14 Eco Friendly School Supplies [great for back to school]

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It wasn’t until recently that I learned there are lots of options for eco friendly school supplies. Check out this list of 14 sustainable back to school supplies, and see which ones will work for you or your kids.

This article will look at:

  • recycled school supplies (products made from recycled materials)
  • eco friendly pencils
  • less waste lunch box products
  • and more…

13 Eco-Friendly School Supplies
Eco friendly school supplies

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So I have to admit that I’m a newbie to the following items and I haven’t bought my girls their supplies yet, so I can’t give my personal feedback on the items. But I was very impressed they’re even available, and I hope you enjoy this list too!

14 Eco-Friendly School Supplies you may not even know exist!

The most eco-friendly option would be to reuse last year’s supplies, so go through the leftover school supplies and see what is missing.

Then if there are items you need check out the following supplies.


1. Eco-friendly School Supply KIT

If you need multiple items then check out this eco-friendly kit.

It has pencils (made from recycled newspaper), pens, a ruler made from corn plastic, a pencil sharpener and pencil case made from 100% jute. 

You can get most of your school supplies in one purchase!

Eco Friendly School Supplies Kit
Photo credit: Onyx Green


2. A Hemp and Natural cotton Backpack

Here is a more natural option than the plastic-y backpacks that rip and tear apart.

I can’t even count the number of backpacks I’ve bought for my daughters over the years.

And by January most of them have torn zippers!

Next year we’ll try something more natural (and hopefully stronger) like this one.

Hemp Backpack


3. The Sprout Pencil –> once you’ve used it up, you plant it!

If you haven’t seen these before they seem really interesting.

There is a seed capsule in the end of the pencil.

So when you’re done writing with it you plant it!

eco friendly school supplies
Photo credit: Sprout



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4. A Tree-Free Pencil made from Recycled Newspaper

Instead of chopping down trees to make pencils, these are made from recycled newspaper. This is a clever recycled school supply.

Seems like a good option to cut down on unnecessary logging.

Click here to see more details about these recycled newspaper pencils on Amazon.

Photo credit: TreeSmart


5. Pens made from Recycled Plastic Bottles

The ball-point pens shown below are made from recycled plastic bottles.

The same company makes a similar product with gel pens that you can see on Amazon by clicking here.

(I personally don’t like gel pens because I smear them everywhere… and I’m not even left-handed!)

Eco friendly school supplies
Photo credit: Pilot

6. Ruler made from Bamboo

If you have a quality ruler made of metal it’ll probably last you your entire life.

But if you are hesitant to buy your child a metal ruler there are bamboo rulers available.

(So made from bamboo – the grass-like fiber – instead of wood.)

Eco friendly school supplies - bamboo ruler (sustainable back to school supplies)
Photo credit: Onyx Green


7. Lined Recycled Paper

You can buy lined paper made from recycled paper.

Look for paper that is made from large percentage of post-consumer paper.


8. Tree Free Paper – Paper from Other Fiber Sources

I admit that you likely won’t need a box of this paper, but it looks pretty cool anyway.

It says it is made from a by-product of sugar cane, not trees.

Photo credit: Brown Bear (Tree Free Paper)


9. Erasers made from Recycled Rubber

Here are some eco friendly erasers made from recycled rubber.

But some people wonder why an eco-friendly school supply like this comes with plastic packaging.

(But it seems like the erasers themselves work well to wipe out errors.)

ECO FRIENDLY school supplies - eco friendly erasers from recycled rubber
Eco friendly erasers – Photo credit: Onyx Green


10. Glue (plant-based)

Check out this interesting plant-based glue. It is an Onyx Green school supply.

Photo credit: Onxy Green

Click here to see more details on Amazon.


11. Math Set from Onyx Green school supplies

Once again, another eco-friendly product from Onyx.

(It may not currently be available though…I’ve been having a tough time tracking it down.)

Photo credit: Onyx Green

Zero Waste Lunch Kit Ideas

If you start thinking about the waste in an average kids lunch…it’s pretty shocking. 

These products below can help you attain lower waste, and perhaps even zero waste.

For more ways to reduce lunch box waste click here.

Reducing Lunch Box waste

12. Classic Lunch Bag (made from Canvas)

I love the rugged look of this lunch bag: very basic, very cool.

The one below is available on Etsy from a seller named “Peg and Awl.”

It is a reusable waxed canvas lunch bag.

Eco friendly back to school supplies - canvas lunch bag
Click image to view this cool product on Etsy


13. Stainless Steel Lunch Bento Box

If your goal is to use less plastic this year then you need to check out this stainless steel lunch bento box.

Stainless Steel Lunch bento box
Photo credit: Green Lunch Bento

14. Reusable Straws

I like the idea of these soft, reusable silicone straws for kids.

I’d be more comfortable sending this to school with my kids than a glass straw or a metal straw.

Photo credit: Softy Straws

CLICK here to see more details on Amazon.

I hope you have enjoyed this list of 14 eco-friendly school supplies.

Providing your child with sustainable back to school supplies is definitely manageable now-a-days.

If there is a sustainable back to school supply that you feel other readers should know about, please comment below.

Thank you.


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