11 clever Ways You can Store Beach Chairs (2024)

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A comfy portable beach chair can greatly enhance your trips to the beach or an outdoor event. But what do you do with them once summer is over? How and where do you store them? In this article we’ll look at 11 Beach Chair Storage Ideas so you can get them packed away for the off-season.

Most of these ideas are for folding beach chairs but there are storage ideas for other beach chairs too.

Beach Chair Storage Ideas
Ideas to store beach chairs for the off season

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Ideas on How to Store Beach Chairs

Below is the list of ways to store your beach chairs.

Most of them involve hanging your beach chairs, but there are some other storage solutions too.

Which one will work for you?

Beach Chair Wall Hooks (by StoreYourBoard)

StoreYourBoard BLAT Chair Single Storage Rack, Wall Mount Hooks, Holds 50 lbs, Folding, Patio, Camping, and Beach Chairs

The company StoreYourBoard makes these beach chair storage hooks that are designed to screw into standard 16-inch wall studs.

The deep hooks can hold up to 50 pounds. So you’ll be able to store and hang a lot of stuff from these hooks.

It’s a bit tricky to see from the picture above the actual hook itself, so below is a picture of the product.

StoreYourBoard BLAT Chair Single Storage Rack, Wall Mount Hooks, Holds 50 lbs, Folding, Patio, Camping, and Beach Chairs

Will this work for you?

Hang your Chairs from Wheelbarrow hooks

Tetra-Teknica GMH-01-2P 4-in Steel Wall Mount Ladder and Wheelbarrow Hanger, Matte Black, Pack of 2

One way to get your beach chairs off the floor is to hang them from wall hooks like this one.

These hooks from Tetra-Teknica are marketed as being a wheelbarrow hanger, but you can use them to store your beach chairs too.

The downside to them is that they only hold one beach chair per hook. That means you’ll have to use up more wall space to hang additional hooks for other chairs.

The picture below shows what these hangers actually look like. You can get them as a 2 pack.

Tetra-Teknica GMH-01-2P 4-in Steel Wall Mount Ladder and Wheelbarrow Hanger, Matte Black, Pack of 2

If this will work for you, Click here to see the current price.

Hang your Chairs from Utility Wall Hooks

Bleacher chairs hanging from wall hooks (Photo credit: ThriftyDecorChick.com)

If your beach chair has a carrying strap – which most do – then you can hang them from wall-mounted utility hooks like this.

Sarah from ThriftyDecorChick.com used this option to help organize her garage.

It’s a simple and effective storage solution.

Hang your Folding Beach Chairs from Ladder Hooks

Heavy Duty Garage Storage Utility Hooks with 9''Jumbo Arm, Wall Mount Garage Hanger & Organizer for Ladder Tool Chair Hose(6 Pack - Black)

This is a similar idea to the one above, but ladder hooks usually stick out farther from the wall.

These hooks from iHomePark are the 9-inch size meaning they stick out 9-inches from the wall. The actual inside length of the hook is about 6 inches or so.

Ladders hooks like this can work well to hold a couple beach chairs or a zero gravity chair.

If you securely screw this into a wall stud in your garage or storage room, each hook will hold up to 50 pounds.

You can probably find similar ladder hooks at your local Home Depot or other hardware stores, but you can click here to see these particular hooks on Amazon.

Hang your Beach Chairs from Bicycle Hooks

KURUI Bike Hooks for Garage Wall, 6 Pack Heavy Duty Bicycle Hanging Hooks with PVC Coating, Wall Mount Bicycle Storage for Ceilings, Space Saving Utility Organizer for Basement Warehouse

Hanging your beach chairs from bike hooks is a good option if your chair has backpack straps, a shoulder strap or carrying loops.

Just screw the metal hooks into a wall stud in your garage or utility room, and lift the chairs onto the hook. (I usually drill a pilot hole into the wall stud first before I screw-in bicycle hooks.)

And these are quite versatile because you can mount these to the ceiling as well to hang your beach chairs from the ceiling.

It’ll get the chairs off the floor and open up some floor space.

You should be able to find bicycle hooks at your local hardware store, or you can click here to see these ones on Amazon.

Hang your Beach Chairs from a Coat Hook

Liberty B42302Q-PB-C5 3-Inch Heavy Duty Coat and Hat Hook, Polished Brass

This is a simple solution to store your beach chairs and get them off the floor and tight against a wall.

