13 festive Football Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

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If your child loves football and wants a football birthday party then you’ll appreciate these tips and ideas on how to plan and host a fun and memorable birthday party.

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How to host a fun Football Birthday Party for Kids (13 ideas)

Grab a pen and paper so you can take some notes. The ideas are kicking off now.

We’ll start with what to do before the party, then we’ll look at decorating ideas for the party, activities during the party and then some party favor for the end.

Football Invitations – get the kids excited for the party

Football Birthday Party Invitations for Boys - 25 Count Football Themed Fill in Invites for Kids Sports Birthday Party

Send out football-themed invitations to set the tone for the party. You can create invitations that resemble game tickets or footballs to build excitement among the guests.

Arrange a Play Area for the Party

Arrange a safe play area for the football activities.

This could be your backyard, a local park, or a rented indoor sports facility, depending on the weather and space requirements.

You may also want to bring a pop-up gazebo or tent to provide shade or protection from the rain.

Below is a picture of our pop-up Coleman screen tent that we brought to a birthday party. It provided some shade but it also kept the bugs and wasps away from the cake and food.

Decorate with Football Balloons

6 Pieces Football Balloons Set, 3 Pieces Football Field Balloons and 3 Pieces Football Foil Balloons for Tailgate Game Day Football Theme Supplies Birthday Party Decorations

Balloons are fantastic birthday decorations. If you see the balloons, you know there’s a party.

And if you’re having a football party, why not have football balloons.

This 6-pack of foil balloons is available on Amazon. Once you receive them you can either fill them with air or helium (for a more “up-lifting” experience.)

If you don’t want foil balloons, you could blow up some green and brown latex balloons. Those are the common colors of football. (You could try painting white-out on the brown balloons to make it look like the seams of a football.)

Get some Football Party Decorations and Supplies

Football Party Supplies Kit Serve 24,Includes Dinner Plates, Dessert Plates, Napkins, Cups,Banner and Touchdown Tablecloth for Football Birthday Party Football Gameday Tailgate Party Decorations

Decorating the party in style…gridiron style!!

You may be able to piece together plates, napkins, etc… from a local dollar store or you can look into getting a football party set like the one above. (Then you get it all in one.)

Food, Snacks and Drinks

The amount and type of food you’ll need at your party really depends on what time of day you host the party.

If the party spans over lunch time then you should have some food available for the kids to eat. Hot dogs, pizza, and small burgers are popular birthday options.

If you’re grilling your own hot dogs or burgers, you’ll need to remember bring your grilling supplies, condiments, and buns to the field or park.

That’s the nice thing about pizza is that you can order it from a local pizza shop, request it to be delivered or picked up a certain time. It’s a lot less to remember and less to pack.

Alternatively you could have the party after lunch so the kids will have eaten at home. (This is a simple cost-saving tip.)

And don’t forget the drinks.

And it doesn’t have to be juice boxes either. While cleaning up after my daughter’s birthday parties over half of the juice boxes are still almost full. What a waste.

You could even ask the guests to bring their own water bottle and then you can refill it from jugs of water, juice or Gatorade.

Football Cake Topper

24 PCS Football Cake Decorations 8 PCS Cake Goal Post Topper 8 PCS Mini Football 8 PCS Acrylic Rugby Ball Player Cake Toppers for Football Themed Birthday Party Favors Game Day Party Supplies

You could bake a football-shaped cake or decorate one to look like a football field.

Then you could top it off with one or all of the pieces from this football cake topper set.

The cake will be centerpiece of your party and a tasty touchdown for the kids.

Activities During the Party

Now that we have an idea on how to decorate for the party we’ll look at some activities that the kids can do during the party. They’ll have a blast playing these games and it’ll help them burn off the cake too. 🙂

Play a Flag Football Game

Franklin Flag Football Set (KC Chiefs version) – Photo credit: Walmart.com

Flag football will be coming to the LA Olympics in 2028. So who knows, maybe one of the kids at your party will be in the Olympics one day!

There are NFL Flag Football rules you could follow, or you could just play a flag football version of regular tackle football.

For the “flags” you could use strips of fabric and have the kids tuck it into their pockets, or you could buy a flag football set like the one shown above.

The set shown above comes with 8 belts total so this would allow for 4-on-4 play. (Though the NFL Flag Football is played 5-on-5.)

