7 awesome Adirondack Chair Accessories [for 2023]

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Do you have an Adirondack chair and wish you had a little something extra for it? In this article we’ll look at 7 Adirondack chair accessories to make your awesome chair even awesomer. (Not a real word but you know what I mean.) Which accessory will be right for you?

7 awesome Adirondack Chair Accessories

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7 awesome Adirondack Chair Accessories

Below is my Adirondack chair after I sanded it and stained it. This is the chair that got me thinking about cool accessories that I could get for it.

I don’t have all these accessories, but I hope my research has uncovered some accessories that you’ll appreciate. Enjoy.

Adirondack Chairs are popular chairs for relaxing

Let’s start the list of accessories.

1) Cushions for Adirondack Chairs

Plant Theatre Adirondack Chair Luxury High Back Cushion with Head Pillow in Warm Beige

There are lots of outdoor cushions available, but these ones made by Plant Theatre are actually designed for Adirondack chairs.

And don’t worry, if you don’t like the headrest pillow, you can take it off.

  • The cushion covers are made from polyester
  • and can be removed to be washed.

If you want to see more details of these popular Adirondack chair cushions on Amazon, click here.

Adirondack Chair Cushions (at Walmart)

Arden Selections Adirondack Chair Cushions at Walmart (Photo credit: Walmart.com)

I thought I’d check out Walmart.com to see their selection of Adirondack chair cushions…and I was pleased with the variety.

This particular cushion is made by Arden Selections, and they measure 45.5″ long by 20″ wide. It is made of polyester that you can clean by wiping it down with soap and water and then allowing to dry in the sun.

Thought it is UV-resistant, they still recommend to bring it inside when it rains or for long periods of storage to extend the life of the cushions.

If you have a deck box or outdoor storage tote, you could put them in there.

Click here to see more details of these stylish Adirondack chair cushions on Walmart.com

2) Outdoor Covers for Adirondack Chairs

Amazon Basics Adirondack-Chair Outdoor Patio Furniture Cover

If you’re wondering if there are covers for Adirondack chairs, you’re darn right there are.

A quality Adirondack chair isn’t cheap so you’ll want to protect your investment from bad weather and winter conditions.

This cover shown above is made by AmazonBasics and is quite popular. It has click together straps to keep the cover fastened to your chair during windy conditions.

You don’t have to wait until winter to use it though…you can put it over your chair when not in use to protect it from dirt and bird droppings.

Click here if you want to see more details on Amazon.

Do you have more than one chair? If so, check out this 2-pack

Vailge Patio Adirondack Chair Covers, Heavy Duty Patio Chair Cover, Waterproof Outdoor Lawn Patio Furniture Covers (Standard - 2 Pack, Beige & Brown)

If you have more than one Adirondack chair you can buy a 2-pack of covers made by the Vailge. They are a popular choice on Amazon to help protect the chairs from sun, rain and snow.

Adirondack Chair Covers at Walmart.com (inexpensive option)

Adirondack Chair Cover by Mainstays brand (available at Walmart.com)

If you want a budget-friendly Adirondack chair cover, I found this one listed on Walmart.com

They are made by the Mainstays brand, and made to not crack in freezing temperatures.

Right now (May 2021), this product is available for the “Free Delivery on Orders over $35”.

Click here to see PRICE and more details on Walmart.com

Whichever cover you choose just make sure to measure your chairs before ordering.

3) Clamp-on Umbrella attachment for Adirondack chairs

Sport-Brella Versa-Brella SPF 50+ Adjustable Umbrella with Universal Clamp, Regular, Gray

If your Adirondack chair didn’t come with an umbrella, you could look into getting a clamp-on umbrella.

I know the picture above shows this cool umbrella attached to beach chairs with a tubular frame, but it will also clamp to square surfaces up to 1.5″ thick. (As shown below.)

So if your Adirondack chair is made of wood less than 1.5″ thick, this umbrella should be able to clamp on to it and provide you some sun protection.

Sport-Brella Versa-Brella SPF 50+ Adjustable Umbrella with Universal Clamp, Regular, Gray

Curious if this will work for you?

Click here for more details on Amazon.

4) Sunshade Canopy Attachment (the Shadesy)

SHADESY-1 Blue Lightweight Portable Beach and Outdoor Sunshade Providing UV, UVA, UVB Sun Protection (SUNSHADE ONLY)

To be honest, I’m not sure how well this would work on an Adirondack chair. But the manufacturer does state it can attach to any high-backed chair – which an Adirondack chair is.

It attaches via an elastic strap that circles around the back of the chair.

This isn’t big enough to shade your entire body, but if you want some shade for your face and eyes, you can have a closer look at the Shadesy. (You can see more details on Amazon by clicking here.)

5) Adirondack chair Cup Holder

YOY 2 Piece Home Office Table Desk Side Huge Clip Water Drink Beverage Soda Coffee Mug Holder Cup Saucer Design, Black

Let me guess…when you picture yourself lounging in an Adirondack chair you’ll probably have a cold drink in your hand right?

Well with a clamp cup holder like this you don’t have to hold the drink in your hand the whole time. You can clamp this to the armrest of your chair and you won’t heat up your drink with your hot little hands.

Click here if you want to see more details on these clever Adirondack chair cup holders. (You could also clamp them to other stuff too…like maybe a deck railing?)

6) Adirondack chair Footstool (aka Adirondack chair ottoman)

Highwood AD-OTL1-WHE Adirondack Folding Ottoman, Adult, White, 19W x 20D x 13H in.

Lay back, relax and put your feet up. Well, with this footstool you can do just that.

It looks like wood, but it is actually plastic so it won’t require sanding or repainting. The Highwood company that makes it says they use recycled plastic, but on their Amazon product page it doesn’t specify what percentage of the plastic is recycled.

And this footstool folds flat for easier storage.

7) Table to go with your Adirondack Chairs (Walmart.com)

Mainstays Wood Adirondack Outdoor Side Table, Natural

Do you want a little side table to have beside your Adirondack chairs?

This cute wood table is available on Walmart.com where you can get it in several different colors.

You could put your snacks, sunscreen, drinks, novel, etc… on here while enjoying the day in your backyard while lounging on your Adirondack chairs.

Will this work for you?

So, will any of these Adirondack chairs accessories work for you?

I like the idea of the clamp on cupholder, but if I’m just in my backyard, I think a side table would suit my needs better. But how about you?

I hope you get a chance to get outside and enjoy some relaxing times on your deck, patio, dock or anywhere you can.

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