7 of the Coolest Green, Zero Waste Kitchen Gift Ideas

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Buying “green” gifts for newly weds or for house-warming parties can be tricky. You don’t want to come off as preachy or presumptuous, but I’ve found that most people will be receptive to green gifts.

In fact, a lot of people don’t know about the environmentally friendly kitchen products that are available.

Zero Waste Kitchen Gift Ideas

I hope you enjoy this gift guide for zero waste kitchen ideas.

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List of Zero Waste Kitchen Gift Ideas

Below are some zero waste kitchen gift ideas for the eco-conscious person on your gift list this year. And even if they aren’t eco-conscious, they’ll likely still appreciate these gifts.


1) Food Scrap Collection Compost Bin 

These bins hold the kitchen food scraps in an odor-free canister so that you can take your waste to the garden compost once weekly instead of daily. 

You don’t do the composting directly in these bins…they are for storing the food scaps until you can take them outside.

They are a heck of lot better looking than yogurt containers or rubber pails.

I have a green plastic food collection bin that goes under my kitchen sink, and it definitely works for me, but it is pretty plain looking. I appreciate it for sure, but it wouldn’t make the most eye-catching gift.

The stainless steel pail shown below on the other hand, is modern and fresh looking.  The charcoal filters help reduce odors which can be a major reason why people don’t compost.

Q: “But can I give this as a gift?”

A: To an environmentally conscious friend you definitely can!

Overcoming the smell of composting, and doing it in a fashionable way is how these food collection bins succeed.  And it is small enough to fit on most counter tops.

Stainless Steel Food collection bin for composting
Food waste storage bin

Click here to see this food waste collection bin on Amazon.


2) Dish Rags, Dish Towels (aka Unpaper Towel)

 Many people are making the switch from disposable paper towel to reusable and washable dish clothes. 

Green Kitchen Zero Waste Ideas Dish clothes
Photo credit: MioEco

You can personally just use old towels cut into smaller rectangular strips for your kitchen, but I’m not sure how well those would go over as gifts. “Hey, didn’t you used to sunbathe nude on this towel?”  

A nice, clean white set like the ones above will be a great addition to your friend’s kitchen and will look great hanging from their stove handle.

3) Mason Jar soap dispenser lid

Mason jars give a nice clean look to any counter-top. And with a soap dispenser lid it allows you to buy liquid soap in bulk and pour into a reusable mason jar thereby eliminating multiple plastic bottles.

I know the photo below shows the soap at use in a bathroom, but they are just as good next to your kitchen sink.

Mason Jar Soap dispenser lid
Photo credit: Southern Jarring Co.

The black stainless steel version can give your kitchen a farmhouse charm, while the chrome look can give it a clean sophisticated look. Click here to see more details on Amazon.

If you are interested in other cool mason jar lids, check out my other post.

Mason Jar Lids and Mason Jar Accessories


4) Glass food storage bowls 

I have a set of glass food storage bowls made by Anchor. They come with plastic lids which can crack and break over time. 

We put a little stick with the date written on it on the lids of the bowl. That way we know exactly when we made that dinner, and when we need to eat it by.

The plastic lids are downside to them, but with the next two items listed below they are still a great way to help reduce kitchen food waste.

5) Silicone Lids for Food Storage

To reduce our reliance on plastic cling wrap (like Saran Wrap) we purchased some of these silicone lids. They stretch over the top of bowls to help store food.

As shown in the picture below you can stack them on each other IF it stretches tightly over your bowl, and the items on top aren’t too heavy.

Green Kitchen Zero Waste Ideas Silicone Food storage lids
Silicone lids

Click here to see these silicone lids on Amazon. 

Kitchen Zero Waste Ideas Silicone Food storage lids

These blue ones are the ones we have. (Here is my attempt a flat layout picture.)  They have come in handy so far. 

6) Beeswax Wrap for Food Storage

You can DIY some beeswax wraps (could make a fun weekend project) or you can purchase some from Amazon or a local retailer.

The idea is to reduce plastic waste by using beeswax wrap on food or food storage bowls instead of disposable plastic wrap.

Green Kitchen Zero Waste Ideas Beeswax wrap
Beeswax wraps

Click here to see these beeswax wraps on Amazon.

I haven’t used beeswax yet because I’ve been using my blue silicone lids, but my sister made some and she loves them.


7) Reusable, washable grocery bags  

Many grocery stores are already charging a fee to buy plastic shopping bags, and to reduce plastic waste you can skip the plastic and use your own reusable grocery bags. 

A set like the ones below (complete with reusable produce bags) could make a great gift for the eco-conscious person in your life. 

Green Kitchen Reusable Grocery bags with produce bags
Reusable shopping bags


See these reusable shopping bags on Amazon.

8) Metal Lunch Bento Boxes

Green Kitchen Zero Waste Ideas Metal bento box for lunch
metal bento box

Click here to see more information about this metal bento box on Amazon.

I wrote a whole post on reducing lunch box waste and these metal bento boxes got a lot of attention.  They are another great way to reduce plastic use.

Reducing Lunch Box waste

I hope this list has helped you determine some green kitchen zero waste gift ideas for your friends or family.

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