17 Stress-reducing Toddler Bedroom Organization Ideas to overcome the clutter

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Having a toddler and trying to match their incredible energy can be overwhelming. The destruction they leave in their wake amazes me. I mean really, how does one little person make such a mess in two minutes? In this article we’ll look at over 17 toddler bedroom organization ideas and storage products.

So even though they can be overwhelming, organizing their bedroom and providing toddler bedroom storage ideas doesn’t have to be.

The ideas in this article should help make cleaning up your toddler’s bedroom a heck of a lot easier. Some of these ideas we use in my daughter’s room and some of them I came across online.

Toddler Bedroom Organization Ideas main graphic
Toddler Bedroom Organization Ideas

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Before we start I’d like to express my gratitude to my teenage daughter for helping me write this article. She came up with the idea for this article, and she was likely inspired by her little sister’s chaotic bedroom!

List of Toddler Bedroom Organization Ideas

How this article is organized

I did a quick brainstorm and figured that toddlers have a few different things in their room that need to be organized.

They have:

  • Toys
  • Personal Care Items or Diaper-related supplies
  • Clothes
  • Books

So the toddler bedroom organization ideas we go through will fall into one of these categories.

Toy Storage and Toy Organization Ideas – Toddler Bedroom Organization Category #1

Toy Bin (with the plastic bins)

A shelf with plastic bins makes a good toy storage compartment and is a good toddler bedroom organization idea
Colourful toy bin

These toy storage bins are almost ubiquitous: you can find them in almost every store, and it seems like they’re in almost every toddler’s bedroom.

We have on in my daughter’s room. Now of course hers doesn’t look as neat and tidy as the picture above but it is very handy.

We received ours second-hand from a friend. And my daughter is only two years old, but I foresee us having this for a few more years. As your child gets older you can just swap out the toys in the bins that are more age-appropriate.

The bin shown above is available on Amazon and is available in a few different color combinations.

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Stuffed animal storage ideas

Paw Patrol Toy Organizer with Fabric Bins

I’m glad my 2-year old daughter doesn’t read my website – because if she saw this Paw Patrol toy organizer she’d want it right away.

She loves Paw Patrol, and the girls and boys at her daycare love it too.

This is a similar toy storage idea to the one above, but this one has fabric bins of different sizes.

A limitation to the plastic toy bins above is that they don’t store bulky toys very well. Whereas this one has a large fabric bin for the bottom shelf that’d contain larger toys.

Paw Patrol Toy Bin

Non-branded Toy Storage with Fabric Bins

Not all parents want their kids to have branded decor or furniture (like Paw Patrol everything) for a variety of reasons: including, if the child no longer likes “x” then you’re stuck with bunch of stuff your child no longer likes.

I did some research and came across this toy organizer shelf that has 9 fabric bins.

toddler bedroom organization ideas - toy storage with fabric bins
Toy organizer with fabric bins

Fabric Stuffed Animal Toy Chest

Above is a picture of my daughter’s over-stuffed stuffed animal toy chest. It is a fabric toy bin made by 3 Sprouts.

This is a cute option for storing stuffed animals on the floor.

The company also makes different designs, and not just the whale. If you want to see some of their other designs on Amazon you can click here.

Wooden Toy Chest with cute Woodland animal design

I came across this toy chest on Amazon. The cuteness of the animals made me click on it!!

It’s also neat because the top doubles as a bench or play surface.

Toddler Bedroom Organization Ideas
Cute woodland animal toy chest

Hanging Stuffed Animal Organizer (aka Stuffie Hammock)

We call stuffed animals “stuffies.” Do other people call them this?

Anyway… toy chests aren’t the only way to organize kids toys.

Below is a picture of a “hammock” that I saw on Amazon. Looks pretty cool. I think I’d want to hang it fairly high up so my daughter doesn’t try to go “Jane of the Jungle” on it. Hmm…but then she wouldn’t be able to reach it herself.

