61 Smart RV Organization Ideas you’ll love

RV’ing can be so fun, but it can also be so frustrating trying to live in a small space (even if its just for the weekend).

I have put together a large collection of 61 RV Organization and storage ideas to help you organize and enjoy your ‘home away from home.’

This article contains some affiliate links. If you click a link and then buy a product I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. The money helps support the website and my family. 🙂 Thank you. For more information please see my Disclosure page.

My sister and my friends allowed me to snap some photos of their RV’s, so that’s what you’ll see in some of the pictures and some of the others I’ve discovered on Amazon and other sites.

Enjoy the list of RV Organization Ideas

RV Bathroom Organization Ideas

We’ll start with organizing the RV bathroom. This can be a tiny space, and whether you have a wet or dry RV bathroom will determine what storage solutions you can and can’t use.

1.Hanging Mesh Shower Curtain Organizer

This is a mesh shower curtain organizer so you can hang it on the wet side of the shower curtain. It is designed for the water to drip out and not pool in a pocket.

RV Organization Ideas - RV Bathroom Storage - hanging shower curtain organizer
Click to view on Amazon

2. Wall-mounted Toothbrush Holder

The counter-top space in your RV bathroom may be small to non-existent. A wall-mounted toothbrush holder like this one will keep your toiletries off the counter yet still within easy reach.

If you have a wet RV bathroom just be careful what you store in here.

RV organization ideas - RV Bathroom Storage Ideas - Toothbrush holder

3. Waste basket – hangs over the cabinet door

Sometimes you can squeeze a small garbage can next to your RV toilet, but if there isn’t room you could look for an option like this one.

RV organization ideas - RV Bathroom Storage Ideas - over the cabinet door organizer

4. Wall-mounted, or cabinet-mounted Vintage Metal Baskets

Sorry I realize this isn’t the best pic…it’s not an “action pic” but this product photo gives you a good idea of what they look like.

And then what they can do for you is up to your imagination. They are incredibly versatile baskets. Put them in a different room and they’ll have a completely different purpose.

RV Bathroom storage ideas - cabinet basket
Click image to see details on Amazon

5. Sliding Basket Organizer – great for inside a cabinet and “hard to reach” areas.

Just imagine this basket filled with extra shampoo, soap bars, toilet paper, toilet cleaner, mouth wash and more, and then you’ll start to realize just how useful this could be under your bathroom sink.

RV organization ideas - RV Bathroom Storage Ideas - inside cabinet sliding organizer
Click image to read reviews on Amazon

RV Organization - free RV journal and logbook

6. Towel Rack styled like a wine bottle holder

These look cool.

RV bathroom storage ideas - Towel holders
Click to check out reviews on Amazon

Good Sam Club

7. Elegant Swing-out Towel Rack

Here is another towel rack, but this one swings out from the wall. I think it is quite nice looking.

RV organization ideas  - RV bathroom storage idea
Click to see reviews on Amazon

8. Toilet Paper Holder used as a Towel Holder

I know in the photo below it shows the product with its original use (holding toilet paper). But just imagine it as a towel holder. It’d do the trick and keep the towels from accumulating on the bathroom floor in wet mess.

RV organization ideas - RV Bathroom storage and organization ideas

9. Paper Towel Holder used to Store Toilet Paper

In the above example we looked at a toilet paper holder used to store something else (towels), and here we are looking at something else (paper towel holder) used to store toilet paper.

Feels like backwards day or something. 🙂

RV Organization ideas - RV bathroom organization - paper towel holder used to store toilet paper

10. Command Hook Towel Holders

Nothing really fancy about this. Just the leaders in adhesive holders making a towel holder – perfect for the RV bathroom when you don’t want to screw anything into the walls.

Command hook towel holder

And instead of white like the picture above, you can get it in a Satin Nickel look.

RV Bathroom storage and Organization ideas

11. Tension Bar Shelves

I was a bit surprised when I first put this picture on Pinterest. The pin really took off and people really seemed to like the simplicity of this RV bathroom storage idea.

And no tools required, and no drilling into your walls.

Click to see similar tension bars on Amazon

And check out the baskets…nice and tidy.

12. Seagrass Baskets

If you don’t already have baskets you could get some seagrass baskets like the ones shown below. You could store your extra toilet paper or towels in one and then set it on your tension bar shelf.

RV Bathroom storage ideas
Click image to check out reviews on Amazon

13. Hanging Shower Caddy

This one hangs right from the shower head itself. If you don’t want to hang it from your shower head, then you could adhere a strong command hook to the wall and hang it from that.

RV organization RV Bathroom Storage Ideas - Hanging Shower Head  Caddy
Click image to read reviews on Amazon

14. Shower Soap, Shampoo & Conditioner Dispenser

Leave the bulky shampoo and conditioner bottles at home. No need to pack them with you when you have this dispenser.

