12 thoughtful RV Gifts that Campers will Love (and appreciate)

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Do you have an avid RV’er on your gift list? Are you stumped on what to buy them? I have compiled a list of great gifts for RV owners. These RV gifts are sure make them smile when they open them.

RV Gifts - 12 Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas for RV Owners they're sure to love.  These gifts for rv owners will make them happy you're in their life.
Gifts for RV owners

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RV Gifts – Gifts for RV Owners that they’ll Love

These gifts for RV owners make great Christmas gifts, but they aren’t specific to Christmas: they’ll appreciate them any time of year.

1) RV Journal to document their camping memories

RV Journal and camping logbook
Click to see on Amazon. (Photo credit: LearnAlongWithMe.com)

Camping provides many memories – some good, but some not-so-good (such as how terrible that last sani-dump station was).

And without writing the details down, the memories may slip away and are forgotten by the next camping trip. (“Oh jeez, NOW I remember how smelly this place was!”)

Document your camping and RV’ing trips in a dedicated RV journal. This is a RV journal that I created – so I’m a little biased – but I think the RV’er in your life will like it. 🙂

2) Give the Gift of Less Fights 🙂 – A wireless backup camera

Gifts for RV Owners  - a backup camera to help back up RV's into campsites

All the great laughs and memories from a camping trip can be erased by a fight while packing up and trying to hook up the camper.

If this sounds familiar, consider a wireless backup camera.

They are marketed as a way to make hooking up your trailer easier, but really they’re a way to decrease arguments.

3) Customized RV Mat (from Etsy)

RV welcome mat that is customizable to your name. Available on Etsy
Cute outdoor mat available on Etsy

There are a ton of cute RV-related outdoor mats for sale on Etsy.

Above is just one example of a cool one I saw on there.

They are a nice way to add touch of “home” to your RV.

4) National Park Pass

A thoughtful gift to RV owners is the National Park pass in the USA
Image by LoggaWiggler from Pixabay

If you’re reading this from the USA you may want to check out the “America the Beautiful” annual passes.

You could give the gift of the beautiful and majestic US National Parks (at a low rate).

5) A Yeti Cooler

RV Gifts - Yeti Cooler 35 makes a great gift for rv owners becuase it'll keep ice frozen for days
Yeti Cooler 35 – Photo credit: YETI

Seems like everyone who has a Yeti brags about it like it’s their child. (My sister-in-law has one and loves it!)

It helps keep food cool for a long time, but I find they are heavy. (I guess that means well built?)

(The one my sister-in-law has is the Yeti 45 [so bigger than the Yeti 35 shown here], and it weighs in at about 30 pounds!)

Large RV’s have a fridge, but a quality cooler is still great for having outside the RV or for smaller RV’s that have little fridges.

Yeti Travel Mugs

And if you’re friendly with the RV’er…but not $300-gift friendly, check out these YETI travel mugs. They’re still the cool Yeti brand.

6) Zero Gravity Camp Chairs

Gifts for RV Owners - nice relaxing zero gravity chairs
Zero Gravity camping chairs

The memories and stories shared around a campfire can be some of the most precious moments of a camping trip: share your stories while sitting in style in a zero gravity camp chair.

For other innovative styles of camping chairs, click here to see our Camping Chairs article.

7) RV Couch Coaster

RV couch coaster
Couch coaster

With the limited space in an RV you need to find ways to maximize what you DO have.

Check out these couch coasters I saw on Amazon… I didn’t even know these things existed, but they look super cool.

It won’t crush your wallet yet it is still a great RV gift that is unique and will be appreciated.

8) Funny RV Shirts

“Last Clean Camping Shirt”

LAST CLEAN CAMPING SHIRT (funny shirt for campers) T-Shirt

Most of us have enough t-shirts. But keep this one in the bottom of the drawer and pull it out when it’s actually “true”.

It is available on Amazon in a variety of sizes and colors.

It’ll get a laugh from your fellow campers and may help strike up some conversations.

