23 proven Bedding Storage Ideas (with OR without a linen closet)

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Are you looking for a better way to store and organize your bedding? In this article we’ll look at 23 bedding storage ideas. Not everyone has a dedicated linen closet, so some of these ideas will help you store bedding even if you don’t have a linen closet.

Bedding storage ideas to help you organize and store your blankets and sheets
Bedding Storage Ideas

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How to store bedding? – List of bedding storage ideas

Before you store your bedding and blankets they should be clean (so as to not attract bugs), and completely dry (to prevent mildew from forming). Then you can cover your bedding to prevent dust from accumulating. Store your bedding in a dry location with low humidity to further reduce the risk of mildew forming on the fabrics.

Below is a variety of ways you can store bedding at your house. Some of these ideas pertain to flat sheets and fitted sheets, and some are best for comforters, duvets and other warm blankets.

Not everyone has a designated linen closet, so some of these ideas can be used in your bedroom closet, your dresser, and other interesting places.

If you don’t have one storage space that’ll hold all your bedding, you may have to use a couple of these options. (Such as store sheet sets in the closet, and comforters under the bed.)

Not all of these bedding storage ideas will work for you, but hopefully at least one of the ideas will help you nicely organize and store your extra bedding.

Scroll through them all to see what’ll help you out.

1) Get rid of bedding you don’t need

Declutter your linens – don’t try to store and organize bedding you don’t need or use.

There is no set rule, but generally you’ll only need two sets of sheets per bed. Perhaps three sets if you want some variety.

Go through your current bedding and determine if you actually need it all.

Check your bedding and blankets for:

  • missing pieces to the sheet set
  • worn-out, holey or stained sheets that you don’t use
  • a decorative style of bedding that you don’t like anymore
  • bedding for a mattress size that you don’t own anymore (why still hold on to twin-size sheets if you don’t have the bed)

Donate what you can because even ripped and torn sheets can be used as drop clothes or rags by painters or mechanics.

2) Get Shelf Dividers for your Closet Shelf

CY craft Acrylic Shelf Dividers for Closets,Wood Shelf Dividers, 4 PCS Clear Shelf Separators,Perfect for Clothes Organizer and Bedroom Kitchen Cabinets Shelf Storage and Organization

Stacking your folded bedding on your top closet shelf can make it tip over, but shelf dividers can solve this.

You can buy shelf dividers to use on wooden shelves (like the ones shown above). And if you have wire shelves, there are shelf dividers that work on wire shelves too.

When you store your bedding on shelves like this they are easily accessible and you can see at a glance your different bedding sets.

Here is a YouTube short I made of some of these ways to store bedding.

3) Use Magazine Holders as shelf dividers

Unique way to use magazine holders – as shelf dividers (Photo credit: LearnAlongWithMe.com)

If you don’t have shelf dividers – but you do have magazine holders – you can use these to keep your piles of bedding neat and tidy.

The downside to this option though is that the magazine holders take up more space along your shelf compared to dedicated shelf dividers.

4) Use tension rods to prevent blankets from tumbling off shelves

A tension rod is used to keep a stack of blankets from falling forward off a shelf near the ceiling.
Tension rod keeping a pile of blankets from toppling over.

We used to store some blankets atop a tall shelving unit. But the stack of blankets would tumble forward.

Placing a tension rod vertically in front of the blankets and between the shelving unit and the ceiling helped stop this from happening.

This can work well on the top closet shelf to keep a pile of blankets nicely stacked.

As you can see from the picture below, you can also use a tension rod between closet shelves to help keep comforters inside their storage cubby.

A tension rod placed vertically between two closet shelves to keep a pile of blankets from toppling out onto the floor
Tension rod between closet shelves

5) Store your extra linens under the bed

ZOBER Underbed Storage Bag Organizer (2 pk) Large Capacity Box with Reinforced Strap Handles, PP Non-Woven Material, Clear Window, Store Blankets, Comforters, Linen, Bedding, Seasonal Clothing

Storing blankets under a bed is a good option, especially for small bedrooms.

These fabric underbed storage bags can fit under beds that are just over 6-inches high. (And these bags from ZOBER are well-rated and come as a 2-pack of bags.)

Storing stuff under a bed works particularly well if you have a platform bed frame or have bed risers so you can get a larger storage container under there.

Will underbed storage work for you?

I often store comforters and duvets inside a duffel bag under our bed. Then when I need to travel, I can pull the blankets out and pack up the duffel bag for my trip.

