17 helpful Ways to Store Air Tools

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Do you need some help organizing and storing your air tools? In this article we’ll look at 17 air tool storage ideas…because your tools are only helpful IF you can find them.

The storage options in this list include:

  • some air tool racks and holders you can buy
  • some you can build (care of some helpful YouTube videos)
  • and some ways to take advantage of the garage storage you may already have

Air tool storage ideas to help you keep your shop tidy and store your tools where you can find them.
Air Tool Storage Ideas

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How to store air tools? 17 Ideas

The air compressor manufacturer Campbell Hausfeld suggests to cap the end of the male air inlet prior to storage to prevent dirt getting into the tool and to help prevent premature tool deterioration.

And since moisture is detrimental to pneumatic tools you’ll want to store them in a dry location that isn’t subject to extreme temperatures if possible. (Reference)

Below are various ways to store your pneumatic tools.

Most of the ideas involve storing your tools so you still have easy access to them. But other storage ideas may involve putting your tools away – such as in a tote… so they aren’t within reach, but at least you’ll know where you put them.

Not all of these ideas will work for you. You may not have the available space for some of these options. But hopefully one option will be right for you.

1) Air Tool Rack (Lisle 5-slot pneumatic tool holder)

Lisle 49960 Pneumatic Tool Holder

This is a Made in the USA air tool rack that has 5 slots to hang your air tools.

Just note, this is only 10-inches wide. It isn’t very big. So it isn’t the best for storing bulkier air tools.

But for narrower tools it works well.

It is popular, well-rated and has lots of reviews on Amazon.

It does have a red, sliding locking feature, but most say this is best for preventing the tools from falling out rather than preventing theft. (Motivated thieves would likely unscrew the whole rack from your bench or toolbox.

The potential downside to having the quick connect end up, is that dust and grime may settle on the connector. How much dust (or sawdust) there is in your shop will depend on what type of work you do in there.

2) Magnetic Air Tool Hanging Rack

OEMTOOLS 23120 Air Tool Holder, Magnetic Power Tool Holder with Air Hose Hook and Pegs for Impact Sockets, Air Tool Organizer for Tire Service, Green

The company OEMTOOLS makes this magnetic air tool rack that can hold up to 33 pounds.

It is primarily marketed towards mechanics and tire technicians to hold their impact wrench and most commonly used sockets.

But the tool corral could hold other air tools too.

You can use the two bottom hooks to hold an air hose, an air ratchet (stored vertically), or you could put zip-tie loops around some other tools or fittings and hang them from the hooks.

3) Eastwood Air Tool Storage Rack

Eastwood Air Tool Storage Rack (Photo credit: Eastwood.com)

The tool company Eastwood makes this air tool rack that can hold up to 10 air tools (max. weight 50lbs).

You screw it into the wall studs and the mounting holes are conveniently located 16-inches apart to suit standard-spaced wall studs.

It has a powder-coated finish and the top ledge is about 4-inches wide so you should be able to hold small bottles of lubricating oil or fittings up there too.

Click here for more information on this air tool holder.

4) Air Wrangler – Air Tool Holders

UNIVERSAL LOCKING Air Tool Holders - Air Wrangler 5-Pack for 1/4" Pneumatic Tools - Contractor Grade | Automatic Function | Fits All Quick Connect Plugs | Mounts To Metal OR Wood | Tool Wrangler

These air tool holders by the company Tool Wrangler basically allow you to mount a quick-connect coupling to the wall, side of a toolbox or the underside of a shelf.

Then you push the air-connect end of your 1/4-inch air tool onto the coupling for storage.

You could screw the mounts into the underside of a shelf for vertical tool storage (like shown below), or you could screw it into the wall and store your tools horizontally.

UNIVERSAL LOCKING Air Tool Holders - Air Wrangler 5-Pack for 1/4" Pneumatic Tools - Contractor Grade | Automatic Function | Fits All Quick Connect Plugs | Mounts To Metal OR Wood | Tool Wrangler

Think these may work for you?

One good thing you may like is that the quick connect end is not open to dust and dirt.

Click here for current price.

5) DIY Quick Connector Hanging Shelf

I found this video on YouTube where Walkers Woodwork makes an air tool storage shelf and uses male quick connect couplers on the under side of the shelf to hold air tools. Pretty cool. (The whole shelving unit is beyond my limited woodworking skills, but installing the couplers looks doable.)

6) Hang them on a Peg Board

Pegboards can work well to store air tools. You'll likely want to get metal pegboard if you plan on storing heavier air tools though
Air ratchet stored on a pegboard

These are often marketed as hooks to hold a battery-powered cordless drill, but instead you could store your air ratchet or brad nailer on here.

Do you have the wall space in your garage to mount a peg board?

If so you get various clips and holsters to hang a variety of air tools.

(You’ll have to be careful though because if you have larger tools the weight may wreck lightweight pegboards such as those made of flimsy particle board.)

You can likely find pegboard holders at your local hardware store.

