7 Proven Paleo Pancake Recipes for a tasty Paleo breakfast [yum,yum]

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I personally find Paleo breakfasts to be the easiest meal of the day because fry up some eggs, serve with avocado and some greens and you’re done. But that can get old. That’s why I was delighted to come across these delicious paleo pancake recipes.

Tasty Paleo Pancake Recipe - 7 Paleo Pancakes recipes from some of the internet's best paleo bloggers.
Paleo Pancake Recipe – 7 tasty options

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What to put on your Paleo Pancakes (paleo pancake toppings)

I did a strict 30 Day Paleo Challenge Reboot-type of program (as outlined by Chris Kresser in his book The Paleo Cure), and I avoided any sweeteners (natural or artificial) for the whole 30 days.

It wasn’t as big of a deal as I thought it would be, but the almond flour pancakes were sure dry without maple syrup. Like, caught in my throat kind of dry!

If you’re also following a strict no-sweetener diet (so no maple syrup, no honey, no stevia, etc…) then you may want to top your pancakes with a berry compote.

Blend up some fresh berries and pour over top of your paleo pancakes. It may help them go down better.

Some of the paleo pancake recipes I’ve included here do not have such restrictions – so they may call for syrup or other types of toppings.

Obviously stick to whatever you’re doing and get creative to get the best result from your paleo diet, and from these paleo pancakes.

What Ingredients do I need to make a Paleo Pancake recipe?

Each recipe below will have slight variations on the ingredients to give them their unique flavor – so check out each individual recipe – but most of them use either almond flour or coconut flour as the main “flour.”

And to provide the fluffiness that we associate with pancakes the recipes will usually use either arrowroot powder or tapioca flour.

And the recipes usually have eggs in them too, so they’ll contain some protein.

What should I eat with them?

I personally get quite hungry after eating pancakes.

This is why I like to combine them with some protein sources such as additional eggs (there is usually some eggs in the batter), sausage, bacon or ham.

Paleo pancakes sustain me longer than traditional flour pancakes (with less sugar spikes) but I still like to have other breakfast items with them.

If you also find the pancakes don’t keep you full for very long try having some meat or extra eggs with them and see how that goes.

Paleo Pancake Recipe #1 – Paleo Pumpkin Pancakes with Bacon and Pecans

I found this delicious-looking recipe on againstallgrain.com

I think this would be an excellent Thanksgiving weekend treat to use up any extra pumpkin puree you may have around the house.

The full recipe for these paleo pumpkin pancakes is available here.

Paleo Pancake Recipe #1 - paleo pancakes pumpkin with bacon and pecans from againstallgrain
Picture from againstallgrain.com

Paleo Pancake Recipe #2 – Paleo Blueberry Pancakes (Nut-free)

Blueberries are tasty and rich in anti-oxidants. These paleo pancakes would make a delicious Sunday morning breakfast. They’d go well with some sausage or bacon and an egg.


Full recipe is available here.

Paleo Pancakes - blueberry pancakes. A yummy looking paleo pancakes recipe
Picture from PaleoRunningMomma.com

Paleo Pancakes Recipe #3 – Banana & Coconut Flour pancakes

I love banana pancakes. The natural sweetness of the banana means you can go light on any added sweeteners.

One thing I’ve noticed about making coconut flour pancakes though, is that you really have to pay attention when you’re cooking them. Because they go dark fast. So just keep an eye on them.

Full recipe is available here.

Paleo pancakes recipe #3 - banana and coconut flour
Picture from PaleoRunningMomma.com

Paleo Pancakes Recipes #4 – More Banana Paleo Pancakes

Here is another banana paleo pancake recipe. This one is from againstallgrain.com

The full recipe is available here.

Paleo pancakes banana from against all grain website
Picture from AgainstAllGrain.com

Paleo Pancakes Recipe #5 – Apple Cinnamon Paleo Pancakes

I love the combination of apple and cinnamon: such complimentary flavors.

These paleo pancakes from PaleoRunningMomma use coconut flour. And if you want to see the full recipe, click here.

Paleo Pancakes recipes # 5 - apple cinnamon paleo pancakes from paleorunningmomma website
Picture from PaleoRunningMomma.com

Paleo Pancake Recipe #6 – Carrot Cake Paleo Pancakes

Carrot cake is one of my favorite desserts, and I usually don’t think of carrot cake as a breakfast food, but this makes it work.

This was another great recipe that I found on PaleoRunningMomma. The recipe for this morning delight can be found here.

Paleo Pancakes carrot cake recipe from paleorunningmomma website
Carrot Cake Paleo Pancakes Recipe – Picture from PaleoRunningMomma.com

Paleo Pancake Recipe #7 – Vanilla Chai Paleo Pancakes

Now here is a combination I never thought I’d see: vanilla & chai with pancakes.

But that’s what is cool about pancakes -they’re like a blank canvas and you can get wildly creative with them.

Most of the ingredients you’ll probably already have at home, but it does require some Vanilla Chai tea bags. To see the full recipe, click here.

Paleo Pancakes recipe - vanilla chai pancakes recipe from against all grain website
Picture from AgainstAllGrain.com

I hope you have enjoyed this collection of Paleo Pancake recipes.

I received permission from the appropriate websites for all the recipes and pictures that I’ve highlighted in this post. I want to express my gratitude to Michele at PaleoRunningMomma.com and Danielle at AgainstAllGrain.com for letting me share these creations with you.

And you can thank them to by checking out the full recipes on their websites.

If you have any paleo pancake recipe suggestions that I should add to this list please let me know by commenting below.

Thank you.

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