17 Craft Room Storage & Organization Ideas

Are you looking for some cool ways to organize your craft room and for some storage ideas for your arts and crafts supplies? Good, because I’ve done some research and came up with 17 craft room storage and organization ideas that you’ll love (I hope).

Some of these ideas we actually use in my house – to varying degrees of success. And some of these ideas I discovered online.

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Lets start the Craft Room Storage and Organization Ideas

Idea #1 – 10 Drawer Rolling Plastic Cart

This colourful, rolling cart is currently #1 best seller in the Storage Drawer Carts category on Amazon. It looks cool, and I like the idea, but I think its functionality will depend on what kind of supplies you need to store. I.e. what size are they?

And the drawers are opaque so you’ll want use some labelling stickers to label the drawers and contents within.

Below is our rolling craft cart that has clear plastic on the front so we can see what is in each drawer. (And what I usually see is a bloody mess!)

This thing is meant to help organize, but we have an ongoing struggle with keeping things organized.

So I guess you could say this is a cautionary tale – just because you have the organizers, it still requires you to come up with an organization system, and stick to it!

#2 – Small Items Organizer (36 compartments)

I recently wrote a post about how versatile hanging shoe organizers were – you can use them for so much more than just shoes. And these multi-compartment cases are extremely versatile too. You can use them for hair elastics, crafting beads, jewelry parts, make-up, fishing gear, hardware (like nuts, bolts and washers), and the list goes on!

The one shown below has 15 removable dividers so you can customize it to fit your needs.

Click image to view details on Amazon

Idea #3 – 44 Drawer Plastic Cabinet

I decided to use the Amazon product photo showing this guy holding the plastic cabinet so you get a sense of scale.

It has a lot of different compartments (of various sizes) to store and organize your craft supplies.

You can get it in all black, like the one shown below, or you can get it in black and red.

Arts and Crafts Room Organization Ideas
Click to see dimensions on Amazon

#4 – Desktop Art Supply Organizer and Caddy

Do you have to tote your art supplies one from area to another? If so, check out this art supply caddy with a handle for easy carrying.

( And in a pinch I bet you could use this for a picnic. 🙂 Stick your condiments in one side and napkins and cutlery on the other. )

Arts and Crafts Room organization ideas
Click image to view on Amazon

#5 – Wooden Artists Box

Below is a wooden art supplies box. It has 10 narrow drawers that are great to store things like colored pencils, drawing pencils, brushes and pens. Just seeing an artist box like this makes me think I’m artistic…or at least that I could be. (Ahh, wishful thinking.)

The one downside that reviewers often mention is that the drawers “stick” to each other. So when you go to pull out one drawer, other drawers will come out too.

Overall it has a good rating on Amazon (currently rated 4.1 stars out of 5 with over 250 reviews).

Arts and crafts organizers
Click to view on Amazon

#6 – Tension Rod Organization Idea

If you have a spot for it, a tension rod can be a clever way to help organize your craft supplies like scissors.

Below is a picture that I originally posted on my Tension Rod Organization Ideas post.

#7 – Hanging Shoe Organizer used as Storage for Arts and Crafts Supplies

If you don’t have a lot of counter-space or drawers then a hanging shoe organizer can help you take advantage of unused, “wasted” vertical space.

You can hang the organizer on the back of a door, or screw it directly into the wall.

You can also cut the organizer to only have a couple row of pockets and then mount these to the side of your craft desk. So it’d kind of be like a skirt along the side of the desk.

craft room storage ideas - hanging shoe organizer

#8 – Artist Design Desk with Drawers and Storage

Perhaps you need a whole new desk.

Below is a desk I came across on Amazon that looks really cool and the top adjusts from flat up to 70-degrees. Now I’m not an artist, but I think this desk looks good, and it is well-reviewed.

It currently has 4.1 stars out of 5 on Amazon with over 500 reviews.

Click to see on Amazon

It has compartments along the side for your art supplies, and it has 3 small pull-out drawers under the counter-top.

Idea # 9 – For Crafters on the GO

Are you a mobile crafter? Do you meet your friends for needlepoint work or other crafts?

If so you should check out this crafting bag that looks like a stylish purse.

You don’t need to lug around your craft supplies in a potato sack anymore. You can do it in style.

Click here to check in out on Amazon.

Arts and Crafts Supplies organization ideas - on the go crafting purse
Click to see details on Amazon.

#10 – Craft Room Organization Tip – film canisters for tiny items

Film canisters? Well you may not be able to find many film canisters anymore, but you could use small storage canisters such as pill bottles.

If you or a family member has prescription medication bottles, you can wash them out, wipe them down with rubbing alcohol, and then use them as storage canisters for small items.

craft room storage idea - film canisters

In the picture above you’ll see my daughters collection of letter beads. On the top of each canister is a letter, and inside each film canister is the corresponding letter bead.

Then she keeps all the film canisters contained in a plastic basket.

How could small containers like this help you?

Various small storage containers within one larger container

In the picture below you’ll see a couple different craft organization ideas that we use.

My daughter keeps her ProMarkers in a zippered pencil case, her rubber stamps in a plastic tote, and her stack of stamping paper all within a larger plastic tote.

Then when she wants to make some stamped birthday cards or designs, she can pull out one tote and have her supplies all right there.

craft room storage idea

So there are a few craft organization tips here within this one picture.

Idea #11 – Store related crafts together in one larger tote

Idea #12 – Reuse old pencil cases from school to store your art supplies such as markers, water color crayons or pencil crayons

Idea #13 – Nest smaller totes within larger totes

Idea #14 – Craft Room Sewing & Craft Cart

If sewing is your craft of choice you may appreciate a sewing cart like the one shown below.

It is well-reviewed on Amazon and is currently rated 4.4 stars out of 5.

craft room storage idea - sewing cart
Click to see on Amazon

When it is open like in the picture above it is just over 5 feet wide, but it folds in to make a more compact cart measuring about 40 inches wide (so under 3.5 feet).

#15 – Wooden Cabinet & Drawer Organizer Cart

If you like the idea of a rolling cart – but you want something more “substantial” than just plastic then you may like the cart below.

It has 5 drawers, plus one cabinet area. And inside the cabinet there is a shelf so you’ve got 2 compartments within the one cabinet.

Craft room storage ideas - rolling wooden cart
Click to view on Amazon

#16 – Pegboard – a versatile Craft Room Organization Idea

Pegboards are very cool and you can use them in just about every room in your house.

Your local hardware store likely sells pegboard panels that you can cut to fit your needs. But you’ll still need to buy the clips and hangers.

But if you can’t find it locally or you don’t want to cut it, you can check out this pegboard kit I found on Amazon. It comes with two pegboard panels (13.5″ wide X 22″ high), and a set of pegboard clips and hangers.

Craft room organization idea
Click to see the pegboard set on Amazon (accessories not included)

#17 – Screws to hold up rolls of tape

In the picture below you’ll see a very simple tactic we use to store our rolls of tape. (These are more my household tapes than craft tape but you’ll get the idea 🙂 )

Here I put the screws into the vertical edge of an old wooden shelf, but you can get creative and put these wherever suits your needs.

In fact, using screws like this is kind of like making your own pegboard. Instead of buying a pegboard and the pegs to go with it, you are essentially making a pegboard.

You could use this technique to store crafting tools (like scissors) or if you used small finishing nails you could hang up spools of thread.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of craft room storage and organization ideas. And remember that it doesn’t matter what “organizer” you buy, you are still the ultimate organizer.

You’re the one who has to define the organization system and then stick to it!

Do you have a good craft room storage idea? If so, please comment below.

Thank you.

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