25 Ways to market your small business starting NOW

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If you are reading this then you are looking for ways to jump-start your business now.

I have collected a variety of marketing methods that can help your business: some will take time to see results and others should start paying off immediately.

25 Ways to Market your Small Business Starting now

But these are tips accumulated from a variety of sources, including small businesses just like yours, so if you want to start making a difference on your bottom line then start here.

25 Small Business Marketing Tips

  1. Make sure your N.A.P. is correct on Google My Business (Name, Address and Phone number). You want customers to find your business on local search results right?
  2. Learn to use one Social Media platform that you are comfortable with, and that your target customer uses (In other words if you don’t like being on camera then maybe YouTube isn’t for you. But you could always just film your hands if you do something crafty, or film your computer screen if your business is computer-related.)
  3. Ask your existing customers questions. What are their pain points that you could help solve? People pay for solutions.
  4. Write down a list of your customer’s frequently asked questions and pain points from Step 3. Write blog posts on your company’s website that address these questions and problems. (You have a blog right? Content written on here will help customers find your business when they search out solutions to their problems.)
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  5. Start collecting email addresses of your customers and potential customers. But cherish this list and only send them emails appropriate to why they are on your list. You could have a physical sign-up sheet at your physical location, or have an online sign-up on your website. Examples of Email providers include Mailchimp. Mailchimp has a free plan if you have less than 2,000 email subscribers on your list.
  6. Create a list of reminders that are pertinent to your customer. Then email your customers the reminders. (If you are a Heating and air-conditioning company then you could send a reminder to have filters changed, or a reminder to cover up the A/C unit in the winter.) It is a good way to stay on their mind.
  7. Create free printable sheets, checklists, organizers, etc… that are related to your product or service and that will help your customers. Put your logo on it. (If you have a small grocery store you could give your customers a checklist to stick on the inside of their pantry. What are they running low on?) -> Brainstorm ideas for your company. Once again, a good way to stay on their mind and in front of their eyes….they’ll see your logo.
  8. Put the free printables on your website as a lead magnet (aka ethical bribe or opt-in).  You ask your website visitor for their email address and in trade they receive your super valuable printable. If done right it is a win:win for both of you.
  9. Remember every contact is a contract. Every time you interact with a customer you have to stay true to your brand. So from every phone conversation, in-person meeting, email, social media post, etc… stay true. If your brand is funny and edgy, then be funny and edgy.
  10. Make a video for your company and upload it to YouTube channel you have created. Then link to the video from your website too. The video doesn’t have to be perfect it just has to be genuine and uphold point #9 about being true to your brand. If you are a luxury brand then your video should look luxury too. TIP: to avoid being camera shy pretend the camera is a person and “speak to that person.”  Maybe even cut out a picture of your friend, tape it to your camera and then talk to your friend. (You will need a Gmail account to sign up for a YouTube account, so if you haven’t already done so, go create a Gmail account for your business.)
  11. My pleasure.”  When a customer thanks you don’t just respond with “no problem.” Let them know you enjoyed serving them and say “My pleasure.”  (I learned this one from Chick-fil-a.)
  12. Reclaim old customers.  Do you have previous customers that you know are no longer with you? Do you know why they aren’t with you anymore? Is it possible in your industry to give them a call and ask them why? Perhaps there are flaws in your customer service, product or pricing that need fixing and you don’t even know it!
  13. Keep your current customers happy.  Be grateful. “I just called to say I love you.” Well, don’t go quite so Stevie Wonder on them, but let them know you appreciate their business.
  14. Read social media reviews of your company and address any shortcomings that your customers are complaining about. Make good on what you’ve done wrong. And thank people for acknowledging the good things you’ve done too.
  15. Ask your customers for a review on Google or Yelp, or other review sites that are applicable to your business. Do you look at reviews of a company before doing business with them. Of course you do. So do your customers.
  16. Coloring Contest for kids and adults. Have a coloring contest that corresponds with upcoming holidays. They have to drop off their completed artwork at your business so you have got them in the door. If you aren’t ann artist, go to Fiverr.com and pay an artist to create a coloring page for you.
  17. Photos with Santa. Good way to get kids (and their parents) into your business. Of course this isn’t going to work with some companies…but could it work with yours?
  18. Craft table for kids. Set up a small event at your business where the kids can make crafts and you can meet their parents.  Example: Christmas crafts, Easter crafts, Halloween crafts, etc…
  19. Host a public event: an open house, a Q & A, a garbage cleanup, a sample night, a ladies night, a party, etc… And remember that email list you created? Now is the time to email them and let them know about your event.
  20. Schedule a webinar. Let your current customers know, email your list, and you could run ads to attract new clients too. It is no coincidence that most online businesses have webinars…they bring in sales afterwards.
  21. Make more videos for your YouTube channel. Address the real questions your potential customers have. Address the elephants in the room. Marcus Sheridan (The Sales Lion from Riverpools) calls it the “They ask, you answer” approach.
  22. Collaborate with complimentary businesses or personalities in some way. Can you get in front of their audience and provide value to them (and vice versa)? Maybe co-host an event, interview each other for blog posts, or do a video together. You see this lots on YouTube where one YouTube personality will collaborate with another personality.  E.g. If you are a plumbing company you could co-host an event with a bathroom fixtures store.
  23. Sign up for Pinterest. Don’t underestimate the amount of website traffic you can get from Pinterest. I know I mentioned social media in #2, but you should be on Pinterest in addition to choice from #2: especially if you have a visually appealing product or service.  Link to Pinterest. 
  24. Use LinkedIn to demonstrate your professional knowledge. This is especially good if you have a B2B company. Use the tip #4 about writing blog posts and summarize the information by writing on LinkedIn.  Don’t copy and paste your blog posts to LinkedIn (because Google doesn’t like duplicate articles), but addressing your customers’ frequently asked questions on LinkedIn will get attention.
  25. Physically Stand out. Get bright matching uniforms especially if you work outside.  When I was visiting San Diego I noticed a roofing company where all the workers had on matching brightly colored t-shirts. Caught my eye for sure.

I hope these 25 Tips improve your small business.

If you have had a success or failure with any of these tips please comment below.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Tim from LearnAlongWithMe.com

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