When I get home, I just reverse the process.

Want more under bed storage ideas? Check out our article on this.

6) Store Bedding under a Flip up Storage Bed Frame

ZINUS Finley Upholstered Platform Bed Frame with Lifting Storage / Hydraulic Lifting Under Bed Storage / No Box Spring Needed / Easy Assembly, Queen

Now, I fully understand you likely won’t buy a flip up storage bed frame like this just for a place to store your bedding…but if you need a new bed frame anyway, you could look into this unique hidden storage idea.

This particular bed is the Finley model by the company Zinus. (We have a Zinus bed frame but it is their metal platform bed frame.)

Just keep in mind it only provides 10-inches of clearance under the bed frame. So you won’t be able to get tall totes under there.

But it will provide some convenient, hidden storage that would work for bedding and seasonal clothes.

(IKEA makes something similar called the MALM pull up storage bed.)

7) Vacuum Storage Bags

Vacuum Storage Bags (3 x Jumbo, 3 x Large, 3 x Medium, 3 x Small), Space Saver Sealer Compression Bags with Travel Hand Pump for Blankets, Comforters, Pillows, Clothes Storage

Duvets and comforters can take up a lot of space even when folded.

To help decrease their size you can put them inside a vacuum storage bag and suck the air out of them.

This will shrink and flatten them so they can be more easily stored.

Once you’ve made them smaller they may fit in a small space such as under your bed.

I haven’t tried the brand in the picture above yet, but I personally have never found great vacuum bags. (I’ll stuff the duvet or comforter into one of the bags, suck the air out, then come to find the air has seeped back in a few days later.)

Perhaps I’ll try shrinking them down in size them placing them inside an old pillowcase?

Your thoughts??

8) Use storage ottomans for extra bedding

SONGMICS 43 Inches Folding Storage Ottoman Bench, Storage Chest, Foot Rest Stool, Bedroom Bench with Storage, Light Gray ULSF77G

If you have space at the foot of your bed you could use a storage ottoman to hold your bedding.

It should work well to hold extra sheets, pillows and some seasonal clothes too.

Plus, you can sit on the padded top while you’re getting dressed or putting on your socks.

9) Get a Bedroom Storage Chest or Storage Bench

VASAGLE Entryway Storage Bench, Flip Top Storage Ottoman and Trunk with Padded Seat, Bed End Stool, Hallway Living Room Bedroom, Supports 198 lb, Industrial, Rustic Brown and Black ULSC80BX

This is a similar idea to the storage ottoman, and will require you to have adequate floor space. (To tell you the truth most products seem to call themselves by both names: ottoman and storage chest.)

You could put it at the end of your bed, in the corner, or even in another room.

(If you have a small apartment or house, you could even place a storage bench near the front door to help store extra bedding.)

Want more bedroom storage chest options? If so, check out our article dedicated to this useful furniture.

10) Use a Blanket Ladder

Short Birds Rustic 5ft Blanket Ladder - Farmhouse Home Decor - Quilt/Towels/Throw Wood - Decorative Shelf - Easy Assembly - Leaning - Padded - Brown

A blanket ladder such as this one from Short Birds can help to store extra blankets, comforters and quilts.

They are commonly used in living rooms and double as décor, but you could use it in your bedroom if you have the space.

The downside to this option is that your uncovered blankets may get dusty.

You may also like our article on Living room blanket storage ideas.

11) Place sheets inside their matching pillowcase

Store sheets inside the matching pillowcase.
Photo copyright: LearnAlongWithMe.com

How to keep your bedding sets together? It’s a common question. And this is a simple answer.

If you have bedding sets you can keep the pieces together by storing the fitted sheet and the top sheet inside the matching pillowcase.

This is probably the easiest way to keep your matched sets of sheets together.

The resulting bundle of bedding inside the pillowcase is a bit bulky, but if you have the closet space, you could store it on the floor of your closet or inside a wardrobe.

In the picture above you can see a stack of these bedding bundles inside a wardrobe, and I used a tension bar to keep the stacks from toppling sideways.

12) Wicker Baskets for Blankets (with a lid)

Tegance Cotton Rope Storage Basket with Lid - 16"D x 14"H Woven Round Baskets for Organizing - Large White Laundry Baskets Hamper - Living Room Basket for Nursery, Toy Bin, Clothes, Decorative Basket

Wicker storage baskets can be an attractive way to store bedding.

The downside to them is they are not the most compact or discrete bedding storage option. And unless you get one with a lid, your bedding could get dusty.

