19 Clever Bathroom Under Sink Organizers and Storage Ideas

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Organizing under the bathroom sink can be tricky. There are so many items we want to put under there but the darn plumbing gets in the way. Luckily there are lots of bathroom under sink organizers and storage ideas to suit your needs.

Bathroom under sink storage ideas - 19 clever under sink organizers
Bathroom Under Sink Organizers and Storage Ideas

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1) U-Shaped Slide Out Shelf

bathroom under sink storage ideas -  - U shaped slide out drawer
Photo credit: Lynk Professional

This is a clever U-shaped slide out shelf made by Lynk Professional.

It is 30-inches wide and 18-inches deep. So please carefully measure your cabinet opening and check the location of your pipes prior to ordering. It does have a wire bottom and small items may fall through, but you could easily put small baskets on here to prevent this. It kind of looks like it’s giving your plumbing a hug doesn’t it.

2) Expandable Under Sink Shelves by Simple Houseware

Bathroom under sink storage - expandable shelves by simple houseware
Photo credit: Simple Houseware

There can be a huge variety of bathroom cabinet sizes and obstructions. To combat this, Simple Houseware has created this expandable under-sink shelf. It starts off as 15-inches wide, but can expand up to 25-inches wide. And you can adjust the height of the shelves to accommodate different items.

Click here to see more details of this under sink organizer on Amazon.

3) Sliding 2-Tiered Cabinet Organizer

bathroom under sink storage ideas - 2 tiered slide out organizer
Photo credit: Richards Homewares

This cabinet organizer by Richards Homewares has two different sized shelves that slide out for easy access of cleaning supplies, toiletries, or other items. It’s popular on Amazon and people seem to like it.

4) Slide-Out Plastic Baskets (with dividers)

Photo credit: Made Smart

This two-tiered sliding organizer from “Made Smart” has frosted plastic baskets and removable dividers to compartmentalize the baskets to suit your needs. There are spots to label your organizer using a dry erase marker. It doesn’t screw to the bottom: it just sits, so it is especially good for renters.

5) Clear Acrylic Stackable Cosmetic Organizer Drawers (Audrey by STORi)

Bathroom under sink organizers
Photo credit: STORi

These are clear acrylic “made in the USA” cosmetic organizers from STORi, and are available on Amazon. You can get it with 4.5-inch tall drawers (as shown) or you can get as 6.75-inch tall drawers.

6) Expandable U-Shaped Shelves

Photo credit: SpicyShelf

This cool expandable shelving system from “SpicyShelf” is clever because it doesn’t just expand in one dimension: it expands in 3 dimensions. You can adjust its width, height and depth to suit a variety of under cabinet sizes and plumbing structures.

Click here to see more details on Amazon.

7) Over-the-Cabinet Door Hanging Organizer

Photo credit: mDesign

An over-the-door hanging cabinet organizer like this one (by mDesign) is a great “no tools required” way to add extra storage space under your bathroom sink. (Just make sure you take measurements first to ensure this will fit and your doors will close.) It is loved by renters because no screwing needed and they can take it with them if they move.

8) Over-the-Door Hanging Hair Tool Holder

Photo credit: mDesign

Here is a good option for you if you have hair tools cluttering your bathroom counter top. It is another over-the-door hanging organizer made by mDesign, and available on Amazon.

9) Lazy Susan (slight rim)

Photo credit: Copco

A lazy susan like this one made by Copco allows you to grab bottles of cleaners and other items from underneath your sink with ease. Instead of trying to pluck out a bottle and hoping you don’t knock over everything else like bowling pins, you simply turn it until the bottle you want is in the front.

This one is popular on Amazon and it has a non-skid surface and slight rim to help keep items on it.

10) Lazy Susan with raised edge

Lazy Susan with higher rimmed edge

Similar idea to the lazy Susan mentioned above but this one has raised edges to further ensure things stay put.

11) 2-Tiered Lazy Susan

Photo credit: Copco

A 2-tiered lazy Susan like this one (also made by Copco) gives you extra space to help tidy up under the sink. It is 12-inches wide. The bottom shelf will allow you to store smaller items up to about 4.5 to 5-inches tall. So this bottom shelf would work well for bars of soap, cleaning sponges, and other “short” products.

12) Clear Apothecary Jars

Apothecary jars are a decorative bathroom storage idea

These clear acrylic apothecary jars make great holders for q-tips, cotton balls, makeup removal pads, and more. And besides that…they look really cool.

13) Sliding Cabinet Organizer (3 drawer with solid top)

Sliding drawer organizer

This is similar to the other slide-out organizers I’ve already mentioned, but this one has a solid top. So you can fill the 3 sliding drawers with items (mostly small items), and then set shampoo bottles, cleaning bottles, etc… on the top shelf. It can be a bit tricky to tell in the photo, but it is a fairly small unit: 10-inches wide, 13.5-inches high, and 16-inches deep.

14) Stackable Sliding Basket Organizer

Photo credit: DecoBros

This is a popular under sink organizer made by DecoBros. It has a solid wire-rack top and slide-out basket underneath. There is a chance small items could fall between the wires, but if you’re concerned about this you can use plastic baskets or bins to corral smaller items. And the units are stackable if you have the room under your sink.

15) Acrylic Nail Polish Holder

Photo credit: iDesign

An acrylic nail polish holder like this on by iDesign can be mounted inside the bathroom cabinet, or on the cabinet door. It would also work well to hold other small items such as nail clippers, hair brushes, tubes of cream or perfumes.

16) Clear Stackable Storage Boxes

Photo credit: mDesign

These clear plastic storage boxes by mDesign have removable lids so they can be stacked on top of each other. I realize the photo shows it with food items (they make a great pantry storage idea), but you can use them under the sink too for toiletries or cosmetics.

17) Clear Plastic Organizer with 5 Compartments

Photo credit: STORi

The company STORi makes a cool 5-compartment organizer that’ll work well to help you store creams and cosmetics under the bathroom sink. It would be a great addition to the other organizers I’ve already mentioned (like the wire rack organizer by DecoBros in idea # 14).

18) Slide-out Removable Cleaning Caddy

Photo credit: Rev-A-Shelf

This slide-out cabinet organizer by “Rev-A-Shelf” is cool because it doubles as a cleaning caddy. You can slide it off its rollers, hold it by the upper handle and bring it with you to tackle home cleaning chores. Just make sure you measure under your sink to ensure it’ll fit.

19) Bathroom Under Sink Organization Starter Kit from The Container Store

Click the picture to see more details on The Container Store

If you don’t want to order a bunch of items separately then you’ll like this starter kit from The Container Store. It comes with a 2-tiered metal slide out organizer, the clear plastic tote (like a cleaning caddy), a large bin (right side of picture), and the 2-shelved over-the-door hanging cabinet organizer.

And if you don’t want a particular item – such as the plastic bin – then you can say Quantity of zero at the checkout. Or if you want more of an item – say you want 2 hanging organizers – then you can add that too. Pretty cool.

I hope you found something in this list of bathroom under sink organizers to help you get that under-sink clutter under control.

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