Any readers have any experience with these things?

toddler bedroom organization ideas - hanging stuffed animal hammock
Hanging Stuffed animal hammock

When my older daughters were younger they had stuffie hangers similar to the one below. It kind of reminds me of a hanging cat house. We got rid of them as the girls grew older (the organizers, not the girls!).

Here is another style of hanging toy organizer.

Toddler bedroom organization - hanging toy organizers
Hanging toy organizer

Behind the Door Hanging Organizer

Usually you’ll see these marketed as ‘hanging shoe organizers’ but they are incredibly versatile. (In fact I wrote a whole article about how versatile they are…click here to check it out.)

These multi-pocketed hangers would be great for action figures, dolls, or even small stuffed animals. I think this is an under-utilized toddler bedroom organization idea!

Toddler Bedroom Organization ideas - hanging organizer behind the door

Toddler Toy Organization Tip

Tote Rotation

Place some toys in different totes and rotate which toys are accessible for your child that particular day. So Sunday it may be playset A, and Monday you’ll pull out the tote with playset B, and so on.

It reduces mess because they only dump out the toys from one tote, so you can easily clean it up.

And it helps keep them interested in the toys because when you pull the tote out again next week, it’s almost like they’re new and intriguing again. (Avoid toy fatigue.)

Organizing Personal Care Items – Toddler Bedroom Organization Category #2

Your individual child’s needs will vary from other children but here are some ideas to get you thinking about.

Change Table with Shelves

I realize this is kind of a nursery item, but not all children are potty-trained by the time they turn 2.

We have a change table with shelves underneath and this provides some much-needed storage for diapers, wipes and creams. Plus, we still have some blankets and other items on the bottom shelf.

Diaper change table
Diaper change table

In the photo above you can see our “Diaper Genie” is stationed right next to the change table.

And on the floor beside the Diaper Genie is a cute little dirty clothes hamper. I mention some hanging laundry hampers further below, but if you want to check out some cute kids laundry hampers click here. We received ours as a gift so I’m not really sure what store it came from.

DIY Toddler Wall Poster Decor

I’m not an artist or a designer but look at the picture above with the change table. See the poster above it?

It is an easy DIY poster I put together using last year’s calendar.

Just cut out the pictures you want from the calender (or magazine) and glue them to a piece of poster board.

I find it a helpful distraction when I’m trying to change diapers on a squirmy child. “Hey, eye spy with my little eye a coyote. Do you see it too?”

Little Baskets for Drawers

Small baskets like the ones shown below provide an easy way to organize personal items in a bathroom drawer. You can put combs, hair elastics, snot sucker stuff, and other items in these baskets.

Little baskets for organizing toddler drawers
Colorful plastic baskets to organize toddler items

** Click here for 8 Simple Ways to organize bathroom drawers. **

Organizing Ideas for toddler and children’s clothes – Toddler Bedroom Organization Ideas Category #3

There are lots of options for organizing your child’s clothes. There are kids dressers, dresser drawer organizers and closet accessories too.

Kids Dresser for Clothes or Toys

Before researching for this article I had never seen “dressers” like this before. It has a metal frame, a wooden top, but the “drawers” are pull-out fabric bins.

I think that’s a smart idea. You ever had your child pull out the dresser drawer too far and it falls on their foot? Not a pleasant event. At least with these fabric bins it won’t hurt as much.

You may be able to find a similar kids dresser at your local retailer, but if you can’t and want to see this one on Amazon, you can click here.

toddler bedroom organization ideas - dresser with fabric bins
Cute dresser for young children

Put the Dresser in the Closet – A Sneaky Toddler Bedroom Organization Idea!

Toddler bedroom organization idea - put the toddler's dresser in the closet to free up floor space.
Dresser in the Closet to free up floor space

Because my daughter’s clothes don’t hang down very far we decided to put her dresser in her closet. It really opens up some floor space for her to play.

Now, I’m going to warn you: just because I’m writing an article on toddler organization doesn’t mean I’ve got it all figured out. (That is why my site is called “Learn Along With Me” because I’m a work in progress too.)

