Closet Organizers: 7 Amazing Clothes and Accessories Hangers

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Is your closet a complete disaster and does it look like a dumping ground for all your clothes and accessories? Are you looking for a closet organizer to get things tidied up? Well, you’re in luck because these clever closet organizers and hangers will help.

Did you even know these hangers existed?? (Most of them are new to me…but they’re great “no tools required” hangers.)

Closet Organizers : 7 Awesome Clothes and Accessory Hangers
7 awesome closet hangers to get your closet organized

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A clothes hanger seems like a mousetrap…how could it get any better? But people always strive to build a better mousetrap, and they’ve sure built better clothes hangers!

What is great about the closet organizers in this article is that there is no installation required. You can organize your closet without any tools or hard labor!

Enjoy this list of hanging closet organizers!

Closet Organizer #1 – Multi Loop Scarf Hanger

This closet organizer reminds me of a cool, chrome waterfall.

Closet Organization Hanger Scarf or Tie Holder
multi loop scarf hanger

The seller of this cool scarf hanger claims that you can hang over 23 scarves on this one hanger! Now you don’t have an excuse saying you can’t find your favorite scarf.

It will also work to hang ties or belts.

A lot of people like this one! Will you?

CLICK here to see more details on Amazon.

Closet Organizer #2 – Belt Rack with Loops

Closet Organization - Belt hanger with metal loops
Belt and tie hanger

This closet hanger also works for belts, scarves and ties, but I think this one would be particularly good for belts because of the loops. You could easily slide your belt buckle over the loop and it wouldn’t slide off.

I personally don’t have enough belts to fill all the loops, but you could hang other things on there too like purses, bags, ties or I guess even bracelets and necklaces. (maybe?)

Want to see more information about this one? Click here for more details.

Closet Organizer #3 – Open/Close Tie Rack Holder

I don’t have enough ties to require an entire rack, but this one looks interesting.

Closet Organizers - Tie Rack Holder
Closet tie organizer

If you or your partner have a lot of ties then a hanging tie rack like this will keep them nice organized and stored vertically to minimize space in your closet.

If this looks like something you could use, click here to see more details.

Closet Organizer #4 – Tie Hanger

(Does your partner have a serious tie collection?)

If so, then maybe you guys need a hanger like the one below. These bobby pin-looking hooks swivel and it can hold 24 ties. It is available in a 2-pack, so it could hold 48 ties! That’s a lot of ties.

Closet Organizer - Tie rack
Tie hanger for your closet

It can be used for belts as well but I wonder if the belt buckles would slide off the metal hanging pieces?

I haven’t personally tried it yet, so I can’t say for sure, but I do think it would work better than just dumping your belts on the floor. If you want to have a closer look you can see more pictures here.

Closet Organizer #5 – Hanging Jewelry Organizer

Closet Organizer Hanging Jewelry Organizer
Hanging jewelry organizer with 80 pockets

Who cares if you have the most beautiful jewelry if you can’t find it to wear it!  My girlfriend’s jewelry box looks like the Griswold’s tangled ball of Christmas lights!

A hanging jewelry organizer like the one above would help her. 

It has 40 clear pockets on each side, so 80 total. And it hangs on the closet rod parallel to other clothes for a nice slim profile.

Click here if you want more information on this hanging jewelry organizer.

Closet Organizer #6 – Pants Hangers (1 of 2)

Below are two different styles of pants hangers and pants organizers.

Closet organizer - hanging pants organizer
pants hanger with foam cover

The hanging pants organizer above has foam anti-slip covers over the metal hangers so your pants won’t fall to the ground. And it is supported on both ends so it should prevent the hanger from sagging.

Click here if you think this pants hanger might work for you .

Closet Organizer #7 – Pants Hanger (2 of 2)

The S-shaped hangers below are available on Amazon.

I don’t feel that is the most appealing product photo, but it is a popular product so they must be doing something right.

Closet Organizer - Pants Hangers
S-shaped pants closet hanger

Click here to see more details of these cool-looking “squiggly” pants hangers on Amazon.

You may not need ALL of these closet hangers, but hopefully this list of closet organizers has made you realize you don’t have to put up with a messy closet anymore.

There are products to help you!

Put it on your to-do list for this weekend. “CLEAN UP MY CLOSET.”

And if you do, let me know if you feel better.

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Thank you.

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  1. That jewlery organizer is something I need! All my jewelry is currently sitting away in a drawer…or two. This is a great way to stash jewelry and see what I may want to wear.

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