13 helpful Belt Storage Ideas: belt organization made easy (2023)

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Are you looking for a better way to store and organize your belts? In this article we’ll look at 13 belt storage ideas to get this much-needed accessory organized and nicely stored away.

Belt Storage Ideas - 13 helpful options to store and organize your belts
Belt Storage Ideas

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How to store belts – 13 belt storage ideas

Belts don’t take up much space but they can still be tricky to store…especially if you have lots of them.

Most of the belt storage ideas involve hanging your belts.

This online retailer recommends that you hang your belt from the belt buckle so it hangs down straight. You don’t want to just lay your belt over a clothes hanger because it could change the shape of your belt over time.

But hanging your belts may not be possible depending on the type of buckle you have. For instance, if you have a cowboy belt buckle you may not be able to hang it from the buckle. In this case you may have to loosely coil the belt and store it inside a dresser drawer or on a shelf in the closet.

Luckily there are a variety of ways to store and organize belts.

Hopefully one of these belt storage solutions will work for you.

Scroll through them all to see which one is right for you…and your belts!

1) Drawer Dividers to help store belts

Evelots - Dresser Drawer Organizer-Divider-Sock-Belt-Scarf-Underwear-224 Slots Total-Set/8

If you have space in a dresser drawer you could store your belts in there. And to make it even tidier you could use drawer dividers to create separate compartments for each belt.

You can roll your belts into coils, but don’t roll them too tightly especially if you have leather belts.

And a drawer organizer will help keep your belt coiled and prevent a jumbled mess in your drawer.

2) Hanging Closet Belt Holder

Niclogi Belt Hangers Belt Rack Ties Hangers Closet Organization Storage Holder Non-Slip Closet Organizer Hangers Hook Rack for Belt, Tank Tops, Scarves, Camisoles, Hats, Bras, Bags, Shoes

One of the main problems with hanging belts from traditional horizontal clothes hangers is that you need to balance them perfectly or they’ll tilt to one side.

This interestingly-shaped hanger from Niclogi has found a way to eliminate the tipping.

The belts just all slide down to the middle.

It is a well-rated and popular belt hanger, but the downside is that you’ll have to take off the belts on one side to access a belt. The first belt on the hanger will be the last one out.

So if the belt that perfectly matches your outfit is the one closest to the center, you’ll have to remove all the others on that side to get at it. This shouldn’t be a big deal though unless you have a big collection of belts…then that could get annoying.

Will this work for you?

Click here to see current price.

3) Clothes Hanger with Belt Hooks

Belt Hanger Organizer for Closet, Ohuhu 12 Hooks Belt Rack for Storage and Organization 360 Degree Rotating Tie Display Holder for Belt Tie Scarf Accessories

This wooden hanger has 6 belt hooks on each side of the hanger for a total of 12 hooks.

It’s a good way to store your belts vertically and it won’t take up much room on your closet rod.

It is a highly-rated and popular belt hanger.

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4) Cup Hooks Screwed into a Wooden Clothes Hanger or Board

A DIY belt storage idea - screw cup hooks into a wooden hanger
Cup Hooks screwed into a wooden clothes hanger

This is a simple, DIY belt storage idea. Hang a belt from a cup hooks.

You can screw the cup hooks into a piece of wood and make your own belt organizer, or you can screw the cup hooks into a wooden hanger (like shown above).

If you do put the cup hooks into a piece of wood you could screw your belt rack to your closet wall, or screw it into the side of a closet tower shelf if you have a closet system.

5) Hang your Belts from Shower Curtain Rings slipped over a Clothes Hanger

Hang scarves through plastic shower rings

I know in this photo it shows scarves hanging through the shower curtain rings, but you could adopt this idea for belts.

If you just looped your belt through the ring it may slightly warp your belt over time, so you’d be better to get easy-open shower curtain rings and hang your belts by their belt buckles.

The bread bag-closure tabs you see on the clothes hanger are to prevent the shower curtain rings from sliding around.

6) Over the Door Holder

Lynk® Over Door Hook Rack - Scarf, Belt, Hat, Jewelry Hanger - 9 Hook Organizer Rack - Platinum

You could slip your belts over the hooks on an over the door organizer such as this one by Lynk.

It may fit over the closet door, or you could hang it from the back of your bedroom door.

(This is a well-rated organizer by Lynk, but you may be able to find cheap ones at our local dollar store or second-hand store.)

