13 convenient Cutting Board Storage Ideas (2024)

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Are you struggling with where and how to store your kitchen cutting boards? In this article we look at 13 cutting board storage ideas: options to help you get your kitchen organized.

ways to store your cutting board - cutting board storage ideas
Cutting Board Storage Ideas to help you organize your kitchen

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List of Cutting Board Storage Ideas

Remember before storing your cutting board or chopping board, make sure it is clean and dry.  

Wash it according to the manufacturer’s instructions, dab off excess water with some paper towels then place the cutting board in an upright position to thoroughly air dry.

Below you’ll find several ways to store your cutting board in your kitchen.

Not all of them will work for you because it depends on how much kitchen space you have, how your cabinets are laid out and how many cutting boards you have.

But hopefully at least one of these cutting board organizers and ideas will work for you.

Cutting Board Storage Rack (inside a cabinet)

YouCopia StoreMore Adjustable Bakeware Rack, Cookie Sheet Baking Pan and Tray Organizer for Kitchen Cabinet and Pantry Storage, Standard, White

The company YouCopia makes these popular kitchen cabinet organizers.

It’s a plastic and wire organizer that is adjustable. You can move the vertical supports to different positions to accommodate various thicknesses of cutting boards or baking pans.

It is fairly compact at 11.5-inches wide and just over 7-inches deep. 

So it’ll help organize your cutting boards without hogging a bunch of space.

Will this option work for you? (Like the thousands of others who already use this.)

** Click here to see current price.

​Metal Cutting Board Rack

mDesign X-Large Steel Storage Tray Organizer Rack for Kitchen Cabinet - Divided Holder with 5 Slots for Skillets, Frying Pan, Pot Lids, Cutting Board, Baking Sheets - Concerto Collection - Chrome 7.2 inch D x 9.4 inch W x 10.9 inch H

​This is a really popular wire organizer by mDesign that features 5 slots to store cutting boards

The compartments are not adjustable, and each compartment is 1.2″ (3cm) wide. So it’ll fit different sizes of cutting boards as long as they’re not much thicker than an inch.

What’s cool is that you can use it for vertical cutting board storage (like in the picture above), or you can lie it on its side and store your boards horizontally (like in the picture below). The choice is yours.

mDesign X-Large Steel Storage Tray Organizer Rack for Kitchen Cabinet - Divided Holder with 5 Slots for Skillets, Frying Pan, Pot Lids, Cutting Board, Baking Sheets - Concerto Collection - Chrome 7.2 inch D x 9.4 inch W x 10.9 inch H

​I wonder if heavier boards would cause the metal to sag over time if positioned horizontally?

You could place this inside one of your lower cabinets, or even put it on your countertop if you have the room.

Click here to see its current rating.

Under Cabinet Cutting Board Storage Rack

Ruluti Kitchen Storage Drainboard Pan Lid Shelf Metal Hanging Cutting Board Stand Draining Rack Organizer 25.5 * 24.0 * 10.5cm

This is a clever storage option.

It slides onto a shelf or cabinet and provides a spot to store your cutting boards within easy reach of your prep surface.

You’ll have easy access to your cutting boards plus it won’t take up valuable countertop space.

But I’m not sure what thickness of shelf this fits on. (They aren’t very detailed in their product description.)

Do you have open shelving or upper cabinets that you could try this on?

Countertop Cutting Board Stand

SUNFCON Cutting Board Rack Chopping Board Organizer Stand Holder Kitchen Countertop Pots Pan Lids Rack Organizer Flat Steel 4.92 x 5.7 x 8.47 in. Black

Doesn’t this look like a sleek cutting board stand.

This is a well-rated organizer from the company SUNFCON.

It is a compact unit that doesn’t take up much space on your countertop yet has 4 compartments to store cutting boards, cookbooks, or lids.

You can get it in BLACK (like the picture above), and it is available in WHITE too.

Organize your cabinet with a file organizer

SimpleHouseware Expandable 5 Section Metal Upright File Sorter Organizer, Black

Sure, these are intended to store and organize file folders, but they can be used to help organize your cutting boards and cookie sheets too.

This particular organizer from SimpleHouseware has 5 compartments to store cutting boards or baking sheets, and measures just under 14-inches wide, 8.25-inches deep and 7.5-inches tall.

Do you have room in a cabinet, or on your countertop for a file organizer like this?

You may be able to find one second-hand or at a local store, but if not, you can click here to see this one on Amazon.

Get a slide-out organizer

HOLDN’ STORAGE Pull Out Organizer for Cookie Sheet, Cutting Board, Bakeware, and Tray, Sliding Rack- Heavy Duty-5 Year Limited Warranty - for Under Sink/Under Cabinet, 8.5”W x 21”D x 10.63”H, Chrome

​This is a great way to organize your cabinets and to make it convenient to reach your cutting boards or baking pans.

