Awesome RV YouTube Videos for RV Newbies

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Being a RV newbie can feel like there is way too much to know. There are tons of books out there about owning and camping in an RV, but sometimes it’s just so much better to see a video.

I’ve embedded some YouTube videos below so you can watch the videos right here on the page, and then go on to the next video whenever you’d like.

Good YouTube videos for RV Newbies

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Get your popcorn because it’s SHOWTIME!

10 Things a RV Newbie needs to know

I recently discovered this RV’ing couple on YouTube. Their channel is called, “Keep Your Daydream.”

Not only are they great in front of the camera, but their sincerity and willingness to share information really shines through.

This video has lots of great tips on making sure you’re carrying the right tools with you, you have the right tires, and that you develop a good consistent system of parking and hooking up your RV.

And this includes a communication system between you and your partner to avoid those dreaded “backing up your RV fights.” Along with this video they have other good videos for RV newbies too…they make it seem less daunting.

If you want to see these folks’ Amazon page where they conveniently list their recommended items, click here.

How to Drive a Motorhome Video – Adjusting your Mirrors Properly

When you are driving a 20 – 45 foot motorhome there is a lot of space around your RV that you have to be aware of. Lots of blindspots you need to compensate for. This video shows you how to adjust your mirrors to keep you and others safe.

There is especially good footage around the 4:50 minute mark. It is about blind spots and how a vehicle approaching from the rear disappears in your regular mirror, but is visible in a properly adjusted convex mirror.

How to Back up a Trailer – Tips

Honestly my nerves about backing up a trailer is what has prevented me from buying a travel trailer. I don’t have to worry about this with a truck camper or motorhome, but it is still a skill I want to learn. I’m sure a lot of RV newbies dread the thought of having to back up a trailer, but these videos should help (and lots of practice too).

In the video shown below he gives tips on how to back up a trailer. The trailer he is using is only a cargo trailer, but I look forward to trying out his tip.

Below is another video about backing up a trailer, and this time the guy is using a boat trailer. He discusses various types of turns you’ll encounter. Such as, a hard right turn, a hard left turn and how to back straight up.

I know everyone learns a different way, and sometimes different techniques will resonate better than other ones, so I’ve provided a different video on backing up a trailer below. This guy is using a travel trailer in his demonstrations.

How to Level a Motorhome or Trailer

So you’ve successfully backed your trailer or motorhome into your campsite. Now it is time to level your RV. This is important because your RV appliances may require your RV to be level in order for them to function correctly. (Plus, you don’t want to walk around on a tiled floor.)

Below is a video by by the “RV geeks” where they demonstrate how to level a motorhome.

In the video below from “All About RV’s” he gives his tips on how they quickly and easily level their travel trailer using the Anderson Leveling system.

How to Hook up your RV at Campsite (Perfect for RV Newbies)

This is another very good video from “Keep Your Daydream.” It includes leveling the trailer, chocking the wheels, putting out sliders, and connecting fresh water, sewer hose and electrical hookups.

This family puts out quality informational videos, and they’re entertaining too.

Dumping your RV Holding tanks

Most RV’s come equipped with two types of waster water tanks: gray water tanks, and black water tanks.

The gray water tank holds water that drains from your sink faucets and showers. Black water tanks hold waste from the toilet (so toilet paper, pee and poo are in the black water tank).

Most RV’s have a monitoring panel that will tell you when the tanks require emptying. But over time you’ll know on your own too.

The gentleman in the video below (Randy) reminds viewers to use toilet paper that is quick dissolving and intended for use in RVs. Such as Rapid-Dissolve toilet paper from Scott brand (available on Amazon.)

Randy also suggests using a clear sewer hose adapter to connect to your RV’s waste water outlets so you can see what is coming out and a visual on how much has come out. You can check out Camco’s clear sewer hose adapter by clicking here.

Cleaning your Black water Holding Tank

In the video below Jerry shows us how he cleans his RV black water tank. One indication that your black water tank needs cleaning is your monitoring system erroneously telling you the tank is full. “But I’ve just dumped it!” you say. And yes, your tank may be empty but waste residue make be sticking to the sensors give you false readings.

It’s time to clean your black water tank.

Jerry gives his recommendation on an enzyme treatment he puts into the tank to break down solids into liquids, and he then goes on to use a Camco Flexible Swivel Stik to clean his black water tank. He said he needs the flexible cleaning wand because his black water tank is not directly below the toilet…it angles off to the side.

Washing your RV

Washing road grime, salt and dust off your RV will help keep your RV not only looking good, but it’ll help protect the exterior. But it should be done correctly. And an RV newbie may only have experience washing cars.

It boils down to using the proper cleaning tools and cleansers for your RV. Check your owner’s manual.

Washing and Inspecting your RV Roof

In this video Jerry from “I Love RV Life” climbs up on his RV and shows us how to inspect and clean his RV’s roof.

A little preventative maintenance can help you avoid water leaks and damage. But SAFETY is very important…you’ll be 12-15 feet in the air!

Hilarious Video with a Little Helping Hand

I added this one just for a laugh…the tiny helping hand is hilarious. 🤣

It isn’t exactly a video dedicated to the RV newbie, but they do discuss how they customized their F-150 pickup to tow their trailer across the States.

I hope these videos for the RV newbie have increased your confidence in RV’ing.

If you think anything should be added to this list, please comment below.

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