The Secret Hack to having a Tidy, Clean and Organized Home (it’s not what you think)

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The secret hack to ‘how to organize your home’ is not what you may think. If you watch all the videos and read the blog posts about “organization hacks” and tips and products and yet your home, your car and your life are still unorganized, then you’ll want to read this. (All of it). Because learning more cleaning or organization tricks is not what you need.

There is a solution for you, which we’ll get to in this article. (Scroll down to keep reading…)

How to organize your home - the answer is not what you may think.

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A Story you may relate to…

Before we get to the secret hack, first let me tell you a story. (It’s worth reading.)

This is a story about a 38 year old woman who feels she never really “has it together.”

She helped her two kids get ready for school in the morning and then she went to work. She worked in an office and made a comfortable living. Her office was cluttered. Her car had garbage strewn across the floor and papers and mail upon the seats.

When she got home the front entryway was so cluttered with mess that she tossed her shoes into the corner and threw her coat down upon the jumbled shoes. “What a mess!” she thought to herself, but then it was on to the next thing.

The kitchen was a perpetual disaster. Last night’s dinner dishes still sat “soaking” in the sink. She couldn’t tell whether the dishwasher had clean or dirty dishes…or a combination of both.

The bedroom had piles of clothes everywhere, and to get to her side of the bed she had to wind her way along a small path carved into the clutter.

Her kids’ bedrooms were even worse. She told them to clean up their rooms, but deep inside she felt guilty about telling them to do this when her room was a disaster. (“I’m such a hypocrite,” she thought.)

She watched tons of cleaning hack videos. She bought new organization products like closet organizers, and cupboard organizers. She bought a “clothes folding” device. She binge-watched “tidying shows.”

Yet her house was still a mess. Her car was a mess. Her office was a mess.

She was embarrassed to have friends over to her house. Their houses were always so neat and tidy. And organized. And lovely.

She asked, “Why.  Why is my house like this. The organizers I buy never work! How come place is such a disaster.”

Do you ask yourself this too?

How come your house is messy yet others have clean, tidy houses?

Do you think it is because they know more cleaning techniques or organization hacks than you?


It is because you let your house become a mess.

You let your house and your life come disorganized, or maybe you never had it organized to begin with.

Your friends, the ones with a clean, tidy and organized house have a different mindset than you.

Do you think it is because their parents were clean, tidy, organized people? They very well could have been.

But do you honestly think you can’t learn how to fold your clothes, mop the floor or wipe a countertop?

You don’t need to learn another hack. You don’t need to read another blog post.

You don’t need to keep watching the latest cleaning videos.
Image by StockSnap from Pixabays

What you need is to change your mindset.

Clean, tidy and organized people have a mindset.

>> They will not accept or tolerate anything less than having a clean, tidy organized house.<<

They have the mindset that dictates discipline.

After they eat, the leftovers are put away, the dishes are cleaned, the counter is wiped and the floors are swept.

They don’t tolerate anything less.

“But where do they find the time?” you ask.

They make the time.

They have the mindset that this is a priority.

Instead of reading blog posts or watching videos about “how to organize your blah, blah, blah” they do it. So that is one place right there where they “find” the time.

So you don’t need to learn another cleaning hack.

You don’t need to buy the latest organization gadget.

You need to change your mindset.

Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

You need to adopt the mindset of a clean, tidy, organized person.

And you will not tolerate or accept anything less.

Tony Robbins calls this “modeling.” You choose someone who has succeeded in an area you’d like to succeed then you model their mindset and their behavior.

You’ve probably heard the saying, “If you want to be a winner, you have to think like a winner.”

Does that mean you have to be a drill sergeant about organizing or tidiness?

Not necessarily, but your family members will learn from your lead. They will follow your example.

So grab that big switch in your brain – your mindset shifter – and give it a pull.

Decisions don’t take time. They happen in an instant.

Make it happen.

Change your mindset.

Adopt the mindset of a clean, tidy organized person and you’ll realize how simple the physical parts of tidying and organizing actually are.

So the Secret Hack to having a Tidy, Organized House is…

The ultimate cleaning and organizing hack is the mindset change to become a clean, tidy and organized person.

Image by programmingibc from Pixabay

Then once you’ve made the choice to become an organized person, and having a tidy organized home is your goal, then you need to develop the habits to achieve your goal.

Creates the habits and procedures to achieve your goal

Having a goal is great, BUT you need to develop the habits and daily procedures to achieve that goal. That is what gets you there.

Michael Jordan had the goal of being the best basketball player in the world, but without his intense habits and procedures (basketball drills and training), his goal would have simply been a wish.

Are you ready to stop wishing and start doing?

What can you do now?

Step 1: Change your Mindset to Identify as a Tidy, Organized Person (yes you can).

Step 2: Develop the Habits and Procedures to achieve your goals.

I don’t know who said it, but to paraphrase, ‘You don’t rise to your goals, you sink to your habits and procedures’.

So having the goal being organized is a good start, but it’s the habits and procedures that will allow you to achieve your goal.

You can start right now by checking out this article on the 7 Simple Habits of People who always have a Clean Kitchen.

You’re a smart person. So now grab a pen and paper. Write down the things in your life that need organizing and tidying.

Now what habits and procedures can you develop to address these issues?

Example: To address clothes every where — Do laundry on Wednesday and Sunday. Ensure clothes are folded and PUT AWAY after every load of laundry.

Up Next:

The 7 Habits of People who Always have a tidy kitchen.

The mindset change to become an organized person can happen instantly, but I realize you may feel like you’ve got a lot of catching up to do to actually have a tidy house. Like a backlog of mess to clear up before you get it under control. Believe me I know it isn’t easy. And I’m still working on it… But it is doable. And you can do it.

If you feel you don’t have time to get your home organized, maybe you’d benefit from a planner.

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