Canva Pro Review – is Canva Pro worth it in 2023?

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Are you a blogger or small business owner using a free account on Canva and thinking of upgrading to the pro version? You’re probably wondering, “is Canva Pro worth it “? This is my Canva Pro review to hopefully answer that for you.

I used the free version of Canva for years before I switched to the paid version of Canva Pro. In this article I’ll share why I went “pro” and I’ll give you my Canva Pro review so you can decide if a Canva Pro account is right for you.

This article contains affiliate links. I am an affiliate for Canva Pro and I will make a commission if you sign up for Canva Pro. I waited over a year of being a Canva Pro user before I wrote this so I could get a sense of whether it is worth it for bloggers and small business owners.

Who is this Canva Pro Review for?

Canva Pro

First off, I should point out that I am not a graphic designer.

I’m just a blogger who understands the importance of having good blog images. (You can get a lot of traffic to your website from Google Image search!)

So this Canva Pro review is geared toward bloggers and small business owners who want to make good images quickly and easily.

If that sounds like you…keep reading.

I dabbled with Adobe Photoshop in the past but I never really got into it. The learning curve was a little steep for me. I needed a simple graphic design tool.

Thankfully I came across Canva – which is basically a simple drag and drop tool to create graphics….no graphic design degree required.

I set up a free account with Canva several years ago, and happily used it for many years.

Canva makes it easy to create images for my blogs posts, Pinterest pins, images for social media posts, and lots more.

And you can do a lot of great stuff with the free Canva plan.

But just over a year ago I made the switch to the paid version of Canva which they call Canva Pro.

Why did I make the switch to the Canva Pro Plan?

There are three reasons I switched to Canva Pro from the free plan.

These are my personal reasons for upgrading my account.

1) For the Premium Stock Images.

One of the main reasons people go with the Canva Pro account is for the access to thousands of premium stock images.
Canva Pro gives you access to LOTS of great premium stock images.

The main reason I upgraded to Canva Pro and decided to pay some money for the software was for access to the millions of premium stock photos and the premium design elements.

I’d create a cool design with my free Canva account, and then notice some clip art or photo that would be just right for the design…but it’d be a premium element. Meaning it would cost about $1 to use that singular element.

And don’t get me wrong, the free Canva account has access to lots of great free images and elements (graphic elements like icons and arrows).

But being able to use the premium elements and premium stock images opened up so many more possibilities for me.

And it saved me time because I didn’t have to search on sites like Pixabay or Pexels for free photos anymore. (At least not as often.)

2) For the Transparent Background Tool on Canva Pro

Canva Pro features a transparent background tool so you can easily make PNG images with transparent backgrounds.
The Transparent Background tool – is a cool feature of Canva Pro

Another reason I wanted the paid version was for access to the transparent background feature.

The transparent background tool is great for designing custom t-shirts for your small business, or for selling shirt designs on Merch by Amazon and other online retailers.

It’s an easy way to create and download PNG images that have transparent backgrounds.

3) Canva Pro’s resize button to easily change the size of my designs

Save time and be more efficient on social media with Canva Pro’s resize button

The third main reason I switched to Canva Pro is their magic resize feature.

This allows you to create a graphic design, click the resize button, and Canva will resize it to your desired new size.

You may have to tweak things a little to make them look right, but it’s a real time saver.

For instance it allows you to make one graphic and then resize it to suit the size requirements of a lot of different social media platforms. So you can create a long vertical pin for Pinterest, and then click resize to make it a square image for Facebook or Instagram.

Just pause for a moment and think of how valuable this can be for your blog or small business.

You’ll be to create more social media graphics in less time.

In summary the main reasons I switched to Canva Pro:

  • I wanted access to premium stock photos (way more options compared to the free version)
  • to get access to transparent backgrounds (I made some t-shirt designs to sell on Merch by Amazon and it requires transparent backgrounds)
  • to be able to save time and make more graphics for social media by using the magic resize tool

What else does Canva Pro have that the Free version doesn’t?Canva Pro Features

Not all small business owners and bloggers are going to care about stock images or transparent backgrounds like I did.

So what else does the Canva Pro plan have?

Honestly, it has lots of cool features…some of them I haven’t even used yet…but they’re there in case you need them.

Premium Templates on Canva Pro

Canva Pro gives you access to thousands of quality, premium templates.

Canva Pro has premium templates so you can save a lot of time!

You can make your own business cards, Instagram posts, Pinterest pins, and more by using a professionally-created template as your starting point.

Just customize what a designer has already created and run with it.

There are a lot of good free templates in Canva, and upgrading to the Pro account means you can still use the free templates AND get access to lots of premium templates.

In total they say you’ll have access to over 610,000 templates (free and premium) !

These templates are like starting a race half-way down the track already.

Brand kit

This is a cool feature for small businesses and blogs trying to project a good, consistent brand image.

In brand kit you can set up your brand’s:

  • Color palette (brand colors)
  • Brand logos
  • Brand fonts (pre-selected fonts or upload your own fonts)

With brand kit each Canva design that you, or a team member, makes is “on brand”. It really helps you stay on target with your brand identity.

Just imagine being able to easily choose a template, select your brand colors, logo and fonts and be able to create great graphics quickly and easily.

The Canva Pro account currently lets you create up to 100 different brand kits.

Get Premium Mockup Templates

Premium Mockups on Canva Pro

Canva has a new Smartmockups feature that allows you to make a mockup where it looks like your product is being displayed on phone screen, laptop, TV and more.

When you get the Canva Pro plan you’ll be able to access the premium mockup templates to get even more great options for showing off your product.

