27 handy Craft Storage Ideas – actually find your supplies! [2023]

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Are you looking for some cool ways to organize and store your arts and crafts supplies? Good, because in this article we’ll look at 27 craft storage ideas and organization tips. Hopefully at least one of these ideas will help you.

Some of these ideas we actually use in our house – to varying degrees of success. And some of these ideas I discovered online.

The Craft Organization Ideas include:

  • craft storage towers
  • craft storage bags
  • art and craft caddies
  • craft storage armoires
  • and lots more…

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27 Craft Storage Ideas & Craft Organization Ideas

Organizing crafts and craft supplies can be tricky…even if you have a dedicated craft room.

Hopefully some of these craft storage ideas will help you- so you can actually find what you’re looking for!

The craft room organization below include some storage products (like craft storage bags), but it also includes some tips and organization ideas.

Note: This post originally had only 17 craft storage ideas, but I’ve updated it to include some new helpful products and ideas.

1) Rolling 10 Drawer Craft Storage Tower (by Whitmor)

Whitmor 10 Drawer - Rolling Craft Organizer Cart - Chrome 15.25x13.50x35.25

It looks cool, and I like the idea, but I think its functionality will depend on what kind of supplies you need to store.

In other words, what size are the craft supplies that you want to put in here?

And you also need to think about the weight of the items you put in here. Many people love this unit, but they say it isn’t really designed to hold a lot of weight (may get wobbly). So you could store some paper in here, but I wouldn’t go overboard because of the weight.

And the drawers are translucent…so you can see inside a bit…but you’ll want use some labelling stickers to label the drawers and contents within.

Below is our rolling craft cart that has clear plastic on the front so we can see what is in each drawer. (And what I usually see is a huge mess!)

This craft storage tower is meant to help organize, but we have an ongoing struggle with keeping things organized.

Craft room storage ideas - rolling plastic cart on wheels

So I guess you could say this is a cautionary tale – just because you have the organizers, it still requires you to come up with an organization system, and stick to it!

2) Swiveling Wooden Craft Storage Tower (by Sauder)

Craft Storage Tower with Swivel Base by Sauder. Like a Lazy Susan for crafts
Craft Storage Tower with Swivel Base by Sauder (Photo credit: Walmart.com)

Here is a well-rated wooden craft storage tower made by the furniture company Sauder.

It is stationary – so it doesn’t roll around – but it does have a swiveling base.

Think of it as a “lazy Susan” for your crafts. It has two sliding drawers, several shelves, a corkboard and a peg board to hang tools.

3) Small Item Craft Organizer (15 compartments)

Outus Washi Tape Organizer Sticker Storage Bead Organizer Crafts Box Organizer, 15 Compartments, Clear

I recently wrote a post about how versatile hanging shoe organizers are – you can use them for so much more than just shoes.

And these multi-compartment cases are extremely versatile too.

You can use them for:

  • washi tape
  • pens & pencils
  • hair elastics
  • crafting beads
  • jewelry parts for making your own jewelry
  • make-up
  • fishing gear
  • hardware (like nuts, bolts and washers)
  • and the list goes on!

The one shown above made by Outus has 14 removable dividers (2 large and 12 small) so you can customize it to fit your needs.

4) Small Stackable Craft Storage Organization Box

Bins & Things Stackable Storage Container with 2 Trays - Gray - Craft Storage/Craft Organizers and Storage - Bead Organizer Box/Art Supply Organizer

Here is a stackable craft storage box by Bins & Things. It also has two trays (the dark things in the top and bottom boxes in the picture).

One thing to note though is that it is quite small.

Each of the bins is about 10.50-inches long by 7-inches wide. And the height of each individual bin is about 3-inches.

So these are not large storage bins…they’re small ones intended to help you organize your small craft supplies and tools.

5) Plastic Storage Cabinet with 44 Drawers (by IRIS USA)

IRIS USA 44 Drawer Parts and Hardware Cabinet, Black

This craft storage cabinet has 44 different compartments to store and organize your small craft supplies.