But if if you like the look of one, and it suits the décor of your bedroom or living room, then by all means, give it a try.

Below is a picture showing some linens stored vertically in a basket. This allows you to easily see your sheets.

And yes, this looks cool, but the linens would flop down if you took one out. So you’d need it filled most of the time.

You May Also Like our article on attractive Etsy storage baskets.

13) Hang Bedding Behind the Bedroom Door

Quiltkeeper Blanket Holder (Photo credit: ThingsmadeeasyStore on Etsy)

Utilizing the space at the back of a door with an over the door rod like this is a unique way to store bedding and blankets.

This particular product is called the Quiltkeeper and is available on Etsy from the ThingsmadeeasyStore.

It is a great option if you have limited space and want to get at your bedding (or an individual blanket) quickly.

To store multiple sheets you could fold them into long strips (lengthwise) then drape them over the rod side by side.

The potential downside is that your bedding could get dusty with this uncovered option.

14) Use Drawer Organizers for Pillow Cases

Store pillow cases in a drawer organizer to keep them nicely organized and stored.
Pillow cases in a drawer organizer (Photo credit: LearnAlongWithMe.com)

To store and organize your pillow cases you can get drawer organizers (like this organizer from Walmart) and store your pillowcases inside a dresser drawer.

Even if you don’t have a drawer to put them in, you can place a drawer organizer on a shelf.

You can quickly see your pillow cases and easily access the ones you want.

The downside is that it takes slightly longer to roll the pillowcases compared to simply folding them, but the convenience of this storage option may make it worthwhile for you.

15) Put your bedding in a blanket bag

Lifewit Large Capacity Clothes Storage Bag Organizer with Reinforced Handle Thick Fabric for Comforters, Blankets, Bedding, Foldable with Sturdy Zipper, Clear Window, 3 Pack, 90L, Grey

Fabric bags like this are sometimes marketed as clothes bags, but they can be used for bedding too.

Large ones, like these 90 liter bags from LifeWit, are particularly well suited for bedding.

One potential downside to these bags though is that there isn’t a support structure inside it to help them keep their boxy shape, so they may not stack as well as some other options.

But if you load the bags evenly they should be okay, and they’ll keep dust off your bedding.

Think these will work for you?

Click here to see current price.

16) Blanket Bags with Metal Frame

Clothes Storage Bins, 2x100L LitBear Stackable Metal Frame Storage Box- Foldable Clothing Storage Bins for Clothes with Clear Window, Label Holder, Storage Bag for Clothes, Comforter, Blanket (Stripe)

These large storage bins are interesting because they have a folding, metal interior structure that helps them keep their shape.

Clothes Storage Bins, 2x100L LitBear Stackable Metal Frame Storage Box- Foldable Clothing Storage Bins for Clothes with Clear Window, Label Holder, Storage Bag for Clothes, Comforter, Blanket (Stripe)

You can stack one on top another and they won’t lean as much as unsupported bags might.

There is a clear window at the front so you can see what is in the bag, and it has zippers on the front and top so you have easy access to what you need.

17) Hanging Closet Shelves

GRANNY SAYS 4-Shelf Hanging Organizer, Closet Hanging Shelves, Closet Hanging Storage Organizers, Organization for Bedroom, Living Room, Baby Nursery, Camper Accessories, Gray, 1-Pack

If you don’t have built-in shelves in your closet, you could get some hanging shelves like these ones from the company GRANNY SAYS.

They probably won’t work for your large blankets, but they should do the trick for flat sheets, fitted sheets and pillow cases.

(The idea below may help you store your blankets and comforters.)

18) Wall-mounted Blanket Rack (on Etsy)

Wall mounted blanket rack by CraftyMooseArt on Etsy
Wall mounted blanket rack (Photo credit: CraftyMooseArt on Etsy)

This wall rack for blankets likely won’t work for sheets very well – unless you roll them up – but it will work well for comforters, duvets and quilts.

This particular blanket rack is made by the Etsy seller CraftyMooseArt.

I think it would provide some warm, rustic charm to your room…in addition to storing your bedding.

19) Store your bedding in a Storage Cabinet

Prepac Elite 2 Door Standing Storage Cabinet, 16" D x 32" W x 65" H, White

If you don’t have a dedicated linen closet, and no room in your bedroom closet, perhaps a storage cabinet like this would work for you to store your bedding.

You can find them at your local stores or online in a variety of sizes.