Access Premium Fonts with Canva Pro

Paying for Canva Pro gives you access to premium fonts or you can upload your own fonts too.
Canva Pro has premium fonts

There are so many other great features with Canva Pro that I sometimes forget about the premium fonts.

And there are lots of incredible fonts in Canva.

And you can type in the font search bar what kind of font you’re looking for so it’ll help narrow down your selection. You want a “handwriting” style of font, it’ll display these for you. Very cool

But if you can’t find a premium font that works for your design type, you can even upload your own fonts.

Canva Pro has a Social Media Scheduler

Canva Pro has a social media planner to help save you time.
Save time with a social media scheduler

Imagine if you could click a button and have your perfect image shared to your social media accounts.

Well you can with Canva Pro. (Here is the Canva support article explaining how to do this.)

After you’ve made your design you can schedule Canva to share that image to different social media platforms such as:

  • Facebook (Pages and Groups)
  • Pinterest (super handy for bloggers)
  • Instagram Business Accounts (but not to Instagram stories or reels yet)
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn (LinkedIn profile and page)
  • Slack
  • Tumblr

This scheduler is a great tool to help you save time.

And using the magic resize feature means you can quickly and easily resize your design to match the preferred format and size of these different platforms. Very cool.

Canva Pro has lots of Cloud Storage and Unlimited Folders for your Designs and Uploads

With the free Canva account you get 5GB of cloud storage for your designs and your uploads (like photos and videos you’ve uploaded). And you can create 2 folders to organize your work.

When you upgrade to the Canva Pro account, this increases to 1TB (1 terrabyte) of cloud storage, and unlimited folders!

So you’ll be able to upload a lot of your own images and videos to Canva and be able to work on them from different computers (as long as they have internet access).

1TB isn’t unlimited storage, but you can upload a LOT of images with that much storage space.

The unlimited folders means you can organize your assets in whichever way makes sense for your business.

Do you need a dedicated folder for your Pinterest pins? Good, done.

And Canva is adding extra features regularly. (Just the other day I found they have a “Draw” tool. This new feature is still in the Beta phase, but I’ve already used it to create some new Pinterest pins.

What can you design using Canva?

It is pretty incredible the number of things you can design using Canva.

Free users of Canva can make tons of stuff (I did for years).

And Canva Pro users can make even more stuff while accessing premium images, elements and templates.

Examples of some things you can design with Canva:

  • thumbnails for Youtube videos
  • Pinterest pins
  • website images and blog graphics
  • infographics
  • book covers
  • printable brochures for your small business
  • menus
  • workout planners, meal planners, other printable planners
  • worksheets
  • training materials for your staff
  • and lots more…

You can even make videos in Canva

Canva Pro has premium stock video footage
Access Premium stock videos with Canva Pro

Video has become so important for businesses, bloggers and other content creators to reach their target audience.

And Canva recognizes this.

They have added additional features so you can create short videos.

There isn’t a timeline to add or delete other video clips at this time, so it is best for uploading your own finished, short video clips then adding some text overlays and titles over top.

Being a Canva Pro user means you have access to premium stock videos to use in your video clips.

Just imagine how many more people you could reach by creating short-form videos for platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Youtube Shorts.

How powerful could that be for your business?

How much is Canva Pro? – Canva Pro Pricing

You can pay for your Canva Pro subscription on a monthly basis or yearly basis.

It currently costs $12.99 US per month, or you can save a bit by buying a full year subscription for only $119.99 US per year.

In Canada it currently costs $16.99 per month or $149.99 CDN for a full year subscription.

But sometimes Canva’s pricing changes, so…

Do you want to have more than one person on your “team”?

And what’s cool is that you can add upgrade to a newly created Canva Teams to add “team members” to your plan so you can share work, ideas and design notes.

Click here for more information on Canva Teams.

Can you get a Free trial of Canva Pro?

Yes absolutely. If you want to try before you buy, you can get a free trial of Canva Pro for 30 days.

It does require a credit card to get the free trial but you can cancel during that 30 days and you won’t be charged.

You can get a lot done during a 30 day trial. I like how it isn’t just a week’s trial or other short period of time. They give you time to get in there and really explore Canva Pro’s features.

Is Canva Pro worth it?

Small businesses, bloggers and designers want to know if Canva Pro is worth it. Well, that really depends on the individual person or business.

Will paying for the Canva Pro plan make you more money, or save you more time than using just the free Canva plan?

For me, I‘d undoubtedly say yes to both of these things.

It definitely saves me time. I don’t have to scroll through the photos looking for a free photo that looks good. I can just select any photo that’ll work and I use it.

Using the resize function saves me even more time. I don’t need to create a Pinterest pin and then try to recreate it as a square image for Facebook or for my blog: the magic resize does it for me.

And I can create even more social media graphics by basing them upon Canva templates.

This all equates being able to make more marketing materials in less time.

Interestingly, these time-saving benefits of Canva usually translate into making more money too. If you can easily make designs to put on multiple social media platforms it increases the number of people who can potentially interact with your brand.

I think Canva Pro is worth it for bloggers and small business owners.

Do you want to give it a try? Click the button below.

Canva Free vs Pro – is it worth it to upgrade?

So you want to know my final verdict: has it been worth it for me to upgrade to Canva Pro.

My answer is absolutely.

Accessing the features of Canva Pro has saved me time, but also made me money.

I’ve been able to produce more high-quality Pinterest pins that drive traffic from Pinterest, and make quality images for my blog posts that help me get organic search traffic from Google Image Search.

I hope my Canva Pro review has informed you and helped you decide if upgrading to Canva Pro is worth it for you.

If you want to give Canva Pro a try, click here to get started.

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