41 Awesome Disney Shirts for your next Disney vacation

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Are you heading to Disneyland, Disney World or another Disney resort? If so, check out these 41 awesome Disney shirts that’ll catch eyes and spark smiles on your next Disney trip

In 2020 Disneyland is celebrating its 65th anniversary. [Update: the Coronavirus pandemic interrupted these plans.]

There is going to be tons of great Disney shirts that you’ll be able to buy at the Park.

But if you want something before you go, I’ve curated 41 great Disney-themed shirts.

41 Awesome Disney Shirts for your next Disney vacation.  These are the perfect going to Disney shirts for women, men, children and matching family Disney shirts. They include some really funny Disney shirts and clever DIsney shirts for the whole family.
Awesome Disney Shirts for your next Disney vacation

To purchase a particular shirt you can click the image of the shirt. It will take you to the seller’s website.

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Disney Family Shirts

There are lots of great Disney shirts available on Etsy.

And because there is such a variety, I’ve whittled it down to 9 family-oriented shirts that caught my eye.

Family Vacation 2020 Shirts – with Customized Name (Etsy)

These family shirts have a spot where the seller on Etsy will add your name to the shirt. So you could get a “Mommy” shirt, a “Daddy” shirt, and so on.

It is available colors including black, red and blue.

To view the product listing page on Etsy click here.

Disney Shirts - Family Vacation 2020 Customized shirts
Click image to see product listing on Etsy

Family Vacation shirts with Different Sayings (Etsy)

You can customize your shirt to say either “Best Day Ever” or “Most Expensive Day Ever.”

The Etsy product below shows the shirts in darker colors, but you can get it in a whole bunch of different colors.

Click here to check them out on Etsy.

Disney shirts - family pack with different available quotes....either 'best day ever' or 'most expensive day ever'
Click the image to see the shirts on Etsy

Disney 2020 Family Shirts (Amazon)

Are you planning a Disney family vacation in 2020?

These family shirts shown below are available for sale on Amazon.

Click here to see more pictures on Amazon.

Fun Unisex Adult Disney Shirt (Etsy)

Here is a cool unisex Disney shirt that says, “I”m gonna ride ’til I can’t no more.”

I know the product photo from Etsy has styled it like a woman’s shirt, but it is unisex from sizes Extra Small to 3XL.

And it is available in a whole bunch of different colors. Click here to see all the color options and details on Etsy.

Disney shirts - I'm gonna ride til I can't no more .  Unisex adult t shirt

Disney Villains Graphic Tee for Adults [unisex] (on Amazon)

Just look at the beautiful details on this Disney Villains shirt. Who is your favorite Disney villain? Is it Gaston, Ursula, Cruella de Vil? They are all on here, and lots more.

This is an official Disney shirt that is unisex for adults. It is charcoal heather colored with black cuff and neckline.

It is popular on Amazon and you can get a more detailed look of the graphic by clicking here.

Cute Sparkly “Disney Vacation 2020” Shirts (Etsy)

The awesome shirts shown below are made by an Etsy seller called BCustomImage.

You can get it with “glitter” in the mouse ears, or without. And there is a “Mickey” pattern for the guys.

And these are true family shirts because you can get it in sizes from Newborn to 6XL adult size.

Click here to see all the sizes and colors available on Etsy.

Disney Vacation Shirts 2020 available on etsy
Click the picture to see details and sizes on Etsy

“Where Dreams Come True” Cartoon Shirts (Etsy)

I love the look of these Disney shirts with Mickey and his friends.It is so cute.

You can buy these shirts on Etsy from a seller named LvDesignTees.

They have a range of sizes from infant to adult, so check them out and you could dress your whole family prior to your trip to a Disney park.

Disney Shirts - "Where Dreams come true" cartoon shirts for the family
Click to see details on Etsy

Family Disney Shirts with Mickey Mouse and Minnie wearing shades (Amazon)

I like the simple design of this shirt with Mickey Mouse and Minnie wearing shades.

It doesn’t state the year on it, so you could use it for future visits.