Measure the area that you want to put the cabinet, then look for cabinets that’ll fit that space.

You may find them marketed as pantry cabinets, but they can work to store bedding too. And if the shelves are adjustable, you can customize the shelving to meet your needs.

The closable doors will help keep dust off your sheets and blankets.

Do you like the look of the one in the picture above?

It is made by Prepac and available on Amazon.

We have something similar at our house. It’s a wardrobe that we bought second hand. It’s nice because you can customize the shelf height to suit your needs. (It had drawers down below but I removed those and just put another shelf down there for towels.)

Below is a picture of it with its doors open.

You can see I’ve started using several of the bedding storage ideas I came across while researching this article. For instance, I’ve put most of the sheet sets inside the matching pillowcase and stacked these bundles up. And I’m using the magazine holders to help keep the stacks straight. (I may remove these though so I can free up more shelf space.)

Once I close the cabinet doors this is all nicely tucked out of sight.

20) Store bedding in plastic totes (labelled)

Storing your bedding inside clear plastic totes and then placing them on a closet shelf can work well to keep similar bedding contained.

Labelling the totes will ensure easy identification. E.g. “King Size Bedding master bedroom”, or “Queen bedding spare room.”

The good thing about this option is that most totes with lids are stackable, so if you don’t have the shelf space for them, you could stack them on the floor of the closet.

21) Store blankets in the plastic bags they came in

Bedding Storage Ideas - store your bedding in the plastic bags they came in. It is a simple way to store bedding and it helps keep dust off your blankets.

If you keep the plastic bags that your bedding came in, you can continue to store your bedding in these bags. (Heck, that’s what they were designed for.)

Then where do you store it? Well you could:

  • store it under your bed (like in the picture below)
  • on a shelf in your linen closet
  • on a shelf in your bedroom closet
  • stack them in your closet
Duvet in zippered plastic bag stored under the bed
Duvet in zippered plastic bag stored under the bed (Photo credit: LearnAlongWithMe.com)

22) Store sheets inside hanging storage bags

storing sheets inside hanging storage bags. Clear plastic bags that hang from your closet rod
Sheets in hanging storage bags (Photo credit: LearnAlongWithMe.com)

You can store sheets in your closet by placing them inside hanging storage bags. These are clear plastic bags that have a clothes hook up top so they can hang from a closet rod.

The ones in the photo above were repurposed packaging – I think they originally had Halloween costumes in them.

So save any packaging you get like this and they can continue their life cycle as a bedding storage idea.

If you don’t already have bags like this at home, I found some similar ones on Amazon. (I haven’t used the Amazon ones but you could check out the reviews if you’re interested.)

23) Hang Sheets from Clothes Hangers in your closet

You can also hang sheets in your closet by draping them over a sturdy clothes hanger or clip them to a pants hanger.
Hanging sheets using pants hangers (clothes hangers) – (Photo credit: LearnAlongWithMe.com)

Another way to store your bedding in your closet is by hanging them from your closet rod.

You can use a sturdy clothes hanger and drape the sheets over the horizontal part of the hanger. )I see this at second hand stores a lot. It is how they store and display their used bedding.)

Or you can hang your sheets by using a pants hanger like in the photo above.

Clip the pants hanger around your sheets and you’ll have a nice, compact way to store your bedding.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bedding Storage

Below are some questions that people commonly have about storing their bedding and other linens.

How can I store extra bedding if I only have a small space?

You can store extra bedding in a limited space – such as in a small bedroom – by putting the bedding under your bed in storage bins, bags, totes or in vacuum-sealed bags to minimize size. You can also use a hanging organizer to take advantage of vertical space in your closet or even behind your bedroom door.

How do you store bedding without a closet?

You can store bedding even without a closet by making use of the space you do have available. Some options include:

  • store bedding in a storage ottoman
  • put bedding in a low-profile tote and slide under your bed
  • use vacuum bags to minimize the size of extra bedding and store it under your bed
  • put your bedding in stackable totes
  • utilize open shelving (tidy stack of sheets on open shelving can look nice but can get dusty)
  • get a decorative storage basket
  • use a blanket ladder
  • put pillowcases in a drawer organizer
  • get a behind the door hanging organizer with shelves

Thanks for checking out these bedding storage ideas.

As you’ve probably noticed, many of these ideas will work for other household fabrics like hand towels, bath towels and beach towels.

The right storage solution will depend on how much bedding you have and the space you have available to store it. Hopefully one of the ideas shared here will help you out.

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