15 Baseball Birthday Party Ideas (for kids)

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If your child loves baseball, you have lots of opportunities to throw a great baseball birthday party. This list of ideas will help ensure you host a winning party.

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How to host a fun Baseball themed Birthday Party for Kids

Below are some ideas to help you organize and host a baseball birthday party that your child and their friends will remember for a long time.

Before the Party

There are some things you need to organize before hosting a great baseball party.

Choose a Suitable Venue

If you don’t have a backyard suitable for baseball activities, consider renting a local baseball field or setting up in a spacious park.

You’ll want ample space for all the baseball-themed games and activities.

Send out Baseball-Themed Invitations

Baseball Party Ticket Invitations (Photo credit: Twingenuity Graphics on Etsy)

Get the kids excited for the party by sending out fantastic invitations like these.

The ticket-style invitations above are from the Etsy seller Twingenuity Graphics. They don’t send you the physical invitations: what they do is customize the tickets with the party information you provide, then they’ll send you the digital file.

You can then send the file to a local printer for them to print the physical tickets. (They have more details on this process in their Etsy listing.)

These look awesome, and I bet other parents will be commenting on how cool the invitations are.

Activities During the Party

Most of the activities I’ve listed assume you’re hosting a party in a place that has space for the kids to run around and play.

You could adapt these games to small spaces but it’ll take some creativity.

Not that kids need extra incentive to run around and play, but to help “up the ante” you could offer prizes or rewards to the winners of the games and challenges.

Play a Mini Baseball Game

Organize a mini baseball game for the children.

Adapt the rules to fit their age and skill level, ensuring everyone can participate and enjoy the game.

For young kids that may not be able to hit pitches, use a batting tee to hold the ball.

There likely won’t be enough kids at the party to field two full teams, so you may have to get creative with how you organize the teams.

Take some swings with Baseball Batting Practice

Set up a batting practice area where kids can take turns hitting pitches.

Use soft, safety balls to ensure the game is safe for all ages.

And if the kids are too young to hit actual pitches, get a baseball tee and have them swing away at the stationary ball.

Throwing Accuracy Challenge

GoSports 9 Pocket Baseball and Softball Pitching Strike Zone Target Net

You could DIY some targets for the kids to throw at, or you could buy a product like this netted strike zone target.

If you’re only going to use the target for the party then this wouldn’t be worth the price, but if your child loves baseball anyway, they’d probably get tons of use out of it.

Another option is a baseball rebounder net like the one below. I have one like this in my backyard – which I’ve had for years – and it’s a great way to practice throwing and fielding.

You could tie some paper plates to the net and use those as the targets.

Give the kids a few balls to throw and see how many targets they hit.

Franklin Sports Baseball Rebounder Net - Baseball + Softball Pitchback Net + Pitching Target - All Angle Bounce Back Net - Return Fielding Trainer - 48",Red

Run-the-Bases Relay Race

Base running relay race - could be fun activity for the kids to play at a baseball birthday

Add a fun twist with a run-the-bases relay race.

Kids can compete in teams, running around the bases to score points for their team.

To avoid the chaos of tons of kids running at one time, you could have timed relay races.

Four kids per team. Set a player from each team on all four bases.

The first kid starts at home plate and runs to first base when you blow the whistle. Start the timer when you blow the whistle.

The second child that is standing on first base can’t run to second base until the first kid gets to first base. (Like teaching the kids to tag up before moving to the next base.) Continue this progression until the last kid that was standing on third base runs to home plate. Stop the timer and write down the time.

See which team can complete the relay race the fastest.

Baseball Piñata

Charniol 16 Inch Baseball Pinata Baseball Party Favors Decorations Baseball Birthday Party Supplies Large Pinata with Pinata Stick Blindfold and Confetti for Sports Themed Birthday Party Supplies

A baseball-shaped piñata filled with goodies is always a hit. (If they can hit it!)

It’s a fun and exciting activity that all the kids can participate in.

Just make sure the kids are standing back from the little slugger because you know a baseball lover is going to come out swinging like the bases are loaded.

You may be able to find a pinata at your local party store or Walmart. If not, here is a link to the one shown above.

Pin the Baseball

A baseball twist on “Pin the Tail on the Donkey.”

Children try to pin a baseball sticker onto a poster of a glove or a home plate while blindfolded.