Just fill up the soap chambers before you set out on your voyage and you won’t have to trip over shampoo bottles on your shower floor anymore.

RV organization ideas - soap dispenser

15. Shower Shelf

This is a pretty straight-forward but useful RV bathroom organization idea. All your showering needs will be close at hand.

16. Shower Organizing Kit (nice Chrome look shelves and hooks)

If you want to take it a step beyond just having one shower shelf, you can look into getting an entire set like this one.

RV organization ideas - shower organizing shelves kit

17. Over-Door-Organizer for Personal Items and Bathroom Products

Even though these products are often marketed as hanging shoe organizers, they are very useful and handy for other purposes. You could hang it over the door, or on the dry side of the shower curtain.

Click here to see a similar hanging organizer on Amazon.

18. Narrow Bathroom Garbage to go beside toilet

This small, narrow foot-activated lid fits nicely in most tiny RV bathrooms.

The garbage can in the picture below is by MainStays, which is available at Walmart.

RV bathroom organization - narrow garbage can

19. Over the Toilet Shelves (rustic look)

If you are comfortable screwing into your RV walls then a set of hanging over-the-toilet shelves like these ones would provide you some nice additional organization space.

These are flat shelves, so they’d be better with stationary RVs or infrequent trips. (If you are going to drive with these shelves, just take the items down before driving and put them all in a basket and stash them in your bathtub until you get to your destination.)

RV bathroom storage ideas and organization ideas and decor

20. Tension Bar Inside the Shower to hang Wet towels and Toiletries

This idea was mined from a Tension Rod Organization ideas post I wrote. They are incredibly versatile organization items.

Tension Rod Organization Ideas

21. DIY Toiletries Holder

This is a simple DIY toiletries holder made from an empty milk jug.

You can either hang it from your shower curtain, or from a second tension bar installed in your shower (like the one above).

DIY Rv Bathroom storage hack shower rod toiletry holder

Good Sam Club

22. Over the Door Robe and Towel Holder

If your RV has room between the door and the door frame, these can make a great towel and robe holder. They can be a very useful RV organization idea.

Over the door towel holder

23. Chrome Toothpaste and Toothbrush holder

I know I already showed a toothbrush holder above, but this one has a different look and different holding capacity. Everyone has different preferences on how they want their RV bathroom to look.

RV bathroom organizer stainless steel wall organizer
Click image to view details on Amazon

RV Kitchen Organization Ideas

The next set of RV organization ideas involve the RV kitchen. And because many campers spend a good amount of time in the kitchen, this small area can be a large source of frustration.

I hope some of these ideas can make your cooking and cleaning a more efficient experience.

24. Clamp on Drawer for under the RV kitchen Table

Clamp one of these to the underside of kitchen table and you’ve got yourself a little “drop zone” for keys and phones and also a storage spot for playing cards and stationary.

25. Under-Cabinet Tray

Here is another organization idea for keys, stationary and other small items. Most RV’s have wooden cabinets so I know a lot of RV owners don’t mind screwing into the wooden cabinets to mount a storage idea like this one.

RV Storage
Click to view details on Amazon

26. Upright, vertical Dish Holder

This should help keep your RV kitchen cabinets tidy and organized.

RV organization
Click to see details on Amazon

27. Spice Jar Magnetic Strip Spice Rack

The next few RV kitchen organization ideas involve spice racks. This one here has a magnetic strip that you mount to the wall and then stick the spice jars to it.

RV organization ideas - magnetic spice rack strip

RV Organization - free RV journal and logbook

28. Modern, acrylic Spice Shelves

Another cool looking spice rack.

RV Organization
Click to see details on Amazon

29. Spice Rack Clip Strips (mount to inside of cabinet door)

Perhaps this is more what you’re looking for? You can mount it inside the door on your kitchen cabinets so the spices won’t be in view all the time.

RV organization ideas - spice rack clip strips
Click to see reviews on Amazon.

30. Food Wrap Organizer (mount inside kitchen cabinet door)

I recently discovered this food wrap organizer on Amazon. Looks cool. It has the little “pockets” for each type of food wrap that you may use.

RV organization - food wrap organizer
Click to check out on Amazon

Here is another ‘over the door’ organizer you may like.

RV Kitchen Organization Ideas
Click image to see reviews on Amazon

31. Beeswax Wraps – Sustainable, less plastic RV’ing

Just because you’re RV’ing or camping it doesn’t mean you have to leave you eco-friendly mindset at home. You can use less plastic while cooking in your RV by using beeswax wraps.

