9 super handy Golf Bag Organizers to store your gear

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Are you tired of tripping over your golf bag or having it tip over in your garage? If so, you may need a golf bag organizer.  These organizers help you organize and protect your golf gear. (Plus, you’ll be able to find your equipment when its time to head to the course!)

In this article we’ll look at:

  • golf bag storage rack options
  • some hanging golf club storage ideas
  • a proven golf bag storage stand
  • And more…

Read on to see which one will work for you.

Golf Bag organizers to help store and protect your golf gear (includes golf bag storage racks and stands)
Golf Bag organizers to help protect and store your golf gear

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Table of Contents

9 super handy Golf Bag Organizers

Some of these are designed to hang your golf bags on the wall, while others are floor stands and racks. Some of them are designed for a single bag while other options store more than one bag.

Will one of these golf bag organizers work for you?

Hooks to hang golf clubs on wall

In this section we’ll look at a couple different hooks to hang your golf clubs on the wall. Most of them involve suspending the bags off the floor.

Hanging them up will help free up floor space and make it easy to sweep or clean the floor under the bags.

1) Hooks for 2 Golf Bags

StoreYourBoard BLAT 2 Bag Golf Rack, Garage & Home Storage Hooks, Mounted Hanging Organizer, Golf Bags & Accessories

This is metal golf bag holder features 2 rubber-coated hooks to hold your golf bags by their carrying handle.

In the picture above you can’t really see what the actual product looks like, but you can see it better in the picture below.

StoreYourBoard BLAT 2 Bag Golf Rack, Garage & Home Storage Hooks, Mounted Hanging Organizer, Golf Bags & Accessories

There are two mounting holes spaced 16-inches apart so you should be able to screw this into your wall studs (assuming they’re 16-inches on center like most builds).

2) Wall-mounted Golf Bag Storage rack

WALMANN Wall Mount Golf Bag Organizer for Garage, Extra Large 2 Golf Bag Stand Golf Equipment and Accessories Storage Rack for Garage Shed Basement

If you want to save some floor space in your garage or storage room, check out this wall-mounted golf bag rack by WALMANN.

It screws into your wall and has holes spaced 16-inches apart so you can hit the studs.

There is space to hold 2 golf bags on main shelf (with straps to keep them from tipping over), and there is a wire shelf below to hold shoes and other accessories.

Do you want to get the clutter off of your garage floor?

If so, check this out.

3) Hold-N-One Golf Bag Holder

Hold-N-One Golf Bag Holder

This golf club holder grips the top of your golf bag and keeps it upright.

Note: it doesn’t suspend your golf bag off the floor. The bottom of your golf bag will still rest on the floor but by clamping the top of your bag it’ll prevent it from tipping over.

Because this product is so small and unassuming, you could use it to store your golf clubs in your closet or other small space without fear of it tipping over.

Seniors golfers can add yards to their drive with this specially designed program.

4) KOOVA golf bag holder

Koova Golf Bag Storage Rack- Wall Mount Garage Organizer for Golf Clubs - Fits Any Size Cart or Stand Bag - Easy to Install and Use - Gets Your Clubs Off The Floor - Made in USA

This golf bag holder will help keep your golf bag off the floor. It has a top piece that encircles your golf bag, and there is a bottom ledge to hold your bag off the ground.

I haven’t used one of these, and honestly I find the product photos a little confusing. The photo above shows two separate pieces, but then when you scroll down on the Amazon product page, it shows the product has a vertical piece that connects the top and bottom parts. (And the customer submitted photos show it having a vertical spine-like piece.)

It is very well-rated and people seem to love this Made in the USA company. So you may want to check it out.

Click here for more details.

Single Golf Bag Storage Rack

If you’re the only golfer in your family then a single golf bag storage rack should fit your needs. Below is a well rated option for you.