Click here if you want to see more details on Amazon.

Stylish Mouse Silhouette Family Shirts (Etsy)

These awesome shirts have either Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse silhouettes made up of various Disney characters.

You can get it in unisex t-shirts, or women’s V-neck t-shirts from the seller PremiumSoftThreads on Etsy.

Disney Shirts family shirts
Click to see on Etsy

Disney Shirts at Walmart

Our local Walmart even had some cheap Disney shirts. (And I live in Canada…not exactly next door to a Disney park.)

This is the display they had set up in the middle of February.

Cheap Disney shirts at Walmart. They had womens disney shirts, disney shirts for boy, disney shirts for girls, and even some disney shirts for guys too.
Cheap Disney shirts display at Walmart

But just a couple weeks later all they had was the following two shirts.

Disney Shirts for Women - a "Happiest Mom Ever" Disney tshirt that was for sale at Walmart
Disney Tshirt for women – this was for sale at Walmart
"Team Minnie" one of the cute Disney shirts for women that was for sale at Walmart
Disney shirts for women – A Cute Team Minnie Shirt at Walmart

I think there are better looking shirts on this list, but they’re not bad.

Does your local Walmart have cheap Disney tshirts like this?

Disney shirts for women and Disney shirts for girls

Disney shirts for Women and Girls

There are lots of cute Disney shirts for women and girls.

I’ve listed several below that caught my eye and I bet you’ll love at least one of them.

Minnie Mouse Cheetah Print T-shirt (Etsy)

The Minnie Mouse cheetah print t-shirt shown below is a stylish looking shirt for any location, but it is particularly fitting for Animal Kingdom in Disney World.

It is available in lots of different “heather” colors.

Check it out on Etsy to see if there is a color to suit you.

Disney Shirts for Women - A Women's Minnie Mouse cheetah print t shirt
Click image to see this cute Disney shirt on Etsy

Girls Trip Walt Disney World Shirt (Etsy)

Are you going on a girls trip to Walt Disney World? If you and your friends or female family members are visiting Disney World you should check out these shirts.

The year is customizable.

To see more details and color options on these womens Disney shirts click here to see them on Etsy.

Disney Shirts for Women- Walt Disney World Girls Trip customizable year Disney tshirt. Very cute shirt.
Click picture to see more color options on Etsy

Girls Trip Disneyland Shirt (Etsy)

Did you see the shirt above and say, “Darn, I’m going to Disneyland not Disney World!”

Well, don’t worry. This shirt has you covered.

It is available on Etsy.

Disney Shirts - Disneyland Girls trip
Click the picture to see this womens Disney shirt’s details on Etsy

Cute and small Minnie Mouse Logo Disney shirt for Girls and Ladies (Etsy)

This well-reviewed shirt is available on Etsy from a seller called Orelet.

So many people find the subtle little Minnie Mouse logo so cute. Do you?

Disney Shirts for Women and Girls.  A cute Disney shirt with minnie mouse logo on left side.
Click picture to see shirt details on Etsy

Little Mermaid – Ariel on a Rock Silhouette T Shirt (Etsy)

Did you grow up loving the “Litte Mermaid”? Do you still sing the movie’s songs way more than an adult probably should?

If so, check out this Ariel silhouette t shirt. (It’s for sale on Etsy.)

It’s an adult Disney tshirt available in a variety of different colors.

Disney Shirts for Women - Little Mermaid t shirt. Ariel sitting on a rock silhouette
Click picture to see on Etsy

Women’s V-neck Mickey Mouse Shirt (Amazon)

This is a Disney licensed V-neck shirt in classic colors: charcoal, white or black. (Charcoal is shown below).

It is available to purchase on Amazon.

Disney Watch Me Whip – Dole Whip shirt (Amazon)

Are you a big fan of Dole Whip from the Enchanted Tiki Room?

My kids and I are both kicking ourselves for not trying it. (It’s on the To-do list for the next visit.)

This Disney Watch Me Whip shirt is so niche…only a Disney fan would even know what it’s talking about.

