15 Positive Affirmations to help you get more physically active

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How many years now have you been telling yourself to get more physically active? To get some exercise. To get fit. If you’re shaking your head thinking, “Way too many!” well, hopefully these affirmations will help you.

We’ll look at 15 positive self affirmations to help focus your intentions and get physically active like you desire.

Note:  Do not take this as medical or psychological advice. I am not a psychologist or doctor. I just hope these can help you. Speak to your doctor before starting any new exercise or physical activity plan.

What Are Affirmations?

Affirmations are positive statements that you repeat to yourself regularly. (Not one and done.)

They are intended to reinforce positive beliefs, and to help you tame negative thoughts. When practiced consistently, affirmations can help you develop a more positive self-image and improve your overall well-being. (Reference)

The consistency of telling yourself the same message can help you to focus and reach your goals.

For an affirmation to be effective, they should have the 3 P’s of affirmations.

What are the 3 P’s of Effective Affirmations

To create affirmations that are helpful, it’s important to follow the 3 P’s: Present Tense, Positive, and Personal.

  1. Present Tense: State your affirmations as if they are happening now. This helps you believe that the change you desire is already taking place.
  2. Positive: Frame your affirmations in a positive way. Focus on what you want to achieve, rather than what you want to avoid.
  3. Personal: Make your affirmations personal to you. Use “I” statements to reinforce that these positive changes are happening in your life.

Affirmations to help you get more Physical Activity

Here are some affirmations that may help you to overcome mental hurdles and to get more physical activity every day. Choose the one that sounds the best to you and repeat it to yourself regularly and consistently.

  1. I enjoy moving my body and staying active.
  2. I make time for exercise because it makes me feel great.
  3. I am strong, capable, and love challenging my body.
  4. I prioritize my health by incorporating physical activity into my daily routine.
  5. I feel energized, vibrant and alive when I stay active.
  6. I find joy in every workout and look forward to being active.
  7. I am committed to improving my fitness every day.
  8. I appreciate the positive changes in my body and mind through exercise.
  9. I choose activities that I enjoy and that keep me motivated.
  10. I am proud of myself for making physical activity a part of my lifestyle.

Specific Affirmations for those who want to Walk more every day

Walking can be a great first step (pun intended) toward becoming more physically active especially if you have been sedentary for awhile.

Here five affirmations specifically focused to help you do more daily walking. Choose one that sounds the best to you.

  1. I enjoy my daily walks and feel energized with every step.
  2. I am committed to walking every day, and it makes me feel alive and healthy.
  3. I easily find time to walk every day, and it boosts my mood and energy.
  4. I am strong and motivated to walk daily, and I appreciate the zest it brings to my life.
  5. I look forward to my daily walks and I get stronger and stronger every day.

I really hope these affirmations can help you overcome some of the mental barriers preventing you from getting active and fit like you desire.

There is no guarantee they’ll work, but in order to work, you need to repeat your chosen affirmation every day, several times a day. In the morning is a great time to first say the affirmation to yourself because it can set the tone for the day.

And please remember to speak to your doctor before starting any physical activity plan especially if you have any existing health conditions or if you have been sedentary for some time.

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