The Kansas City Chiefs set is shown here, but you can also get some other NFL teams too.

I have found this same set on both Amazon and Walmart. So if you’re interested in it, I suggest you check both places for a better price.

Passing Accuracy Challenge (Inflataman)

GoSports Inflataman Football Challenge - Inflatable Receiver Touchdown Toss Game

This looks super fun!

Blow up the inflatable receiver (the Inflataman) and let the kids take turns trying to throw the included footballs into the target net.

Hit him right between the numbers!

And once you’re done with the party, set this up in your backyard and your kids will have a target to hone in their accuracy.

If you don’t want to buy a dedicated receiver like this, you can use spare tires, clean empty garbage cans, or hold up hula hoops for the kids to throw at.

Field Goal Challenge

Activities to do at a football birthday party - have a field goal kicking challenge

Organize a field goal kicking challenge. Set up a mini goal post and let each child try their luck at kicking field goals.

Adjust the challenge based on the age and ability of the party attendees.

The field where you host the party may have real goal posts, but if not, you can actually buy mini field goal posts that you drive into the ground with a stake. (The product photo is below.)

GoSports Football Field Goal Post Set with 2 Footballs and Kicking Tee - Life Sized Backyard Field Goal for Kids and Adults - 6 ft or 8 ft

Football Obstacle Course

Set up a football-themed obstacle course.

You can include activities like running through tire hoops and dodging cones, ending with a touchdown celebration.

If you don’t want to come up with your own obstacle course ideas, check out the YouTube video below to see a fun option.

Touchdown Dance Competition

Want to add a crazy twist to the party?

Add a touchdown dance competition to get everyone in the spirit. Cue up some music and let the kids go.

They can show off their dances after scoring pretend touchdowns, adding fun and silliness to the party.

Hand off some Football Party Favors

Weysat 184 Pcs Football Party Favors, Football Party Supplies with Cup Straw Stress Ball Keychain Sticker Bracelet Whistle Thank You Tags for Kids Football Birthday Decorations (Football)

Give out football-themed party favors like mini footballs, team stickers and keychains.

These can be handed out at the end of the party or used as prizes during the games and challenges.

Junior Sized Footballs for Games and Party Favors

Franklin Sports Football - Grip-Rite 100 - Kids Junior Size - Youth Football - Durable Outdoor Rubber Football - Blue / White

Small footballs are not only good for kids to play games during the party but also as party favors.

Depending on your budget and number of kids attending the party, you could get the kids a junior-sized rubber football to bring home.

Or you could give some footballs away for the winners of the challenges (like passing accuracy challenge).

Other things to consider when hosting a Football Birthday Party

Here are a few additional things to consider so you can host a successful and enjoyable football party.

  1. Plan for All Weather Conditions: If your party is outdoors, have a backup plan in case of bad weather. A rented indoor space or a home-based setup can save the day. (Or at least have a covered pop up tent to keep the food and cake out of the rain.)
  2. Safety First: Ensure the play area is safe and suitable for children. Have basic first aid supplies on hand for any minor scrapes or injuries.
  3. Age-Appropriate Activities: Tailor games and activities to the age group of the attendees. Younger children might enjoy simpler games, while older kids might prefer more competitive sports activities.
  4. Supervision: Ensure adequate adult supervision for all activities, especially those that are more physical, to keep the party safe and organized. Depending on the age of the kids, you can ask the other parents to stay. Tell them this when they RSVP.
  5. Food and Hydration: Offer a variety of foods, considering any dietary restrictions. Since kids will be active, have plenty of water and healthy snacks available to keep them hydrated and energized.
  6. Rest Periods: Include short breaks or quieter activities between energetic games to give kids time to rest and recharge.
  7. Clear Instructions: When organizing games, provide clear instructions and rules to avoid confusion and ensure everyone understands how to participate.
  8. Inclusivity: Make sure every child feels included and has an opportunity to participate in the activities. Adapt games to accommodate all skill levels and interests.
  9. Party Duration: Keep the party length appropriate for the age group. Younger children might be better suited for shorter parties, while older kids might enjoy a longer one.
  10. Memories: Consider setting up a photo booth or designated photo area with football-themed props for memorable pictures. It’s a great way for kids to take home a fun reminder of the day.

I hope these ideas have helped you plan a fun football birthday party.

Just remember to have some fun too. You don’t want to be the grumpy parent at your child’s own party.

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