“Camping Shirt…Don’t Mind the Smell” – funny shirt for campers

Camping Shirt Don't Mind the Smell | Funny Meme Design T-Shirt

Here is another funny and cheeky camping shirt that’d be a great gift for the RV owner in your life.

It is available in 10 different colors and in Men, Women and Youth sizes.

Click here to see the other colors of this funny camping shirt.

9) Give the Gift of a Great cup of coffee – great camp coffee options

A French Press

A French press can make a good gift for RV owners if they're unhappy with their current camping coffee.
Photo credit: Mueller

Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you have to have a crappy cup of coffee.

Just boil some water over the fire or on the stove and then pour the hot water into the french press with your favorite coffee grounds.

I usually wait 4 minutes then slowly press down the plunger. It traps the coffee grounds at the bottom leaving the delicious coffee above.

I’m not exactly sure where we purchased our french press but the one shown above by Mueller is popular on Amazon.

I recommend you get a stainless steel one, not glass. We’ve had two glass ones and we broke them both.

Melitta Single-cup Pour Over Coffee Cone

Click to see details of the Melitta Coffee Cone on Amazon

My brother-in-law likes the Melitta Single-cup Pour Over Coffee Cone. As you can see in the picture above he heats up the water over the stove and then simply pours it into the cone. It drips down and produces a tasty cup of coffee. (And yes, into a Yeti tumbler.)

Aero Press Coffee Maker

We recently bought one of these for our house and we love it. We’re going to use it camping this Spring. It makes super tasty cups of coffee. Actually, it makes a shot of espresso and then for “American coffee” you just add more hot water.

So for camping you just need a kettle to heat the water and then pour into the AeroPress cylinder with your ground coffee, stir for 10 seconds, then insert the plunger into the cylinder and slowly press down. You’re left with a very tasty shot of coffee.

I think the coffee-drinking RV owner in your life will be really happy to get this as a gift. I highly recommend this unique coffee maker, and I look forward to using it.

10) Give the Gift of Cool – a Cooling fan

I don’t mean a cool Neil Diamond collection, I mean a Dyson cooling fan.

How many Hot August Nights have you spent sweating it out in your RV dreaming of your air-conditioner at home.

Of course you can get an air-conditioner for your RV but if you don’t have the electrical hookup or adequate generator for such a power-hungry appliance, check out this table top fan from Dyson (available on Amazon).

11) Give the Gift of Steady WiFi

Camping without WiFi can be refreshing and fulfilling. But spotty WiFi can be extremely frustrating.

If the RV’er on your list gets annoyed at weak WiFI, you should check out a WiFi range extender. They are designed to boost the existing WiFi at the campground.

To check out some quality WiFi extenders on Amazon, click here.

Image by Tikwa from Pixabay

12) Give the Gift of a Good Night’s Sleep

Many RV’s come with less-than-stellar stock mattresses.

You can buy memory foam mattresses from Amazon, or you can even order custom RV mattresses.

But buying a new RV mattress is a big decision, and a personal one.

So if you’re interested in giving the gift of a good night’s sleep, check out this article, “6 Things to Know Before you Buy a RV Mattress.”


I hope you’ve found some inspiring gifts for RV owners in this article, but I’m sure whatever your end up buying, the RV’er in your life will love it.

And they’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness you put in by just reading an article like this.

That makes you special. It shows you care.

Which of these RV gifts will work for the camper in your life?

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You’ll also find some great RV Organization ideas in our article, “75 Clever RV Organization Accessories” (Particularly good if the camper in your life has a messy RV 🙂 )

Happy Holidays.

12 Christmas Gift Ideas for RV Owners that they'll love and appreciate
12 Christmas Gift Ideas for RV Owners that they’ll love and appreciate

Camping Shirt Don't Mind the Smell | Funny Meme Design T-Shirt

LAST CLEAN CAMPING SHIRT (funny shirt for campers) T-Shirt

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