11 clever Bike Storage Ideas [for garage & home]

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Are you sick of tripping over your bike in your garage or at home? Are you looking for better bike storage ideas? Good, because this article highlights 11 clever bike storage ideas… and hopefully one will work for you.

Bike Storage ideas for your garage and home
Bike Storage Ideas

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How can I store my Bike? – Check out these Bike Storage Ideas Garage & Home

Wall-Mounted Bike Storage Ideas

Below are some wall-mounted ideas and organizers to allow you to store your bike on your garage wall.

Steadyrack Classic Rack

Steadyrack Bike Rack - Wall Mounted Bike Storage Solution for your Home, Garage or Commercial Application. Easy Install. Swings 180 degrees for More Floor Space - Classic Road Bike Rack , Black, Up to 2.4"

This vertical bike rack mounts to the wall. And you mount it at a height that doesn’t require you to lift the bike: simply pull the bike back onto its back tire and roll it into the rack.

And it can swivel to the sides so your bike will be more flush to the wall and give you more walking room in your garage.

It does have a maximum tire width that’ll fit in it though…so take that into consideration.

Want to see this rack “in action”click here to see more pictures on Amazon.

Want more garage storage ideas?

33 Garage Storage Ideas to help you calm that cluttered mess.

garage storage ideas

Single Hook Wall-Mount (Leonardo Da Vinci Bike Hook)

This wall-mounted bike hanger by Delta Cycle & Home is a single hook that you screw into a wall stud.

Delta Cycle Leonardo Da Vinci Single Bike Storage Rack Hook Hanger with Tire Tray for Vertical Indoor Garage ( color may vary )

It also comes with a peel and stick rubber pad to put on your wall to protect the wall from your back tire.

Because this is for just a single bike, it is best for households where there is only one avid biker (unless you want to buy a few of these…one for each bike).

Wall-mounted Bicycle Hanger by Pro Bike Tool

PRO BIKE TOOL makes a very popular bicycle wall hanger that’ll hang your bike by its frame…not its wheels. It is adjustable so you can help free up space by hanging mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrids and more.

It does require you to lift the bike up onto the wall so keep this in mind if you have a heavy bike or if you have lifting limitations.

PRO BIKE TOOL Bike Wall Mount - Horizontal Indoor Storage Rack for 1 Bicycle in Garage or Home - Cycling Hanger - Safe and Secure Holder, Hook for Bicycles - Hang Your Road, Mountain or Hybrid Bikes

Want to see how this thing works? Will it work for you?

Click here to see more pictures of it on Amazon.

Easy Option –> Bicycle Wall Screws

I use large screws like the ones below to hang our bikes on the wall. (But i got our hooks at Canadian Tire.) You screw the hook into the wall studs. Then you don’t have to lift the bikes up, you just tip them back, roll them forward and put the hook through the front wheel. They’re easy to install, and fairly easy to store your bike on.

Your local stores will probably have them, but if not the ones shown below are popular hooks available on Amazon.

Folding Wall-mounted Bicycle Rack for 2 Bikes

Delta Cycle Pablo Monet Folding Bike Wall Mount Rack Storage for Garage Indoor, Pablo two bike silver

The bike rack made by Delta Cycle & Home mounts to the wall and allows you to store two bikes on it horizontally. It holds the bike up by their frame…not the wheels.

The manufacturer claims it can hold up to 65 pounds, and you can place your helmet on the little shelf too.

If you want to see more pictures of this bike rack, or to get more details, click here to see it on Amazon.

Bicycle Wall Post Rack

This wall-mounted post by Feedback Sports allows you to hang your bike on the spike.

I wondered how it would balance on here…but then I see that your bike will hang from its seat…not the frame.

Feedback Sports Velo Wall Post Bike and Equpment Storage (Black)

And there is a hole to feed your bike lock through if security is an issue in your garage or building. When you are riding your bike, you can flip up the post so it’s not sticking out.

Click here if you want to see more pictures on Amazon.

Floor Bike Racks and Stands

Below are several bike racks and stands that rest on the floor.

