Free Printable Valentine’s Day Crafts and Coloring

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My youngest daughter loves coloring and crafting. So with Valentine’s Day coming up I thought I’d make some printable sheets for her. If your child loves crafting – or you do – then please feel free to use them too.

Click the pictures below to get the PDF’s.

Enjoy and happy Valentine’s Day!

Cute Valentine’s Day Rainbow Heart Coloring Page and Valentine

Here is a Valentine’s Day coloring page that doubles as a Valentine. There is a “To” and “From” line for your child to fill it in.

It is a free printable PDF. It is a letter-sized coloring page: 8.5-inches by 11-inches.

If you click the picture below it will open up the PDF in a new browser window. From there you can print off as many copies as you’d like.

Click the picture to open the PDF in a new window.

Are you wondering why I called it Rainbow Heart? The idea is that your child can color it similar to the picture below. There are seven hearts representing the 7 colors of the rainbow.

The picture below is an example of what I had in mind.

Of course, it can be colored how every you want. Get creative. Have fun.

Heart Shapes for Crafting

Here is a PDF featuring some different sized heart shapes for crafting. You can print the PDF, color the hearts if you’d like, and cut out the hearts to make various crafts (like Valentine’s Day crafts).

It is letter-sized: 8.5-inches X 11-inches.

Click the image to open the PDF in a new window

Printable Coloring Valentines

Does your child want something different to give out on Valentines? (Not just the same ones that everyone buys at the store.)

Do they want to stand out with a special Valentines that they color? If so, check out these Valentines that I made.

They are not the folding kind… but your child can easily fold them in half to keep it a surprise for the recipient.

I have created a 2-page PDF featuring 4 Valentines on each page.

There is a bit of color for the text, but it prints fine in black and white too.

Here is a picture of the first page of the PDF.

Click the picture to open the Valentines PDF in a new browser window.

And below is the second page of the PDF with 4 different Valentines on it.

Click the picture to open up the PDF.

Cute Hearts Valentine’s Day Valentines

Here is another Valentines I’ve made. It features a Rainbow heart with a cute little face.

It is an 8.5-inch X 11-inch, letter-sized PDF.

Click the picture to get the PDF

Usage Rights

Please note these are for personal, non-commercial use. Feel free to use them at home, in your classroom or in your child care program just please don’t resell them. Thank you.

Thank you and I hope you or your children enjoy these crafts and coloring sheet.

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