Avoid these common Disney Resort mistakes (learn from my mistakes!)

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Guest Post by Emma – 13 year old Disneyland Lover

I love Disneyland so much!  It was such a neat idea to create the park, and I am glad that all of us today get to enjoy this wonderful place. But I made some common Disneyland mistakes on my first trip to this magical place.

And if you haven’t done loads and loads of research before you visit the parks, you may make these mistakes too!

So here are things that people commonly do in the Disney parks that they shouldn’t!

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1) They park far away from the park entrance

On my first day in Disneyland we parked far away.

That was not very fun because by the end of the day we had all walked so far and we stood for so long that that walk to our car was not enjoyable.

We walked about 20 km’s that day! (Wear good shoes.)

The parking might be cheaper to park further away, but i would recommend to pay little bit more so you can get home faster. You’ll need your rest for the next day.

2) They shop on Main Street Disney before entering the park and starting the day

The Disney Parks are only open for so long, so to get your moneys worth you should go straight into the parks and shop on Main Street after your day.

Plus, Main Street Disney is usually open for 1 hour longer than the parks themselves and if you want to buy lots of things you won’t have to carry it around all day.

So many neat souvenirs in Disneyland

3) They don’t bring outside food into the parks

The food at Disneyland is amazing, but if you eat all your meals there the costs will add up real quick!

So to cut down on those costs you can bring your own food into the parks (with some exceptions).

So bring some qualifying outside food into the parks, and have a snack while waiting in line for the rides.

(For more information on what qualifies, check out this article from Disney Addicts.)

Bringing in your own food is a great way to save money at Disneyland. For additional tips on how to save money at Disneyland check out this article.

4) They don’t rent a locker

I recommend you bring some change into the parks to rent a locker for the day. But you’ll need to get there early because lots of other people want a locker too.

They are very useful if you brought food, extra water or a sweater.

Having a locker for the day prevents you from having to carry so much with you around the parks.

You want to have fun while you’re there, not pretend you’re a pack mule!

Disneyland locker rental locations on a screenshot of the Disneyland app
Locker rental locations in Disneyland and California Adventure

5) They don’t go on the “kiddie” rides

Lots of people don’t want to go on classic rides like the Dumbo Ride or Peter Pan’s Flight if they don’t have kids.

But I think that is just silly!

The classic rides are still fun and aren’t just for kids: they’re part of the Disney magic!

Image by gvanderslice from Pixabay

6) They think they don’t need a map

If you’ve been to Disneyland before you know it’s enormous.

Disneyland has many twists and turns, and things you could miss if you don’t pick up a map.

And if you have a specific ride in mind that you want to go on, a map is a great idea. And it makes a great souvenir.

Update: they now have a great app for your smart phone. It’s the Disneyland app. Check it out. It lists wait times and has lots of other great, updated information. (Screenshot below)

Screenshot from the Disneyland app

7) They forget to bring a hoodie or a sweater

Depending on how late you plan on visiting the Disney theme parks you may want to pack a hoodie or a sweater for later in the evening.

I visited Disneyland in the middle of August, so it was very hot during the day, but a little chilly in the evening.

I was very glad that I brought a sweater. (And remember you can rent a locker to store it during the daytime.)

Disneyland sweatshirt - classic logo
Disneyland Resort sweatshirt

8) They go on water rides first

Whether it be Splash Mountain or Grizzly River Run it isn’t a good idea to go on these wet rides first.

If it is hot out it may not be that big of a deal – you could dry off while having lunch –  but if it is cooler you won’t dry very quickly, and you might not have the best experience at the parks.

Nobody likes walking around with swamp feet.

Splash Mountain in Disneyland. Photo credit: LearnAlongWithMe.com

I hope this list helped with your next trip to the Disney Resort Parks.

Do you want other tips on making your next trip to Disneyland your best ever?

Check out these other resources.

Here are the resources that helped me with this post.

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This has been a Guest Post by Emma

(A huge Disneyland fan who plans to go back…many times over…)

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