It can be a pain bending down to search through a lower cabinet.

But this makes it easy to see the item you’re looking for.

You screw it to the bottom shelf inside your cabinet, load it with your cutting boards and cookie sheets, then simply slide it in and out of your cabinet.

Just make sure you have space in your cabinet to fit this.

Click here to see the size of this organizer.

Store your cutting boards in a deep drawer

You could store some cutting boards in this lid organizer

If you have a deep pull-out drawer you could store your cutting boards inside it.

Instead of just laying them on top of each other, you could get a drawer divider or lid organizer (like the one above) to help store them upright.

The picture above is how my sister organizes her pot lids, but you could also store cutting boards in this cool organizer.

She can’t remember exactly what brand it is, but it looks like one from the company Spectrum Diversified.

Spectrum Diversified Euro Kitchen Lid Organizer for Plates, Cutting Boards Bakeware, Cooling Racks, Pots & Pans, Serving Trays, and Reusable Containers, Satin Nickel

If you have the drawer space for this, you can click here to see the current price.

Get an over the cabinet door organizer

LIVOD Cabinet Door Organizer, Over The Cabinet Door Organizer with Double Towel Bars, Cutting Board Organizer with Towel Holder, Kitchen Cabinet Organier for Pantry, Baking Sheet, Plastic Wrap, Black

You can buy these organizers that hang on your cabinet door.

There are lots of them available.

This one is interesting because you can store your cutting boards inside the cabinet, and there is a towel rack outside the cabinet.

In addition to storing cutting boards, a lot of people use these to store plastic wrap, tin foil, etc…

Before you buy these, make sure you have room inside your cabinet so you can close the door, and that your cabinet doors are 1-inch thick or less.

Will this work for your kitchen?

Hang your Cutting Boards from a Towel Rack

The TikTok’r Nicole Boyle has a kitchen island and she installed a towel hanger on one end of the island.

Then she attached some S-hooks to the towel rod, and some twine to her cutting boards.  Then she looped the twine over the S-hook to create a nice out-of-the-way storage solution for her cutting boards.

Another option is to install a pot rail either on your island, or on your kitchen wall, and utilize S-hooks to hang your cutting boards from the pot rail. These can be super handy to store pot and pan lids, ladles, a sieve, hand towels and more.

(Note: I haven’t embedded a TikTok on my website before so hopefully it plays properly for you.)

Hang Cutting Boards from Wall hooks

Who said you have to put cutting boards in a cabinet or on the kitchen counter? 

Save cabinet space by hanging the cutting boards from the wall.

This takes advantage of vertical space so it’s a good option for a small kitchen.

It can be as simple as putting up a command hook or cup hooks and hanging a lightweight cutting board by its handle.

(Wooden cutting boards may be too heavy for Command Hooks, so hooks screwed into a wall stud may be more appropriate for a wooden board.)

Mount a Coat Rack on your Kitchen Wall

you can repurpose a coat rack as a cutting board hanger
Repurpose a coat rack as a cutting board hanger

Coat racks or hat racks like this can be used to hold so much more than just clothes and accessories.

You can mount one to your kitchen wall and use it to hang your cutting boards, oven mitts, and kitchen utensils.

They are a versatile organizer that can be used in clever ways all over your house.

Do you have the wall space for this storage option?

Repurpose a File Organizer

EasyPAG 5 Pockets Mesh Wall File Holder Office Hanging File Folder Magazine Rack Mail Sorter Bin | Nametag Label Included, Black

Depending on the size of your cutting boards, you could repurpose a file organizer as a wall-mounted cutting board rack.

You’ll need to use your imagination a bit on this one, but imagine your cutting boards in here and not the papers like in the product photo above.

You may even be able to find one at a local thrift store or office supply store.
The file organizer in the picture above is a metal mesh organizer with 5-pockets, but the same company makes one with 3 pockets.

Store Cutting Boards in Magazine Holders

Cutting boards stored in a magazine holder
Storing cutting boards in a magazine holder

If you want to help keep your cutting boards together, you could try storing them inside a magazine holder like in the picture above.

You can find magazine holders at office supply stores and you may be able to find some at a second-hand store or garage sale.

Using one of these helps you compartmentalize a cabinet and helps make it look more organized.

I’ve also heard of people using tension rods installed vertically to create storage slots in a lower kitchen cabinet. Then you put your cutting board into one of these newly created compartments.

Thank you for checking out these cutting board storage ideas.

Will one of them help you get organized?

You may actually need to use a couple of these ideas depending on how many cutting boards you have and their size.

Thankfully most of these options are fairly inexpensive so if you try one and you don’t like it, it hasn’t broke the bank.

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Now that we’ve looked at cutting board storage ideas, how about we look at ways to store our knives.

Click here to check them out. (There are some pretty “sharp” storage options.)

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