You can even stack a second unit on top for even more storage opportunities.

And you can keep your work surface clear by mounting this to the wall.

Plus, this company – IRIS USA – makes organizers with different number of drawers (including a larger 64 drawer unit).

6) Desktop Art Supply Organizer and Caddy (by mDesign)

mDesign Plastic Craft Storage Organizer Bin with Handle for Living Room Drawer, Office Desk Organization - Holds Craft, Sewing, Art Supplies - Lumiere Collection - Clear

Do you have to carry your art supplies one from area to another? If so, check out this art supply caddy with a handle for easy carrying.

It would be good for young kids.

You could just pull out the supplies needed for that particular craft and set up a craft station for them. Then you’ll have less mess to put away later. (Just pull out what’s needed…not the whole craft cabinet.)

(And in a pinch I bet you could use this for a picnic. Stick your condiments in one side and napkins and cutlery on the other.)

[Walmart sells this as 2-pack if one isn’t enough. Click here to see price on Walmart.com]

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7) Craft Paint Storage Rack – holds 81 pains

Wooden Craft Paint Storage Rack - Holds 81 Standard Size 2oz. Bottles of Paint.

Do you have lots of paints? Want an easy way to see the colors?

This craft paint storage rack can hold up to 81 bottles of the popular 2-ounce paint bottles.

You can leave this on your craft table, or mount it to a wall.

If you think this will help you tidy up your craft room, click here to see current price.

8) Craft Paint Storage Rack – holds 21 paints

ArtBin 6828AG Paint Storage Tray, Art & Craft Supply Storage, Super Satchel System Accessory, Wall Mountable 21 Compartment Paint Organizer, White

If you have a smaller paint collection, perhaps a 21-compartment paint rack like this one will be better for you.

(One peculiar downside I’ve read about this paint rack though is the smell. If you’re senistive to smells then be aware of this.)

Click here for more details.

9) Wooden Artists Box (by US Art Supply)

U.S. Art Supply 10 Drawer Wood Artist Supply Storage Box - Pastels, Pencils, Pens, Markers, Brushes

Isn’t this a handsome looking a wooden art supplies box.

It can be separated into two separate wooden boxes, or stacked on top of each other like shown above.

It has 10 narrow drawers that are great to store things like colored pencils, drawing pencils, brushes and pens.

And the whole unit is just under 16-inches wide. So it won’t hog your entire tabletop.

Just seeing an artist box like this makes me think I’m artistic…or at least that I could be. (Ahh, wishful thinking.)

10) Tension Rod Organization Idea for Seldom Used Items

If you have a spot for it, a tension rod can be a way to help organize your craft supplies like scissors.

But we didn’t end up using this for too long because it required taking down the tension rod each time we needed to use them.

But it would be a better option for stuff like ribbon spools that don’t need to be taken down.

Or if you hung S-hooks from the rod then hung your scissors from the other end of the hooks.

Tension rod holding up scissors

11) Hanging Shoe Organizer used as Storage for Arts and Crafts Supplies

craft room storage ideas - hanging shoe organizer
Using a hanging shoe organizer to store craft supplies

If you don’t have a lot of counter-space or drawers then a hanging shoe organizer can help you take advantage of unused, “wasted” vertical space.

You can hang the organizer on the back of a door, or screw it directly into the wall.

You can also cut the organizer to only have a couple row of pockets and then mount these to the side of your craft desk.

So it’d kind of be like a skirt along the side of the desk.

You can find multi-pocket organizers at most stores (including dollar stores).

12) Artist Design Desk with Drawers and Storage

Studio Designs 10053  Vision Craft Station in Silver / Blue Glass

Are you stick of your current craft station or art table? Perhaps you need a whole new desk.

Above is a popular art desk (drafting table) I came across on Amazon that looks really cool and the top adjusts from flat up to 70-degrees.

Now I’m not an artist, but I think this desk looks pretty awesome.

It has compartments along the side for your art supplies, and it has 3 small pull-out drawers under the counter-top.

