Cheesy Gifts for Campers…Items only a camper could love!

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Campers are different than others.  But that is a good thing.  Below are gifts for campers that only a real camper can appreciate.

I hope you can find an awesome gift for the camper in your life.  They may be mean silly, but campers will love them.


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Cheesy Gifts for Campers


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Gifts for Happy Campers


These t-shirts have a variety of sayings, but my favourites are the ones about saying mean things while trying to back up the camper.  So true! I can’t back up a trailer worth a damn.




Kitchen Items and Décor

There are so many signs that sum up camping and campers so well, but I love the Quitcherbitchin sign.


Drink Coasters

Check out the colors on these coasters! So bright and catchy. I love the look.



Coffee Mugs

There is no shortage of coffee mugs for campers. Now you can buy a camping mug for your friends or family to enjoy every while they are soaking up the morning sun or fighting off the chill on a cool autumn day.








Salt and Pepper Shakers

Aren’t these little things the cutest!

Comfy Items


Bathroom Items

Hand Soap Pump

Mat (can be used as Bath Mat)









Outdoor Mat








I hope this has helped you find a gift for the happy campers in your life.

I know this post is a little outside my usual posts, but I was inspired by a co-worker of mine. I showed her a hilarious camping t-shirt and she told me that would have been perfect for her friend’s wedding. She went to two camping weddings last year.  I didn’t even know those existed.

I’m sure there are a ton of other cool gifts for campers, so if you have any suggestions, write them in the comments below.

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