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What are Full Hookup Sites?

Full hookup sites are camping sites that have water, electrical and sewage hookups for your RV. These sites – sometimes called full hookups or FHU for short – allow you to hookup and get fresh drinking water, shore power for electricity and a connection to dump the waste from your RV directly into the sewer or septic system. (Some campgrounds may also offer additional services such as Internet and TV.)

Full hookup sites provide you the luxury of not having to rely solely on what your RV can hold/handle when it comes to water, waste and electricity. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Full hookup sites are when the campsite has water, electrical and sewage hookups. 
  2. You’ll have shore power to get electricity for your RV’ing needs 
  3. You’ll have access to fresh water and won’t have to rely solely on what is in your freshwater tank 
  4. You’ll have a sewer hookup to dump your waste directly from your RV into the sewer hookup without filling up your waste tanks and needing to go elsewhere to dump them. 

Full hookup site meaning explained.
Full hookup site for an RV explained

Understanding Full hookup sites 

What does a full hookup campsite mean? 

A full hookup campsite means it will have water, electricity, and sewer hookups for your RV.

This can increase the comfort of your camping experience because you do not have to rely solely on just what your RV can hold or handle: you’ll have water to drink, electricity to run your appliances, and you’ll be able to dump your waste tanks without driving to a dump station. 

The opposite of full hookups is boondocking. Boondocking is camping in your RV without any hookups. This means you have to observe and ration supplies of stored water and electricity, and waste produced. 

More common than full hookup sites are partial hookup sites. These are campsites that have only partial hookups: usually water and electricity, hence are sometimes called W/E sites. 

What does FHU mean? 

In the RV world FHU is short for full hookup, or full hookup utilities. It is just another way of denoting a full hookup site that has water, electricity and sewer hookups for an RV. 

Full hookup site meaning explained.
Full hookup site meaning explained

If you’re looking for RV campgrounds near you, you could try Campendium. Once you find a campground where you want to go you can check it if has full hookups under the amenities section for that campground.

Related Terms


Boondocking is when you stay in your RV at a spot that has no hookups. 

Partial Hookups 

Partial hookups are campsites that usually have only water and electricity: they don’t have all 3 amenities of a full hookup. 

RV Gray Water Tanks

Gray water is waste water that has flowed down the drain of a sink or shower. In an RV it is collected in gray water tank.

Back in sites 

Back in sites require you to reverse, or back up your RV into the site. Sometimes simply called back-ins. 

Pull through sites 

These are camping sites that do not require you to back in to them. You only need to go in one direction to pull through them. Sometimes simply called “pull-thrus”.

RV Shore Power 

Shore power is an external power source that you plug your RV in to. 

Hose bib 

This is the tap or faucet that you connect to to provide fresh water for your RV

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