Click here to see this shirt on a female model on Amazon.

Never Grow Up T-shirt (Amazon)

This is a cute Disney shirt for women.

This “Never Grow Up” shirt is available on Amazon from a company called Asher’s Apparel. And it is available in lots of great colors.

Cute Jungle Cruise Shirt (Etsy)

This cute minimalist Jungle Cruise shirt is made by KingdomRoseCo and is available on Etsy.

Right now while I’m writing this the shirt is still in pre-order…so hopefully this link to Etsy still works for you in the future. (If not, let me know in the comments.)

Disney Shirts - Jungle Cruise. Disney shirts for women
Click picture to see sizes and available colors on Etsy

KingdomRoseCompany has some great pictures on Instagram. Click here if you want to check out their Instagram profile.

And coming out on July 24, 2020 is the Jungle Cruise movie! (Note: Due to the pandemic it has been delayed until July 30, 2021.)

Space Mountain Women’s Hoodie (Etsy)

Here is a super cool shirt design based on another classic Disney ride: Space Mountain.

It is a hooded sweatshirt, yet you can also get the design on a t-shirt from the seller ValentinDesign on Etsy.

Disney Shirts for Women  - A  very cool Space Mountain hoodie
Click to see sizes on Etsy

I’m Done Adulting – Let’s Go to Disney (Amazon)

Here is a funny shirt for women, and I’m that sure many of you have probably said this, “I’m Done Adulting let’s go to Disney.

It is available on Amazon in 4 different colors.

“Can’t Wait to be Queen” Shirt (Adventure Hopper)

The photo below from Instagram is made by a company called Adventure Hopper. They have some cute shirts.

“Making Magic Happen” – Cute & Minimalist Women’s Shirt (Amazon)

This charming t-shirt has a nice simple Script font that is easy to read. This cool Disney shirt is available on Amazon in a few different colors.

Retro Disney Castle Shirt (Etsy)

This beautifully styled retro Disney shirt is available on Etsy from a seller named “Create and Ship.” It is a very well-reviewed Etsy shop based in the state of Indiana.

They claim it is a unisex shirt and that it is “Flattering on both men and women.” (Reference)

DIsney Retro Castle shirt
Click to see sizes on Etsy

“Please Return to Disneyland” T-shirt (Etsy)

This cool and classic-looking shirt is actually a unisex shirt so both men and women can enjoy this one.

It is available on Etsy from a seller named MainStreetMagicUS.

Click the pic to see on Etsy

“Hakuna Matata” Women’s T-shirt (Amazon)

Do you love the Lion King? Is Hakuna Matata your mantra? If so check out this shirt on Amazon.

Disney Shirts for Men and Boys

Since Disney acquired LucasFilm and Marvel there are so many awesome Disney shirts for men and boys!

(Don’t get me wrong -girls can love Star Wars and super heroes…my 2-year old daughter knew more about Star Wars than the average adult male.)

Here are some very cool Disney shirts for guys (for young guys and for those young at heart).

I Wish this Line would Mufasa (Etsy)

This is a very clever funny shirt from BeenJammin Tees available on Etsy.

If you’re buying for yourself, or for partner I’m sure you’ll both have some good laughs at this shirt.

Disney Shirt - I wish this line would mufasa t-shirt availble on Etsy. This is a very popular cool Disney shirt for guys.
Click the picture to see details and sizes of this very cool Disney shirt for guys on Etsy

“I’m Grumpy What’s Your Excuse” Funny T Shirt (Amazon)

Here is another perfect shirt for those hot Park days when all the wait times and foot traffic start getting to you.

This shirt is available on Amazon in several different sizes.

Current Mood – Beast Shirt (Amazon)

If lineups makes you feel like the Beast, then here is a perfect shirt for you. 🙂

It is available on Amazon (click here) if you want to have a look at it.

Mickey and Pluto – Best Friends T Shirt (Amazon)

This is a heart-warming Disney licensed shirt of ‘Best Friends.” A mouse and his dog. You can get it in three different colors on Amazon.

