A clever way to store beach toys

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Several times at the beach people have come over to ask, “Where did you get that cool beach toy bag?” And the answer is that it isn’t a bag for beach toys. Instead, it is simply a mesh, drawstring laundry bag.

I’ll share some pictures below. (And I can’t take the credit for this clever beach toy storage idea…we saw someone else at the beach years ago doing the same thing.)

Beach toy storage idea - use a mesh laundry bag
A convenient beach toy storage idea

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Simple way to store and carry beach toys (easy Beach toy storage)

We use a mesh laundry bag to store and carry our daughter's beach toys
Mesh laundry bag full of beach toys

We used to carry our daughter’s beach toys in totes and buckets. But these containers would get lots of sand in them and they weren’t as easy to carry as our new option.

What we use now is a mesh laundry hamper with a drawstring closure.

It makes it easy to clean up.

I don’t know about your kids, but my daughter has an amazing ability to quickly spread beach toys across the sand like a windstorm has blown through.

But having a wide opening on top of the laundry bag makes it easy to toss the toys in when it’s time to pack up.

With a large-mouth drawstring laundry bag it is easy to clean up the toys at the beach
It is easy to tidy up the toys

Plus, the mesh holes allow sand to fall through so you can leave the sand at the beach and not in your car.

Well, mostly anyway. Some of the wet sand stuck to the toys will dry and fall off in your car. We don’t care about this too much though because we have a rubber liner in the back on our SUV, and sand is an inevitable part of our summer.

But to minimize sand in your car, you can give the toys a quick dunk in the water to flush off the sand. Then throw them into your mesh bag, allow them to dry a little bit and you’re ready to head home.

I haven’t tried it, but you could round up all the toys, dunk the whole bag in the water, set it on some grass to dry and you’ll have a sand-free car.

Beach Toy storage ideas - use a mesh laundry bag.
Mesh laundry bag storing beach toys

I can’t remember exactly where we bought our laundry bag – perhaps Walmart – but they are available online from lots of retailers.

Below is a mesh laundry bag that is marketed as “Commercial” – so I guess that means it is meant to be strong and hold up to commercial laundromat use. It is well-rated and has lots of customer-submitted ratings. This one is available on Amazon.

Commercial Mesh Laundry Bag - Sturdy Mesh Material with Drawstring Closure. Ideal Machine Washable Mesh Laundry Bag for Factories, College, Dorm and Apartment Dwellers. (24" x 36" | White)

Thanks for checking out my article, and I hope this beach toy storage ideas will help you out this summer or on your next beach vacation.

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