32. Corkboard mounted inside Cabinet door as Organization Center

Do you always have a pile of paper, notes and business cards tossed around your RV?

If so, this is a handy way to keep them organized. Take a corkboard like the one below, cut it to size of your cabinet, and then mount inside a kitchen cabinet door.

Then if you get a brochure, business card or write a note, you can stick the paper to the corkboard using a push pin.

33. Screw Jars to underside of Kitchen Cabinets

This can be a great way to store tea bags, sugar, spices, and other kitchen staples. Clean out some empty food jars – baby food jars are a good size – and then screw the lids to the underside of your kitchen cabinets.

Then put your items into the glass jars and screw the jars onto the mounted lids.

It is a good way to keep things off the kitchen counter.

34. Nesting Bowls

Nesting bowls like this are a nice, compact way to have multiple kitchen bowls without having them scattered throughout your kitchen cabinets.

Nesting Bowls complete with Colander

35. Dish Drying Rack (in the sink)

A dish drying rack like this one from Camco sits in the second sink. It is a good way to help keep your counter-top clear and usable.

RV sink compact size dish drying rack by Camco

36. Paper Plate Dispenser

This mounts to the underside of your kitchen cabinets so they’ll be within reach.

RV organization ideas - paper plate dispenser

37. Adjust Cutlery Tray for Kitchen Cabinet

Your RV’s cutlery drawer may not be the same width as your friend’s RV.

But this company has thought of that and they make an adjust cutlery tray. So you can adjust it to suit your needs and have a nice organized cutlery drawer.

Whether it stays organized is up to you. 🙂

RV kitchen organization ideas
Click picture to view on Amazon

38. Instant Pot

How is this an organization item? Well, it’s more of a decluttering item. Because an Instant Pot can replace several small kitchen appliances, and it even has a saute function so you could even most of your fry pans at home too.

It has lots of functions that may seem overwhelming at first, but read the instruction manual, get a descriptive Instant Pot recipe book and you’ll be on your way.

RV Kitchen Organization Ideas
Click image to see different sizes on Amazon

39. Vertical Knife Holder (the Knife Safe)

Screw this knife holder to your kitchen wall, or to the inside of a wooden kitchen cabinet, and you’ll always have your blades within reach.

RV Kitchen Organization Hacks
Click to see rating on Amazon

40. Sliding Drawers for Under Kitchen Sink Cabinet

A unit like this would help under the kitchen sink cabinet. There is a top shelf to store items, and two sliding drawers.

As shown in the picture below it could a good place to keep your cleaning supplies.

RV Organization Idea - RV kitchen organization ideas - sliding drawers
Click image to view sizes on Amazon

41. Plastic Bins – Simple Cabinet Storage Idea

Here is a simple RV organization idea that my friends use. They have some plastic bins that place inside their RV kitchen cabinets.

You can store “like” items together and then just pull the whole bin out for easy access.

42. Vertical Organizer for RV Kitchen Items

Having pans and other cookware stacked on top of each other can be a hassle to access the one your want. And depending on the cookware you have, stacking them may damage their surface.

A vertical organizer like this one solves both those problems.

It allows you to easily pull out the item you want, and it helps prevent scratching.

RV organization ideas - RV kitchen organization ideas
Click to see review on Amazon

43. Plate Stackers to keep your Plates stationary

These look like a clever idea to keep your plates stationary in the cabinet during travel days. I wonder if it would help minimize rattle during travel?

I guess you could tuck a cloth rag between the plates and the plastic stacker to further minimize vibration.

RV kitchen organization ideas
Click to read details on Amazon

Good Sam Club

44. RV Fridge Bar

That may sound like converting your fridge into the liquor cabinet (bar), but what i’m referring to is this product that stops your food from shuffling around during travel. Pretty clever.

RV Kitchen Organization Ideas
Click image to see on Amazon

45. Stove top Cutting Board

You can lay this on top of your stove, cut all your veggies and prep your meal, then remove it when you need to access your burners.

It is a clever way to increase counter-top space (and we know that can be lacking in an RV!).

RV Kitchen organization ideas
Click image to see size on Amazon

46. Sink Cover Cutting Board

Here is an other good way to add more counter-top space to your small RV kitchen.

You place this cutting board over one of your sinks. It even has a small cutaway hole to drop the food scraps into the sink for later cleanup.

RV kitchen organization ideas
Click image to see other pics on Amazon

This isn’t the same cutting board, but in the picture below you’ll see my friends trailer and how they maximize counter space by using a cutting board/cover over top of their sink.

47. Mini Pantry Organizing Shelf

A lot of the RV kitchen organization ideas so far have been about organizing cookware, but what about organizing food?

Well here is a mini pantry shelf that you could use to store canned goods inside a kitchen cabinet.

