13 fun Basketball Birthday Party Ideas for kids

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If your child loves basketball they’ll appreciate a fun and memorable basketball themed birthday party.

The ideas in this article will help inspire you to host an amazing b-ball party.

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How to host a fun basketball birthday party for kids

Here are some tips, decorations and activities to make your child’s basketball birthday fun and memorable.

Secure some space in a gym or outdoor court

To have a basketball party, they’ll need a place to play basketball. Try contacting your local community center, school gyms or look for suitable outdoor courts.

If you have young children then you’ll want to find a place that has nets that can be lowered so they have a better chance of actually getting the ball in the hoop.

Slam Dunk Contest

a slam dunk contest is a fun activity to play

Organize a slam dunk contest for an exciting party highlight.

Set up a lower hoop for younger kids to ensure everyone can participate.

It’s a great way to get the kids active and engaged.

Just be sure to supervise closely to prevent any over-enthusiastic moves that might lead to injuries. (Maybe ask the kids what they plan on doing for their attempt. Have them whisper it in your ear if they want it to be a surprise.)

Free Throw Challenge

A free throw challenge is perfect for all ages and skill levels.

Set up a basketball hoop and mark a free-throw line suitable for the age group of the party attendees.

Keep score or just play for fun.

It’s a fun activity that can be easily adapted to the space where you’re holding the party.

Basketball Obstacle Course

set up a basketball obstacle course

Create a basketball-themed obstacle course with dribbling, shooting, and passing challenges. It’s a fun way to incorporate different aspects of the game and keep the kids active.

Set up some cones on the floor for the kids to dribble around and tape a spot on the floor where they have to shoot from.

​Passing Accuracy Challenge

This fun challenge gives even lesser skilled players a chance of winning. 

You can tape some basketball-shaped paper plates to the gym wall (or brick wall) and have the kids stand a set distance from the wall.

Then the kids have certain number of attempts to pass the ball and hit the plates on the wall.

Keep track of how many of the paper plates each player hits with their set number of attempts.

Basketball Trivia

This can be a good way to get the hyped-up kids settled down a bit…perhaps before cake. 

Incorporate basketball trivia into the party, either as a standalone game or as part of other activities. 

It’s a fun way to test and expand the kids’ knowledge about the sport and can be tailored to their age group.

Basketball Balloons

10pcs Basketball Balloons 18inch Basketball Birthday Decorations Aluminum Foil Sports Mylar Balloons Basketball Party Decorations Basketball Birthday Party Supplies

Balloons are the quintessential birthday party decoration.

You could use orange and black latex balloons to help match the traditional color scheme of a basketball, or you could buy some foil balloons like this.

If you buy balloons like this, you’ll just have to take them to a local store that fills helium balloons.

Basketball Plates and Napkins

DECORLIFE Basketball Party Supplies Serves 24, Basketball Plates and Napkins, Forks Included, Basketball Party Decorations for Boys Birthday, Total 96 PCS

Using basketball-themed plates adds a fun and festive touch to the party.
They’re perfect for serving snacks and cake, and they make cleanup a breeze.

This set of basketball-themed tableware will help give your party an organized, cohesive look…especially if you have a basketball tablecloth (like the one below).

Basketball Tablecloth

Mixweer 2 Pcs Basketball Plastic Tablecloth Basketball Party Disposable Table Cover Basketball Pattern Party Supplies Plastic Basketball Theme Table Cover Rectangle Grass Decoration 54 x 108 Inch

Adding a basketball tablecloth will not only match the theme of the party, but it makes cleanup easy.

Basketball Party Favors

Weysat 268 Pcs Basketball Party Favors Sets for 24 People Birthday Gifts Goody Cups with Straws Key Chains Whistles Silicone Wristbands Stickers Thank You Tags for Party Supplies (Basketball)

Party favors like mini basketballs, whistles, or themed stickers are a great way to thank guests for coming.

They can be given out at the end of the party or used as prizes for games.

Ensure the favors are age-appropriate and consider including a variety of items to cater to different interests.

The picture above shows a 268 piece party favor set that you can get on Amazon.

Basketball Cake Ideas

1 Pack Basketball Happy Birthday Cake Topper Glitter NBA Fan Basketball Sports Theme Birthday Cake Pick for Basketball Theme Baby Shower Birthday Party Cake Decorations Supplies

A basketball-themed cake, whether shaped like a ball, court, or jersey, is a surefire hit.

For a creative twist, use orange frosting and black piping to create a basketball design on a round cake.

You can top it off with a basketball cake topper like the glittery one shown above.

(Remember to ask about any dietary restrictions to ensure everyone can enjoy the treat. Or provide other treats for attendees with restrictions.)

Mini Basketball Stress Balls

Mini Basketball Stress Balls - (Pack of 12) 2.5 Inch Small Soft Foam Squeeze Ball for Kids, Sports Theme Party Favor Toys Birthday Party Game, Stress & Anxiety Relief Squeeze Balls, Stocking Stuffers

Mini basketball stress balls are not only great party favors but also fun for games. Use them for a light-hearted throwing game or as part of a relay race.

They’re soft and safe for indoor play, making them a versatile choice for party activities.

Click here to check out a well-rated 12 pack of them.

Party Food

For party food, think of creative ways to tie in the basketball theme. Ideas include “basketball” pizzas (round pizzas with orange cheddar cheese and strategically placed toppings), “court” sandwiches (shaped or decorated to resemble a basketball court), and orange and black fruit platters.

Remember to provide options for guests with allergies or special dietary needs.

Decorate Your Own Paper Basketball Jersey

Set up a station where kids can decorate their own paper basketball jerseys with markers, stickers, and glitter. It’s a creative activity that allows children to express their individuality and take home a unique souvenir.

You can click here to see a free printable basketball jersey template.

I hope these ideas have helped you plan and host a fun basketball-themed birthday party for your child.

The important thing is to have a space where they can play, set the ground rules that the emphasis is on fun (and not trash talking), and have several activities in mind just in case they get bored.

And it can be tricky as a parent when we’re “in the thick of it” and trying to supervise several kids, but try to have fun too and keep the mood light and fun.

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