This is a great option to have up your sleevejust in case you need to have the party indoors due to rain. (Don’t we all hate rain delays.)

Baseball Card Swap

You could do a baseball birthday card swap at your child's baseball birthday party

Encourage guests to bring their duplicate baseball cards for a card swap.

This is another one that can – and perhaps should – be done indoors.

Or if do this outdoors, just make sure the wind and rain don’t spoil the cards.

Baseball Trivia

Trivia can be a great way to calm the kids down before eating or cake time.

Try to include baseball trivia tailored to the children’s age group. For instance, young kids may not have extensive knowledge about Major League Baseball players or stats, so you could write some trivia about baseball rules.

Get Crafty with some blank Paper Baseball Jerseys

blank baseball jersey paper template that kids can decorate

Give each child a blank, paper baseball jersey for them to decorate and take home as a party favor.

Set up a craft station with markers and stickers so the kids can have fun while getting creative.

I’ve created a PDF that you can print off for the kids to decorate.

Click here to see the blank paper baseball jersey I’ve created.

Baseball Party Decorations and Themed Cake

The most common color scheme of a baseball birthday party is white, red and blue. Mix and match various party decorations together and you’re ready for a great party.

Below are some additional ideas.

Baseball Happy Birthday Banners and Balloons

Baseball Party Decorations, Baseball Birthday Party Supplies Kit, Include Sport Themed Birthday Backdrop, Happy Birthday Banners, Tabelcloth, Baseball Balloons, Cake&Cupcake Toppers

Set the tone for the party – and make it easy on yourself – by getting a baseball party set like this one.

You could get different banners and balloons separately and piece it together, or you can save some time and buy a set.

If you’re hosting the party indoors you could add an extra little touch by putting down some artificial grass near the cake and snack tables.

Another option that looks awesome is to blow up red, white and blue balloons to create a baseball-themed balloon arch.

Hot Dog Stand / Snack Bar

Roshtia 100 Pack 2lb Baseball Party Supplies Paper Food Trays Disposable Serving Tray Nacho Trays Food Boats for Baseball Birthday Decorations(White)

When you think of food at a ball park, what do you think of? What comes to mind? How about…

“Hot dogs, Get yer Hot Dogs here”.

To bring the feel of the stadium right to your party, you could serve up some hot dogs just like the ball parks do.

You can also set up a snack bar and serve other traditional baseball game treats like popcorn, pretzels and cracker jacks.

When the kids RSVP to the party ask them about special dietary needs and preferences. Then cater your options to meet the needs of the guests.

Baseball-Themed Cake Toppers

1 Pack Baseball Theme Cake Topper Sports Happy Birthday Baseball Player Cake Decoration for Baseball Sports Party Theme Decoration Supplies

That party set I showed earlier does include a cake topper which you could use, or you could get a separate cake topper like the one above.

To really make your cake stand out, you can create a cake that looks like a baseball, a glove, or even a baseball field. Does your child have a favorite baseball team? If so, customize the cake with the team’s color for a nice personal touch.

Baseball Cupcake Toppers

24 PCS Baseball Cupcake Toppers Glitter Baseball Players Sports Theme Cupcake Picks Baseball Sport Theme Baby Shower Kids Birthday Party Cake Decorations Supplies

Do you prefer to serve cupcakes rather than cake?

You can get small cupcake toppers like the ones above and either stick them in the cupcakes yourself, or let the kids decorate the cupcakes and choose their own cupcake topper.

(One of the most successful things I’ve done for my daughter’s birthday party was to let the girls decorate their own cupcakes. They loved that. ♥️♥️?)

Party Favors for After the Party

Baseball Party Favors

Erweicet Baseball Party Favors Set 72 PCS Baseball Slap Straws Silicone Bracelets Tattoo Stickers Mini Bouncy Balls Toy for Goodie Bag Fillers Baseball Themed Birthday Party Supplies

Thank party guests with baseball-themed favors like mini baseballs, stickers, and bracelets.

These can also serve as prizes for the various games played during the party.

These baseball-themed birthday party ideas are designed to offer a fun and engaging experience for child and their friends.

With a mix of active play, themed decorations, and creative treats, your baseball-themed party is sure to be a home run with everyone involved! (Don’t you love the baseball metaphors. ? )

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