Hi, I’m so happy you’ve come to my site!

My name is Tim.  I run this site with the help of my family including my daughters, girlfriend and my sisters.

The site revolves around organization, decor, and RV hacks… so you’d think I’m really organized and have amazing style.

But you couldn’t be farther from the truth.

In fact, that’s why it’s called Learn Along with Me.  Because this is something that I have to learn.

These things don’t come easy or natural to me.  I have to learn them.

My goal isn’t to have a spotless, life-less, and sterile looking house.

No. I’d just like to find something when I’m looking for it!

Just imagine if you could get back all those times that you spent rummaging around for things.

Over the course of your life you’d have extra days to do more of the things you love!

Speaking of things you love, we sprinkle in some different articles here and there related to topics we enjoy. We like camping, hiking, and travelling so you’ll find articles on these topics along with organization ideas for your “Home away from Home” – your RV.

RV Organization Articles include:

Camping and Hiking Articles include:

Home Organization Articles include:

Thank you for sharing your precious time with us here at LearnAlongWithMe.com

It means a lot to us because there are so many other website out there, and the fact that you’re here is special.

If you have any questions or things you’d like me to cover then please let me know.

With much gratitude.


tim (at) learnalongwithme.com