And because her socks are so small (tiny and cute) we put them in a wicker basket on top of her dresser.

You can’t tell from this picture, but there is a shelf above the curtain rod. We store her bedding and off-season clothes up there.

Closet Organizer – 7 Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer

I’m not sure if I’d need the days of the week on my daughter’s clothes yet, but I like this “no tools required” closet organizer. The shelves would work well for sweatshirts, jeans, t-shirts and other clothes that you don’t really need to hang.

toddler bedroom organization ideas - hanging closet organizer
Hanging Closet Organizer – with days of the week

Portable Closet for Kids

We have a closet in my daughter’s room so we don’t need this, but it sure look cool.

It doesn’t require tools to put together and is a modular cube system.

Toddler bedroom organization ideas - portable closet
Modular wardrobe system for toddlers

I’m not really sure how the doors swing open, but apparently they do. Behind each of the cute animals is a storage cube, and it has a section to hang clothes.

If you want to see this cute product on Amazon click here.

Fun Hanging Laundry Hamper

I recently wrote an article on small bedroom organization and I came across hanging laundry hampers.

They help you make the most of vertical space, and the “wasted” space behind a bedroom door.

And we know toddlers love their floor space to play with toys and roll around.

So a fun laundry hamper like this one has an “over the door” design that slips over the bedroom door. And your toddler can try and shoot hoops with their dirty clothes.

Toddler bedroom organization ideas - hanging laundry hamper
Fun laundry hamper

Children’s Books Storage Ideas – Toddler Bedroom Organization Idea Category #4

My daughter loves books. Her room is stuffed with books. We have books on a side reading table, books on a wooden book shelf and even books in a tote under her crib.

If your child loves books too I’ll show you some book storage and organization ideas in the section below.

Here is her over-stuffed bookshelf next to her toy storage bins.

Bookshelf next to toy storage bins

You may have noticed that we have interlocking foam pads on her floor. This just provides a more comfortable surface for her to play on. (And provided me some piece of mind when she was still learning to walk.) Here is a similar product on Amazon.

5-Shelf Book Storage / Display Shelf

This is a solid book display case. It displays the books with their covers out, so your child will actually be able to see what the book is.

When you store a book like they do in a library all you can see is the spines of the book. So you can store a lot more books on a shelf, but if you don’t read (and your toddler probably doesn’t) then you don’t know what the book is.

And the book shelf we have (shown above) stores the books spines out, so my daughter doesn’t really take an interest in these books unless I pull them out. I should save up and buy her one like the one below.

toddler bedroom organization ideas - book display case
Cool bookshelf for young kids

Wall-mounted Book Shelves

These wide, grey book shelves are 34″ wide so they should store a fair amount of books for your toddler. And they’re cool because the covers of the books will be facing out so your child will be able to see what they are.

toddler bedroom organization ideas - wall-mounted book shelves
wall mounted book shelves

Rustic Floating Wall Shelves

I like the look of these rustic-looking wall shelves. You could actually use them in every room in your house, but they’d look real good in a rustic or woodland-inspired toddler bedroom.

What is smart about these shelves is they built them so the backing screws will be 16″ apart so they’ll catch studs on your wall (ya, no drywall anchors).

They’ll work well for books, toys, family photos and more.

If you like the rustic style, you may get some inspiration from this article about Woodland Nursery decor (great for girls and boys).

Toddler bedroom organization ideas
rustic wall shelves


I hope you’ve enjoyed this article on toddler bedroom organization ideas. Toddler bedroom organization and storage is an ongoing process that may have to evolve over time as your child grows older.

We have looked at ways to organize their toys, personal items, clothes and books. We have also viewed some of the products that are available to help with each of these organizing categories.

And we’ve looked at some DIY solutions such as ‘toy tote rotation’ and putting the dresser in the closet to free up floor space.

Thank you, and if you have any great toddler bedroom organization ideas please comment below.

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