13) Fold Down Desk with Craft Storage Shelves

Utopia Alley Collapsible Fold Down Desk Table/Wall Cabinet with Chalkboard and Bottom Shelf, White

This looks so cool. The desk part actually folds up into the cabinet to clear up the floor space.

Below is a picture of this space-save folded up. The cabinet is 5-feet tall, and about 20-inches wide. (So the desktop won’t be very wide, but it might work for some crafts.)

Utopia Alley Collapsible Fold Down Desk Table/Wall Cabinet with Chalkboard and Bottom Shelf, White

Click here for more details of this unique craft room furniture.

14) Craft Storage Bags (by Everything Mary)

Everything Mary Craft Caddy, Geometric - Art Storage for Supplies & Crafts - Supply Organizers Tote for School Classroom, Office, and Home - Organization for Makeup & Nurses

Are you a mobile crafter? Do you meet your friends for needlepoint work or other crafts?

You don’t need to lug around your craft supplies in a potato sack anymore. You can do it in style.

This is a craft storage bag that has 12 different storage compartments and handles on the top for easy carrying.

Click here for more details.

15) Purse-style Craft Storage Bag (by Everything Mary)

Craft Storage bags by Everything Mary
Craft Storage Caddy Bag by Everything Mary (Photo credit: Walmart.com)

If you prefer a craft tote bag with longer handles you should check out this crafting bag that looks like a stylish purse.

It is also made by the company Everything Mary.

16) Craft Storage Bag on Wheels

Everything Mary Rolling Craft Bag, Black & Teal - Papercraft Tote with Wheels for Scrapbook & Art Storage - Organizer Case for IRIS Boxes, Supplies, and Accessories

Here is another great option for crafters on the go.

This is a larger craft organizer bag that has two wheels and a pull handle (like a piece of luggage).

Below is a picture of the bag all zipped up. You wouldn’t know what goodies are inside.

Everything Mary Rolling Craft Bag, Black & Teal - Papercraft Tote with Wheels for Scrapbook & Art Storage - Organizer Case for IRIS Boxes, Supplies, and Accessories

Click here to see more details on this craft storage bag on wheels.

17) Film canisters for tiny items (a Craft Room Organization Tip)

Film canisters?

Well you may not be able to find many film canisters anymore, but you could use small storage canisters such as pill bottles.

If you or a family member has prescription medication bottles, you can wash them out, wipe them down with rubbing alcohol, and then use them as storage canisters for small items.

craft room storage idea - film canisters
film canisters to store small beads and craft supplies

In the picture above you’ll see my daughters collection of letter beads.

On the top of each canister is a letter, and inside each film canister is the corresponding letter bead.

Then she keeps all the film canisters contained in a plastic basket.

How could small containers like this help you?

18) Store small containers within one larger container

In the picture below you’ll see a couple different craft organization ideas that we use.

My daughter keeps her ProMarkers in a zippered pencil case, her rubber stamps in a plastic tote, and her stack of stamping paper all within a larger plastic tote.

Then when she wants to make some stamped birthday cards or designs, she can pull out one tote and have her supplies all right there.

craft room storage idea

So there are a few craft organization tips here within this one picture.

19) Craft Room Organization Ideas on a Budget – Reuse old pencil cases

If you have school-aged children, or if you recently went to school yourself, you probably have some old pencil cases around your home.

You can use these to store your art and craft supplies (like we do in the picture above). They are a good way to store your pencil crayons, markers, crayons, glue sticks, etc…

20) Zip-up Pencil Case / Craft Storage Pouch

EASTHILL Big Capacity Pencil Pen Case Office College School Large Storage High Capacity Bag Pouch Holder Box Organizer Blue New Arrival(Black)

If you don’t have old pencil cases to reuse, you can get a new storage pouch like this one by EASTHILL.

It’s got a variety of zippers and pouches to store your drawing supplies.

Will this handy, craft storage pouch help you?

Click here to see more details.