If they don’t have a good supply, the company Meneco sells a 5-pack of tool holders that fits standard 1-inch spaced pegboard, and it’ll work with pegboard that has 1/4-inch or 1/8-inch sized holes. These holders are available on Amazon.

7) Clips for French Cleats

If you have a French cleat storage wall in your garage or workshop you can get a variety of clips designed to fit into French cleats.

Check your local hardware store to see their options. And hopefully they’ll have something to hold the tool you have in mind.

8) Store your air tools in a dedicated tote

Storing my air tools in a tote
Tote to store air tools

Air tool storage doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive.

This is how I store my air tools: I store them in a tote.

I don’t use my air tools all the time so having them in a tote is okay for my situation. I just keep them in the same tote so I know where to find them.

Once you’ve put them in a tote you can put them on a shelf, under a work table, or if you have an overhead garage storage system, you could place them up them. (In that case, since your reaching up high, you may want to use several totes to keep the weight down in each individual tote.)

This isn’t the best option if you regularly use your tools and need easy access to them.

This works for me, but will it work for you?

9) Get a Tool Cabinet

CRAFTSMAN Tool Chest/Garage Cabinet, Steel, 48x74x18-Inch (CMST24800RB)

If you have space in your garage or workshop you could get a tool cabinet and dedicate a shelf or two to your air tools.

It isn’t a great option for tools that you need easy access to beside your work bench, but at least you’ll know where to find them when you need them.

10) PVC pipe air tool holsters (a DIY option)

You can use PVC pipe to create holsters for cordless drills and drivers.

With some careful examining and measuring of your air tools and brad nailers, you could come up with your own DIY air tool holsters.

For inspiration, check out the video below from Dekay’s Crafts. He builds a cool tool storage shelf that can even be hung on French cleats if you install the proper wood along the back. Super cool.

It looks pretty straight-forward.

11) DIY PVC Pipe Air Tool Holder

I came across this YouTube by TabLeft Workshop where he builds an inexpensive yet very functional air tool holder out of a scrap piece of PVC pipe. It is pretty cool what people come up with!

12) Dedicate a Drawer to your air tools

If you have space in your tool chest, you could dedicate a drawer to your air tools.

This option can work well especially if you have a deep drawer to fit larger tools.

13) DIY Air Tool Holder using a Drawer Slide

Here is another DIY air tool holder that I came across on YouTube. The guy at The Fab Forums YouTube channel tack-welded some old air fittings onto a drawer slide.

Then he mounted the drawer slide underneath his work bench for easy slide-in and slide-out access to his air tools. It looks like pretty cool idea that seems to hold air ratchets okay, but I wonder how well the drawer slide would hold up to heavier tools like a pneumatic impact wrench?

You can watch the video below.

14) Hang them from a Wire Baker’s Rack

Do you have some wire racks in your shop or garage?

The video below the from the YouTube channel “Make Build Modify” shows how they store A LOT of air tools on a wire baker’s rack.

If you’ve been thinking about getting some wire storage racks like these – but aren’t quite sure yet – this may be enough to push you off the fence and get them.

15) Plastic Organizer for Air Fittings

Akro-Mils 10124, 24 Drawer Plastic Parts Storage Hardware and Craft Cabinet, 20-Inch W x 6-Inch D x 16-Inch H, Black

These aren’t the most rugged solution, but plastic drawer organizers can work to hold your air fittings.

You may see them marketed as craft organizers, but they work just as well to hold other small items too.

My air compressor and tool kit from Campbell Hausfeld came with a plastic case for fittings. (Picture below.)

If you live in Canada, Canadian Tire sells a very similar air tool accessory kit, but made by Mastercraft. (Click here to check it out.)

16) Magnetic Strip for small metal accessories

Air tool fittings stored on a magnetic rail
Some air tool fittings and drill bits on a magnetic rail

You can screw a magnetic strip (like the ones used for holding kitchen knives) to your garage wall and then stick small parts, drill bits, and other small accessories to it.

They’ll be within easy reach and because they’re stored on your wall, it’ll free up space around your work surface.

But I bet not all of your fittings will be magnetic.

Brass and aluminum fittings aren’t magnetic so they can’t be stored like this.

17) Wall-mounted Retractable Hose Reel for the Air Hoses

MaxWorks 80720 50ft Auto Rewind Retractable Reel with 3/8" x 50' Air Hose with Brass Fittings

Instead of having the air hose snaking around the floor of your work space, you can get a wall-mounted hose reel like this one from MaxWorks.

This hose reel is retractable so you don’t have to manually wind the hose around the reel.

It features a 50-feet air hose that the manufacturer claims can handle up to 250 PSI.

Well, will one of these air tool storage ideas work for you?

The best way for you to store air tools will really depend on several factors like how often you use them, the tool’s size and how large your storage space is.

For instance, the storage tote I use to store my air tools won’t be best for you if you’re using your nail guns daily.

Find what works for you and just remember to stay consistent by putting your tools back when you’re finished using them.

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