Men’s Death Star – Star Wars T Shirt (Etsy)

This clever shirt is available on Etsy from a seller named Blissible.

Now that Star Wars is a Disney property you can find lots of cool hybrid shirts that mix classic Disney with Star Wars.

Clever Disney shirts - mens death star t shirt that is a mickey mouse silhouette too. it is a really cool Disney shirt for guys that love star wars
Click picture to see on Etsy

The 3 Buddies Shirt (Silhouette of Mickey, Donald & Goofy) (Amazon)

I love the faded vintage look of this t-shirt.

It has a cool California vibe to it: perfect for your trip to Disneyland.

This Disney shirt is available on Amazon.

Hakuna Matata Shirt (Amazon)

Hakuna Matata is definitely the attitude you need while in Disneyland on a hot day with tired, grumpy kids.

Just look down and your shirt and remember “it means no worries.” It is like a philosophical Disney shirt for guys.

This bright t-shirt is available for sale on Amazon (and you can get it in grey too).

Best Dad Ever – Mickey Mouse t shirt (Amazon)

This is a cute Disney shirt that would make a great Father’s Day gift. It is nice and simple.

This is a cool Disney shirt. And a father taking their kids to a Disney park can probably wear this proudly.

It is available for sale on Amazon.

“Pew Pew” Star Wars Shirt (Amazon)

Don’t we all make that sounds when we’re making toy space ships fly?

Here is another great Star Wars-inspired shirt that is available on Amazon. It’s a good choice when you’re heading to the Galaxy’s Edge.

“I’m Kind of a Big Deal” Funny Gaston T-shirt (Amazon)

This funny “Beauty and the Beast” shirt features the muscular buffoon Gaston.

Could be a great gift for your husband (or for yourself).

It is available on Amazon.

Ducktales Men’s Vintage-looking T-shirt (Amazon)

I couldn’t do an entire Disney shirts article without having a Ducktales shirt!

If you love Ducktales you should check this out.

This charcoal heather colored shirt featured the original Ducktales characters (not the look of the remade version) and is available on Amazon.

Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers Retro Shirt (Amazon)

Here is another staple from “Disney Afternoon” cartoon block: Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers.

Chip looks like chipmunk version of Indiana Jones, and Dale looks like Magnum P.I.

Interestingly, did you know the human Magnum P.I. – Tom Selleck – was slated to play Indiana Jones in the movies but he had to withdraw due to his commits to the Magnum P.I. TV show.

It is cool how these cartoon characters tie that together.

This colorful (heather red) shirt that is available from Amazon.

Mickey Mouse Silhouette – Distressed Look (Amazon)

I love the vintage, classic look of this Disney shirt…the distressed look.

It is available on Amazon in heather red color or heather grey.

Mickey as Indiana Jones shirt (Etsy)

Here is cool Disney t-shirt with Mickey Mouse dressed as Indiana Jones.

If you love Indiana Jones, and you love Mickey Mouse, then you should check this out on Etsy. It is from a seller called PopCultureShirtCo.

Disney Shirts mickey mouse dressed as indiana jones a clever Disney shirt
Mickey dressed as Indiana Jones. Click to see on Etsy

“I’m Here for the Haunted Mansion” Men’s Shirt (Amazon)

Do you like the Hunted Mansion?

If so, check out this dedicated Haunted Mansion shirt available on Amazon.

Big Thunder Mountain Railway Shirt (Etsy)

Here is another cool attraction-specific shirt.

This shirt is made by ValentinDesign, an Etsy seller.

The product description says it is Unisex, but the sizes say it is Men’s sizes. (And then the product photo shows it with cut-off jean shorts?) Regarless it is cool looking.

Click to see on Etsy

Thank you very much for checking out this curated list of great Disney shirts for you to get before your next Disney trip.

Which one is your favorite?

Enjoy your next next visit to the “Happiest Place on Earth.”

If you are planning a trip to Disneyland, you may like these other posts I wrote related to Disneyland.

Thanks again,

Tim from LearnAlongWithMe.com

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