Flexi Hose Review – my thoughts on this 50-foot flexible hose (with pics)

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In this article you’ll find my Flexi Hose review.  We bought the Flexi hose 50ft expandable garden hose about one year ago.  Here are my thoughts on this unique hose.

Read through and see if this hose is right for you.

Flexi Hose Review of the 50ft expandable hose version
Flexi Hose Review

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Flexi Hose Review

Below are my thoughts on the Flexi hose. Hopefully after reading this you can determine if this 50 ft flexible hose is right for you.

What Flexi Hose do we have?

We bought the Flexi Hose 50-foot garden hose.

Flexi Hose 50 foot expandable garden hose review - this is the box it came in.
Flex Hose 50ft box

Ours did not come with the removable spray nozzle.

It just has the simple on/off brass fitting on the end.

What is the Flexi Hose?

Polyester outer jacket on the Flexi hose garden hose
Tough, polyester outer jacket on the Flexi Hose

The Flexi Hose is an interesting kink-free garden hose that expands and contracts

It has an outer braided polyester wall that helps protect the inner water-carrying tube which is thick, double-layered latex.

(On the Amazon product page they claim it’s the thickest latex on the market.)

It has brass fittings, not plastic, so this may help it stand up to cold weather better than some alternative hoses.

Brass fittings on the end of the FlexiHose
Brass fittings on the Flexihose (this is on/off nozzle at the end of the hose)

The Flexi Hose’s Length is Expandable

It expands its length: it gets longer once it has water pressure in it.

When it has no water pressure in it, it shrivels up and shortens its length.

And once pressurized with water it expands up to 3X to increase its length to 50-feet. 

(I didn’t measure it once fully retracted, but its probably about 17-feet long with no water in it.)

Flexi hose contracts in length when there is no water in it to be about 1/3rd of its expanded length

It looks really strange when you turn on the water.  There is something a bit disturbing about it because when it expands its length it creeps and slithers along the ground like snake.

The Flexi Hose is kink-free – a great feature

The fact that the Flexihose is kink free is a huge feature for me.

I hate it when garden hoses get kinked. Once a rubber or vinyl garden hose get a kink, that spot seems to be vulnerable to future kinks (further weakening the area).

In the year that we’ve had the Flexihose we haven’t had one kink

So far the manufacturer’s claim of being kink free is true.

(We also have a Rapid Flo garden hose which is “kink resistant” but it does get kinks in it. Not as much as a cheap rubber hose, but it does still get kinks. Read my Rapid Flo garden hose review here.)

Rapid flo garden hose review

The Flexi Hose is lightweight and easy to store

Flexi Hose Review - the flexihose 50ft expandable hose is lightweight and I can carry it easily in the palm of my hand.

This is one of the great features of the Flexi Hose: it is lightweight.

The 50-foot version we have weighs only about 3 pounds.

It is simple to roll up, and easily fits in the palm of my hand.

Storing the Flexi Hose for the winter is easy because it takes up so little space. (Unlike a rubber garden hose that can take up half the shed wall once you hang it up.)

Summary of what I like about the Flexi Hose

These are the things I like about our Flexi Hose:

  • Lightweight
  • Kink-free
  • Easy to store

What I don’t like about the Flexi Hose

I mentioned above what I like about the Flexi Hose (it’s lightweight, easy to store and kink-free).

But what I don’t like about it is having to wait for it to expand once pressurized. 

When you turn the water on at the tap, you have to make sure the brass fitting on the end of the Flexihose is off. (As shown in the picture below.)

The brass fitting on the end of the flexi hose has to be turned off in order for the pressure to build up inside the hose so it will expand its length. Flexi hose review

Having this fitting off means the water pressure builds up inside the hose which causes the hose to expand.

It doesn’t take too long to expand…probably less than 30 seconds…but it can still test your patience.

If you need to do just a little watering, you have to wait until the hose expands before you can open the fitting at the end and start watering.

Of course, if your flowers are only 10-feet from the water tap you could just turn on the hose and use it right away because the hose – even when contracted – would reach your flowers.

But if your flowers are 40-feet from the tap – and the contracted hose is only about 17-feet long – you’ll have to wait for it to expand before you can drag it over to your flowers.

But with time I’ve learned a few things about this hose. (See below.)

What I’ve discovered after using the hose for awhile…

Now in the summer when I use the hose I keep it pressurized all the time. (So at full length.)
I keep the brass valve on the end of the hose turned off, and I turn off the faucet too.

So the water just stays in the hose.

And note, the outdoor faucet is off. That’s the big thing for me, I personally don’t keep the outdoor faucet on unless I’m using the hose at that time. (I’ve had rubber hoses burst and water flooding into my backyard before so I don’t keep hoses pressurized with the outdoor water tap on.)

Having the hose fully extended and ready to use at all times has really made me love this hose.

Be careful of the slithering hose

The expansion of the hose along the ground causes the hose to slither like a snake.

The movement of the hose could potentially be a tripping hazard for people with limited mobility.

My recommendation is to just be patient. Once you turn on the hose, don’t try walking past it until it has fully expanded to its 50-foot length.  This will avoid any potential issues.

Conclusion of this Flexi Hose Review

The things I like about the Flexi Hose are that it is lightweight, doesn’t kink, and is easy to store because it contracts down to about 1/3 its extended length.

What I don’t like about the Flexihose is that you must be patient while the hose expands and slithers along the ground like a snake until it reaches its full length.  This waiting makes simple watering tasks more time-consuming. (But only by seconds.) So to get around this I keep the brass end-valve off and the outdoor faucet turned off, but with water in the hose so it is fully expanded.

It would be a great option for aging gardeners because it is so lightweight. But they’ll need to be patient and wait for the hose to expand before trying to walk past the slithering hose.

I hope my quick review of this 50 ft flexible hose has helped you make a decision one way or the other.

Where to buy the Flexi Hose?

You can find the Flexi Hose at most hardware and garden stores.

Or you can find it on Amazon.

Here is a link to the hose we have (which doesn’t include a nozzle)

Flexi Hose Upgraded Expandable Garden Hose Extra Strength 3/4 Solid Brass Fittings - The Ultimate No-Kink Flexible Water Hose (Black, 50 FT)

Or  you can get it with a 8 function spray nozzle

Flexi Hose with 8 Function Nozzle Expandable Garden Hose, Lightweight & No-Kink Flexible Garden Hose, 3/4 inch Solid Brass Fittings and Double Latex Core, 50 ft Blue Black

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