5) Golf Bag Storage Rack for One Set of Clubs (by Mythinglogic)

Mythinglogic Golf Storage Garage Organizer,Golf Bag Storage Stand and Other Golfing Equipment Rack,Extra Large Design for Golf Clubs Accessories

This popular golf bag storage rack is an all-metal rack made by Mythinglogic. It will fit one golf bag (stand bag or cart bag), and has some metal hooks to hang other items from the side of the unit.

A neat feature of this particular rack is that it can connect to the company’s 2-bag model if you need to store 3 golf bags.

This is a well-rated golf bag organizer with lots of reviews on Amazon.

Double Golf Bag Storage Rack

Does the love of golfing run in the family? If so, you’ll probably need a golf bag organizer that can hold more than one bag.

In this section we’ll look at some popular golf bag storage racks that hold 2 (or more) golf bags.

6) Millard Golf Bag Organizer

Milliard Golf Organizer - Extra Large Size - Fit 2 Golf Bags and Other Golfing Equipment and Accessories in This Handy Storage Rack - Great Gift Item

This golf bag storage rack by Milliard is designed to fit up to two large golf bags side-by-side in the 26-inch wide main section.

Plus there are 3 open shelves along the right side, and the top shelf on the right side is enclosed…so it is like a “dump bin” for golf ball storage, tees or other small golfing items.

It has a steel frame, and adjustable feet. This is a cool feature so you can level it if your garage or storage room floor is wonky.

This is a very well-rated product on Amazon with lots of reviews.

7) Morvat Golf Bag Organizer (spot for two bags)

Morvat Golf Organizer Golf Storage - Garage Organizer for Golf Gadgets Extra Large Size, Golf Bag & Golf Accessories - Perfect Way to Store & Organize Your Golf Equipment, Clubs & Golf Travel Bag

This is similar to the 2-bag organizer by Milliard, but this golf bag organizer features the bag storage spots on opposite ends of the unit.

When two bags are stored right next to each other you can knock one over while trying to get the other golf bag out.

This unit avoids that problem by giving a separate storage spot for each golf bag. The width of each bag storage area is about 12-inches.

What this one doesn’t have is an enclosed shelf like the one from Milliard has.

Will this work for you?

8) Racor Golf Storage Rack

Racor Golf Bag Storage Hanger Holds Two Golf Bags Shoes Sports Equipment For Garage Closet Organizer

The Racor golf storage rack (shown above) screws into a wall stud and will help hold up to 2 golf bags off the floor.

Below is a picture showing 2 golf bags and shoes on the rack. It is a little tricky to tell by the photo, but the bags are held up by their carrying handle on the top hooks.

Racor Golf Bag Storage Hanger Holds Two Golf Bags Shoes Sports Equipment For Garage Closet Organizer

One of the benefits of this golf bag organizer is that it is easy to install.

You just need to find one stud in your wall, and then screw in the two screws into the stud to secure this metal rack to the wall.

If you want an easy to install option, check this out.

9) Golf Bag Storage Stand by SafeRacks

SafeRacks Golf Bag Storage Rack | Sports Equipment Organizer | Heavy-Duty Steel Wire Shelf Extra-Wide | Fits 2 Extra-Large Golf Bags Plus Accessories

If you want a moveable option to store your bag, then a golf bag storage stand like this one by SafeRacks should work.

This heavy-duty wire rack features 3-inch caster wheels to move it around your garage or storage room. Two of the wheels have a lock so it won’t roll away on you. Being able to wheel it around is great for when you want to sweep the floor.

And this golf club organizer has large openings for the bag-storage areas: they are 14.5-inches wide. This should fit almost any golf bag.

It has the bottom wire rack (that your golf bag will sit on), and it also has three elevated wire racks in the center of the unit between the bags. Plus, it has brackets on the side that you can use as golf club storage (for clubs not in a bag).

This is a very well-rated product with lots of reviews. [It’s a popular golf bag storage idea for garages.]

I hope you’ve enjoyed a look at these golf bag organizers.

Will one of these help you organize your garage or storage room?

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