Bicycle Storage Stand (Horizontal storage)

BIKEHAND Bicycle Floor Type Parking Rack Stand - for Mountain and Road Bike Indoor Outdoor Nook Garage Storage

This bicycle stand by BIKEHAND shown above only grabs the tire of the bike (so it shouldn’t damage paint), and it is adjustable to grab and hold various sizes of tires (but it doesn’t hold bikes with tires greater than 2.4″).

What’s neat is that you don’t have to lift your bike to use this rack, and for most bikes you can use it on either the front tire or the rear tire.

Click here to see more details of the BIKEHAND floor bike stand on Amazon.

The Bike Nook – upright bike storage rack

Bike Nook Bicycle Stand, Portable and Stationary Space-Saving Rack with Adjustable Height, for Indoor Bike Storage

You may have seen this bike storage rack at your local stores. It is called “The Bike Nook.” It is pretty popular, but it does have some limitations.

It won’t work if you have splash guards and likely won’t work if you have panniers either. It definitely looks cool, but do your research first to make sure your bike will fit.

But a lot of bikers who live in apartments or small places like the Bike Nook because of its space-saving capabilities.

Free Standing Bike Rack for 2 Bikes

CyclingDeal 2 Bike Bicycle Vertical Hanger Parking Rack Gravity Floor Storage Stand for Garages or Apartments

This is a free standing bicycle rack by CyclingDeal that can hold 2 bikes up to 55 pounds each bike.

Each of the holding arms is adjustable up and down, and they can be tilted so you can position them as needed for your particular bikes’ frames.

  • This could be a good option if you don’t mind some floor space being used up
  • and you have multiple bikes.

Click here to see more information (and size) on Amazon.

Free-standing Option for 4 Bikes (by Delta Cycle & Home)

Delta Cycle & Home Michelangelo Canaletto Two Four Bike Gravity Stand Garage Indoor Storage Adjustable , Grey, Large

Do you have 4 bikes and don’t have a wall to mount them too?

Check out this bicycle storage tower by Delta Cycle & Home. This free-standing unit can hold up to 4 bikes with maximum weight for each bike up to 40 pounds.

So this likely won’t work for e-bikes, but will it work for your bikes?

Click here to see more details on Amazon.

Ceiling-mounted Bike Storage Ideas Garage

Here are a couple ideas to storage your bikes from your garage ceiling.

Bicycle Hoist by RAD Cycle Products

RAD Sportz Bicycle Hoist Quality Garage Storage Bike Lift with 100 lb Capacity Even Works as Ladder Lift Premium Quality

The rubber coated hooks grab onto your bike’s seat and handlebars, and then the pulley system allows you to lift your bikes more easily. (They claim it can lift up to 100 pounds!)

Want to see how this work? There is a demonstration video on its Amazon product page.

Bicycle Hooks

4-Pack Bike Hook / Hanger - Heavy-Duty, Fits All Bike Types, Wide Opening, Easy On/Off - Perfect Hooks / Hangers for Garage Ceiling and Wall Bicycle Storage and Hanging - by Impresa Products

The wall-mounted bicycle hooks I mentioned above could also be screwed up into your ceiling to support your bikes this way.

I have never done it like this, but it is doable depending on a couple factors.

  • It’ll require you to lift the bike up onto the hooks.
  • And if you have a tall ceiling this could be challenging.


Which of these bike storage ideas should you use?

If you don’t want to lift your bikes, and if you’re okay with using up some floor space, then the bicycle stand by BIKEHAND would be a good option.

If you want a cheaper option, then bicycle hooks mounted to your wall are a good option. (This is what I currently use.) You don’t need to lift the bike just tip it onto its back wheel and roll it forward (the back wheel stays on the ground).

If you really want to free up floor space (perhaps to park a lawnmower underneath it), and you’re strong enough to lift your bikes up, then the wall-mounted racks like the folding wall-mounted rack and the bicycle hanger by PRO BIKE TOOL are good options.

If you want to free up floor space but can’t lift your bike unaided, then perhaps the ceiling-mounted bicycle hoist would work for you.

I hope at least one of these options will help you organize your garage and provide a good bike storage option.

Thank you,

Tim from LearnAlongWithMe.com

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