This won’t work for all beach chairs though.

It is particularly suited to hanging chairs that have a carrying handle or strap. Just slip the handle over the coat hook and you’re done.

Overhead Rack mounted to the ceiling

MonsterRax Overhead Garage Storage Rack- 4 x 8 Ceiling Rack for Garage Shelving, Organization, & Storage, Adjustable Hanging Storage for Bikes, Equipment & Accessories (White, 24"-45").

A heavy duty overhead rack mounted to the ceiling – like this one from MonsterRax – makes a convenient place to store your folding chairs, your beach umbrella, beach towels, other beach gear, camping gear or sports equipment.

It’s a great way free up floor space in your garage.

Just make sure you install it properly and don’t exceed the weight capacity of the rack (500 pounds!).

This large rack measures 4-feet wide by 8-feet long so you’ll be able to get a lot of stuff up there!

Is a 4×8 feet overhead rack too large for your space? MonsterRax also makes these storage systems in other sizes:

Wall Storage rack for your garage

StoreYourBoard Beach Chair and Umbrella Wall Storage Rack, Metal Adjustable 4 Level Beach Gear Hanger, Garage and Home Organizer

The company “StoreYourBoard” makes this beach chair storage rack that you screw it into wall studs.

It is adjustable so you can space out the hangers to various heights to meet your needs. The different positions allow you to store a variety of gear.

You can hang your beach chairs over the hangers like shown above, or you could lay longer camping chairs horizontally.

Wall racks like this are also a good place to store your patio umbrella or beach umbrella. It’ll even work for long-handled yard tools or surfboards.

Tuck the Chairs inside a Cabinet

It isn’t fancy, but we store our Tommy Bahama Beach Chairs inside an old cabinet in our carport.

It protects it from the elements like UV rays and keeps it out of our way. (It’s so annoying tripping over your summer gear when it’s winter time!)

This option can work well especially if you have a garage cabinet system and some storage room to spare.

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Storage ideas for Garage organization

Hang them on a Utility Wall Hook System

Wallmaster Garage Storage Tool Organizer Rack Heavy Duty Tools Garage Organization Wall Mount Rack Hanger with 6 Hooks 48inch Tracks Max Load 265lb

A garage wall rack like this can also be used to store your beach chairs.

I probably wouldn’t go with this option unless you also need to store a lot of tools or other gear.

But if you’re needing a garage overhaul, you could check out a garage storage rack like this.

Place them on a Storage Shelf

FLEXIMOUNTS 2-Pack 2x4ft 24-inch-by-48-inch Wall Shelf Garage Storage Rack Wall Mounted Floating Shelves, Black

The company Fleximounts makes these heavy duty storage shelves that you screw into the wall studs.

These are 2-feet deep (they stick out 2-feet from the wall) so you may be able to lay your beach chairs flat onto the shelf.

Our Tommy Bahama beach chairs are about 25-inches wide so this option would work for them.

These would work well with collapsible camp chairs or longer items like beach umbrellas too.

And because these shelves can hold up to 200-pounds each, you could store larger Adirondack chairs or other wooden beach chairs on their side on these shelves…as long as the chairs fold up. (Then you may need a bungee cord or strap to ensure they stay on the shelf and don’t tumble off.)

Click here for more details on these metal storage shelves.

Get a Large Deck Storage Box – a good outdoor beach chair storage idea

Rubbermaid Outdoor Deck Box, Extra Large, Weather Resistant, Gray for Lawn, Garden, Pool, Tool Storage, Home Organization

If you don’t have the storage space inside, turn your attention to outside.

It’s not a good idea to leave beach chairs outside for a long time constantly exposed to the elements. Over time the moisture and UV rays will start to break down even the best beach chairs. And no one wants their favorite chair in tatters.

So putting them inside a storage box like this can protect them, and keep them out of your way until the next time you need them.

This outdoor deck box from Rubbermaid isn’t waterproof, but it is water resistant. And if you want to make it waterproof you can get deck box covers like this one.

Do you have room for an outdoor storage container like this?

(Make sure to measure your particular chairs to ensure they’ll fit inside your desired deck box.)

Thanks for checking out this list of beach chair storage ideas.

Most of the ideas involve hanging the chairs, but there are some options for stacking the chairs too.

Will one of these ideas work for you?

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