21) Craft Room Sewing & Craft Cart

Sauder, Cinnamon Cherry finish Select Sewing Craft Table/Cart, L 40.08" x W 19.45" x H 28.50"

If sewing is your craft of choice you may appreciate a sewing cart like the one shown above.

This is a popular sewing and storage cart made by Sauder that is available on Amazon.

This is the Cherry/Cinnamon color. I’m not a huge fan of this color, but judging by the high rating, other people are. (It used to be available in white, but currently the white is unavailable. )

Below is a picture showing the same sewing unit all closed up.

Sauder, Cinnamon Cherry finish Select Sewing Craft Table/Cart, L 40.08" x W 19.45" x H 28.50"

When it is open like in the first picture it is just over 5 feet wide, but it folds in to make a more compact cart measuring about 40 inches wide (so under 3.5 feet).

Will this help you get your sewing supplies organized?

22) Wooden Cabinet & Drawer Organizer Cart

Rolling craft storage tote cart
Rolling Wooden Craft Cart by Sauder (Photo credit: Walmart.com)

If you like the idea of a rolling cart – but you want something more “substantial” than just plastic then you may like this cart from the furniture company Sauder.

A lot of people use this a Cricut storage cart and work station.

It even has a spot along the back of the cart to store wrapping paper, paper tubes, or rolls of fabric.

Will this work for you?

(There can be a difference in price between these two online retailers, so if you’re interested in this product, I suggest you check both places.)

23) Craft Room Storage Cabinet with Drawers (by Winsome)

Winsome Wood Halifax Storage/Organization, White

This little piece of craft room storage furniture has a cabinet with a removable shelf inside, and 5 slide-out drawers. It is made by a company called Winsome.

You could put some baskets inside the cabinet, and then use the drawers for papers, stamps, scrapbooking supplies, etc…

If you think this might work for your craft room…

24) Craft Storage Armoires

Sauder Harbor View Craft and Sewing Armoire with Table, Antiqued White finish

Above is a craft storage armoire made by Sauder that can allow you to create a craft station in almost any room in your house. This is what it looks like all opened up.

And below you can see the armoire folded-up with the cabinet doors closed. Attractive isn’t it.

Sauder Harbor View Craft and Sewing Armoire with Table, Antiqued White finish

25) Construction Paper Storage

FITUEYES Wood Desk Paper Organizer with 4 Tiers Storage Desktop File Holder Letter Sorter Tray for Home and Office, Black

If you do a lot of paper crafts you may have papers scattered everywhere. This paper holder will help solve that problem.

It is made of wood and each shelf is rated to hold 22 pounds – so more sturdy than most of the cheaper cardboard holders out there.

26) Pegboard Craft Storage Bins – a versatile Craft Room Organization Idea

Pegboard Bins PegBoard Cups with Hooks & Loops 12 Pack Set, Peg Hooks Assortment Organizer Accessory, Various Tools Storage Arrange System Kit, for Garage Craft Workshop Workbench Hobby Office

Pegboards are very cool and you can use them in just about every room in your house.

Above is a pegboard kit on Amazon.

It doesn’t come with the pegboard, but it has the cool bins to hold your craft supplies on a pegboard.

(Your local hardware store likely sells pegboard panels that you can cut to fit your needs.)

27) Screws to hold up rolls of tape (not fancy but effective)

In the picture below you’ll see a very simple tactic we use to store our rolls of tape. (These are more my household tapes rather than craft tape but you’ll get the idea 🙂 )

Here I put the screws into the vertical edge of an old wooden shelf, but you can get creative and put these wherever suits your needs.

In fact, using screws like this is kind of like making your own pegboard.

Instead of buying a pegboard and the pegs to go with it, you are essentially making a pegboard.

You could use this technique to store crafting tools (like scissors) or if you used small finishing nails you could hang up spools of thread.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of craft room storage and organization ideas.

And remember that it doesn’t matter what “organizer” you buy, you are still the ultimate organizer.

You’re the one who has to define the organization system and then stick to it!

Do you have a good craft room storage idea? If so, please comment below.

Thank you.

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