7) Place your Belts inside a Storage Box

You can loosely roll up your belts and then store them inside storage boxes or bins.

Then just set the box on any flat surface that you’ve got.

This could be inside a drawer, on a closet shelf, a wall shelf, or even on top of your dresser. (This last option is best if you have attractive looking storage bins since it’ll be on display.)

I think western-style belts would look great inside a nice, rustic storage box.

8) Sliding Belt Rack by Rev-A-Shelf

Rev-A-Shelf Sliding Belt Rack 14-inch version (Photo credit: Walmart.com)

The company Rev-A-Shelf makes quality closet accessories and this highly-rated sliding belt rack is no different.

It has 9 hooks to store your fashion accessories. You could put one belt per hook, or even double-up if you have a large belt collection.

It’s cool that it slides out. So you’ll be able to slide it out to get a good look at your belts without having to reorganize your whole closet just to see them.

Walmart sells it has a 2-pack…so you could have one for your side of the closet and one for your partner’s side.

Amazon sells it as a single rack, but you can get it in Gray or Oil Rubbed Bronze finish in addition to this chrome version.

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9) Acrylic Belt Organizer and Holder

NIUBEE Belt Organizer, Acrylic Belt Storage Holder for The Closet, 7 Compartments Display Case for Tie and Bow Tie

Do you have 7 belts or less in your belt collection?

If so, this stylish belt organizer might work for you.

If you own expensive belts you are probably proud of them. You may even want them on display. And you can achieve that with this holder. Place this belt holder on your dresser top, or tuck it inside a drawer or onto a shelf in the closet.

10) The Block Wooden Belt Holder

HOUNDSBAY Block Belt Hanger for Closet, Tie and Belt Organizer for Closet Door, Wall Closet Organizer Belt Rack, Closet Belt Organizer for Men or Women, Belt Holder, Belt Storage, Tie Rack, Tie Hanger

The company Houndsbay makes this wooden belt holder that’ll hold up to 14 belts. So it’ll hold a fairly big collection of belts.

Just like other hanging closet organizers, you’ll need to make sure the weight is balanced on each side of the hook or it’ll tip over.

This style of belt organizer is good because it doesn’t take up much space on your closet rod.

Do you like the look of this one?

Click here to see more details and price of this belt hanger.

11) Stackable Acrylic Belt Holders

4 Layers Belt Organizer for Closet, Carmanon Acrylic Belt Storage Organizer Clear Belt Holder, Men Belt Case and Display for Belt Watch Jewelry Bracelets Ring Cosmetic

This is a pretty unique belt organization idea. It comes with 4 of these acrylic holders that remind me of hollow hockey pucks.

You coil up your belt, store it inside the holder, place the lid on top and then stack the other holders on top of it. They stick to each other using magnets.

What’s good about this option is your belts are clearly visible. You’ll be able to easily find the one you want. (Sometimes that isn’t so easy with hanging belt organizers.)

They also make this in a 3-pack, 5-pack or 8-pack.

Check Current Price of this 4-pack of acrylic, stackable belt holders.

12) Mission Belt Hanging Belt Holder

Mission Belt Closet Hanger (5-Pack)

Do you have a Mission Belt? (It is a brand of belt.)

If so, you can buy a dedicated hanger made by the Mission Belt company.

Click here for more details on this Mission Belt hanger.

13) Store your Belts inside the Boots or Shoes they go with

A unique belt storage idea is to store your rolled up belt inside the boots or shoes it goes with.
A Unique Belt Storage Idea (Photo Copyright: LearnAlongWithMe.com)

I came across this easy DIY belt storage idea on YouTube, and I thought it was a clever idea. Simply roll up your belt and store it inside the boots or shoes that it goes best with.

That way when you’re grabbing your footwear for a special occasion you’ll have the belt inside it reminding you to wear that accessory too.

To get your belts rolled up you may want to try and Marie Kondo method (aka KonMarie method) of rolling up belts for storage (see below).

What is the Marie Kondo method of storing belts?

The superstar organizer Marie Kondo has space-saving ways to fold clothes… and to roll up belts too.

Using this KonMarie method should help you to better organize and store your belts in drawers, baskets, or organizers.

Below is a YouTube video that will help show you how.

Thank you for checking out these belt storage ideas.

Will one of them help you get your belts organized?

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