t worry, the nursery doesn’t have to be “perfect” because you’ll change it over time to suit your needs.

Enjoy the moments.

Thank you.

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