7 proven answers to How to Make a Chain Link Fence Taller

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Is your chain link fence just too short? Luckily there are ways to make your chain link fence taller. In this article we’ll look at 7 chain link fence height extension ideas.

Will one of them work for you?

Chain link fence height extension ideas
Chain link fence height extension ideas

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How to make a chain link fence taller – 7 Ideas

Let’s look at the different fence height extension ideas to add some height to your existing fence.

1) Fence Post Extenders

Metal Post Extension - Fence Extender 2-3/8 in. Extend-Fence-Height (Sell Set of 2)

Do you have already have chain link fence posts in the ground, but they aren’t tall enough?

Well, a way to add height to your chain link fence is by making the fence posts taller using fence post extenders.

As you can see in the picture above, you slide the flared-end of the fence post extender over top of your existing post and secure it with self-tapping screws.

Then once your posts are taller you can either remove the existing, shorter chain link and replace it with taller chain link to match the new height of the posts, or possibly just add a strip of chain link above your existing chain link and fasten them together with wire ties or hog rings.

You may be able to find these fence post extensions at your local Home Depot, or you can click here to see them on Amazon.

They are available in three different diameters to match different diameters of metal fence posts.

And you can get each diameter of fence extensions in different lengths so you can raise your fence a lot or a little. (Depending on your local regulations you may even be able to create a full height deer fence. References state the ideal height for deer fence to be about 7.5′ to 8′ tall.)

2) Chain link fence height extension poles

Extend-A-Post - Extensions for Chain Link Fence - Set of 9 (1-5/8")

These poles clamp to the top rail of your existing chain link fence

(So they increase the height of your fence by attaching to the top of your fence, and not to the posts themselves.)

But grab your tape measure and make sure you measure the diameter of your top rail because there are two different sizes of these poles.

There are:

Once you clamp these on to your top rail you can install the chain link to these poles.

What’s cool is that you can mount them straight up to simply make your fence taller, or you can angle them to deter jumping dogs or climbers.

3) Extend-an-Arm Height Extension for Barbed Wire

Extend-An-Arm Barbed Wire / Barbwire Arm Extensions for Chain Link Fence - Set of 9 1-3/8"

Do you want to add some height to your chain link fence for security reason?

These chain link fence height extension arms clamp to your existing top rail and provide a structure to hold barbed wire for added height and security.

If you want some height more for privacy than security, I wonder if you could run some barbless wire along these arms and then use that as a trellis framework for climbing vines like ivy?    (But looking at the photos it looks like the barbs may be what keeps the wire in the arm slots.)

CLICK HERE to see details on Amazon.

4) Barbed Wire Extender for Chain Link Post

2 3/8" X 1 5/8" Barbed Wire ARM - 45-Degree for Chain Link Fence (6 Pack)

This is a similar idea to the one above – where it’ll let you add barbed wire above your chain link fence – but these extension arms attach to your fence posts…not your top rail.

This is sized to fit over top of 2 3/8” fence post and have a 1 5/8” top rail slide through the circular opening.

Does your chain link have a pesky gap at the bottom too? Check out these ways to fill the gap at the bottom of chain link fence.

chain link fence bottom gap filler

5) Slip Taller Fence Posts over Existing Chain Link Fence Poles

While researching this article I came across an interesting option to make your chain link fence taller.

It involves taking down your existing chain link, top rails and bottom rail (or tension wire), but keep your fence posts in place.

Then you buy some taller fence posts that are wider in diameter and slip them over top of your existing posts.  

This way you don’t have to dig new holes or pour concrete…you simply slide the new ones over top of the old.

Then you’d have to buy and install new taller chain link fence and accessories.

(I guess you could reuse your old chain link fencing if it was in good condition and then just add a shorter strip of chain link on top and overlap the old and new fencing.)

I found this option at this article. I don’t know if the integrity of the metal on metal would affect the durability of the fence? If you’re going to do this option you may want to bounce it off a fencing professional first.

6) Inexpensive Option using PVC pipe to increase height of a Chain-link fence  

This YouTuber shows us a cheap way to extend fence height.  He slipped some PVC pipe over top of his fence posts to add some height.

PVC pipe won’t provide the stability of metal, but it will provide a cheaper option to make your fence taller.  (And it is easy to cut too.)

7) Add height using other fencing supplies

The YouTuber in this video took some metal fence posts (that are intended to go into the ground) and she zip tied these to her existing chain link fence. Then she secured chicken wire fencing to her clever height extenders. She claimed it only cost about $100 and it helps keep her Doberman Pinscher in her yard..

It just shows with a little ingenuity there are lots of ways to make your chain link fence taller…it really just depends on your budgets and the fence’s purpose. (Is it to keep a dog in? To keep other people out? Or some other reason?)

I hope these different ways to make your chain link fence taller have helped you.

Will one of them work for you?

Before you choose a fence height extender you’ll have to consider some variables such as cost.

If you’re looking for a cheap way to increase the height of your chain link fence then the PVC pipe slipped over your fence posts is an inexpensive option.

But when you’re budgeting, keep in mind that once you add some height to your fence, you’ll still need to add some fencing to your fence height extenders.


And you’ll have to consider whether you want to add a fence height extender to your actual fence posts (like in options 1,4 & 6), or do you want to secure extenders to your top rail?

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