RV Kitchen Organization Idea
Click image to see size on Amazon

48. Wire Shelf inside Kitchen Cabinet for Food storage

Pantry Shelf Organizer

49. Small Lazy Susan inside a Kitchen Cabinet

These allow you to easily get at your foods in the kitchen cabinets.

50. Magazine Holder for Cutting Boards

A cheap magazine holder makes a great cutting board containment device. Place one of these inside your kitchen cabinets and then you’ll always know where to find your cutting boards.

51. Slide-out Cabinet Organizer

I know these are very popular with new kitchens in houses. But I’m not sure if they’ll fit in your RV kitchen cabinet. Measure carefully, and read product descriptions thoroughly before ordering.

If they do fit then you’ll have way easier access to pots and pans. Just slide them out instead of getting on your hands and knees trying to reach the back of the cabinet.

Click to see image on Amazon

52. Water Bottle Rack

If you have kids, or if you like to get out and explore campsites then chances are you have some water bottles kicking around in your RV. And I mean kicking around – they always seem to roll all over the place.

Well a water bottle holder like this one will keep them nice and organized.

I wonder if it would hold soup cans too?

RV Bedroom Organization Ideas

53. Hanging Shelves for the Closet (perfect for sweaters and bedding)

Sweaters just don’t hang well. They get all droopy and weird looking (you know those little nipple-like bumps they get on the shoulders from the hangers…awesome look!).

A hanging shelf like the one shown below can avoid that. If it’ll fit in your closet. Not all RV closets are full height, so make sure you measure yours, both width and height before committing to a hanging shelf. (You could always cut it to suit your needs if you had to.)

RV bedroom organization ideas
Click pic to see price on Amazon

54. Hanging Organizer with Pockets (two-sided!)

Hanging pocket organizers – sometimes called hanging shoe organizers – are very versatile storage items. In fact, I wrote a whole blog post on awesome ways you can use a hanging shoe organizer.

What is particularly cool about this one, is that it is doubly space-saving because it is two-sided.

Maybe a ‘his and hers’ thing?

RV Bedroom Organization ideas
Click to read reviews on Amazon

55. Fabric Storage Bags to store extra clothes, bedding, etc…

I like how there is a clear window on the front of these fabric storage bags. Then you can actually see what you have in there.

Not much use organizing your RV if you don’t know where to find anything!

RV Bedroom Organization Ideas

56. Wire Mesh Cubes for the Closet (or could even screw to the wall)

I like how you can make these cubes into a variety of structures: low and wide or tall and narrow.

Heck you could build a little tower of cubes right in your RV closet!

RV Bedroom Organization Ideas

57. Plastic Bins for Socks, underwear, accessories, etc…

For most RV’ers it isn’t about being fancy, it is about being functional. And that is what small plastic storage bins like the ones below offer you: functionality.

Are you going to brag to your fellow campers about how awesome your plastic bin is? I doubt it. But who cares. It works.

RV Bedroom organization ideas
Ugly, but it works.

58. Closet Organizers

There are lots of closet organizers out there. The ones that may be best suited to an RV’er are the ones where ‘no tools’ are required. So no drilling or screwing into your RV: just hang from your closet.

This can include space-saving clothes hangers, dedicated pant hangers, vertical hangers and more.

If you want to check out an entire article dedicated to Closet organizers click here.

Good Sam Club

59. Hanging Bedside Caddy

With bedside organizer like this all your books, glasses, etc… will be within easy reach.

If you hear a sound in the night and you need to check it out, well you’ll know where to immediately reach for your glasses.

RV Bedroom Organization Ideas
Click to see on Amazon

60. Hanging Wall Pockets Organizer

I first saw organizers like this in an RV Organization Facebook group I’m in. I thought it was as great idea and looked good too.

The one shown below is quite small ( you can tell by how glasses hanging from the pocket), but it should hold some of your RV bedroom essentials for you.

If you don’t want to screw into your walls you could use a command hook and then just don’t overload it.

RV Bedroom Organization Ideas
Check out on Amazon (click picture)

61. Magnetic Strips or Velcro on Back of Remote Control

If you don’t have a TV in your bedroom, don’t worry you can use this tip in your RV’s living room area.

RV organization hacks - magnetic strip on back of remote

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of 61 RV organization ideas and RV storage solutions.

It isn’t always easy getting everything you need into an RV, but with some planning and buying the proper products you’ll be well on your way to happy camping (well at least organized camping). 🙂

If you have other RV organization suggestions please comment below.

Thank you.

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      Anything Keeper – Home, Office, RV, Kitchen and Boat Organizer (outside dims = 11″Wx10″Lx2.5″H; basket=10.25″x9″x2″) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LZIUAXG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_gXNJDb650FMJK

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