9 simple Golf Ball Storage Ideas (2024)

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Do you need some help storing and organizing your golf balls? In this article we’ll look at 9 golf ball storage ideas. Plus, we’ll look at the best way to store golf balls.

Most golfers keep at least some of their game balls in their bag along with their golf clubs…ready for the next trip to the golf course…but what about storing your other balls? This list will give you some ideas.

Golf Ball Storage Ideas - 9 simple storage solutions
Golf Ball Storage Ideas – practical and decorative options

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Quick Note about Storing Golf Balls

It is important to store your golf balls at or near room temperature, and not in the trunk of a car or in an outdoor area that experiences temperature extremes.

This article from Golf Week says that a cold ball won’t come off the club face with as much velocity or spin as a warmer ball. And this could translate into less distance per drive.

So if you’re just tossing your golf balls into your car trunk when the nightly temperatures are getting chilly, you could be affecting your golf game.

A great way to possibly get a longer distance on your drive (even incrementally) is to store your golf balls inside your home. (And you can throw off your golfing friends’ mental game by asking if they stored their golf balls correctly.)

List of Golf Ball Storage Ideas

Most of the golf ball storage ideas in this article are practical storage ideas: to store regular balls that people golf and practice with regularly.

But some of these storage ideas are decorative: ways to display meaningful golf balls or a collection of balls.

Scroll through them all to see which is the best option for you.

1) Callaway Golf Ball Bag

Callaway Practice Caddy, White/Black

Here is an attractive golf ball practice bag from Callaway. It is made of synthetic leather and features reinforced handles to carry the weight of your balls as you tote this bag to a putting green, BYOB driving range or a local, mowed field.

It features a large zippered opening so it makes an effective shag bag. Just combine it with a golf ball shagger (like the Practice Stick Ball Shagger) and you’re all set to work on your game.

(Though some people wish it had a slightly larger opening…like the TaylorMade bag below.)

2) TaylorMade Practice Ball Storage Bag

Performance Practice Ball Bag by TaylorMade (Photo credit: TaylorMadeGolf.com)

This is well-rated shag bag by TaylorMade holds dozens of golf balls and the strong handles makes it easy to tote this to driving range or putting green.

There are some pockets inside the bag so you can store some tees, markers and other accessories.

What’s cool about this bag is the the sturdy plastic base also has some drainage holes. So if it rained on your practice, the water will drip out the bottom.

3) Golf Ball Basket

Crestgolf Stainless Metal Golf Basket Golf Ball Container Ball Bucket, Holds 50 Balls.(Black)

A golf ball basket like this is an easy way to store your practice golf balls.

It holds an estimated 50 golf balls and you don’t have to get fussy about arranging them in the basket. Just toss them in and set them on a shelf, or on your golf bag organizer for next time.

It doesn’t have a lid which means if it tips over you’re chasing balls all over, but no lid also means easy access to the balls. And the wire mesh design allows water to drip out the bottom.

Most driving ranges don’t let you bring your own golf balls, but a basket like this is perfect if you have a backyard golf net, your own putting green, or a local field where you can bring your own balls. The strong metal handle makes it easy to carry this around.

Will this simple option work for you?

The picture below shows the downside to having no lid…but it also makes it easy access to the balls.

Image by beauty of nature from Pixabay

4) Mesh Golf Ball Bags

JKL 5 Pack Small Golf Ball Bags, Golf Mesh Bags,Sports Net Bag, Round Storage Bag,little nylon mesh bag,Colorful Drawstring mesh Bags for Golf accessories(Red Yellow Blue Green Black bag)

Do you have several golfers in your family?

You can get this 5-pack of small, mesh golf ball bags with different colors of string on the drawstring closures.

Each member of your family could get a bag.

So now you’ll know which balls are yours. And each bag will hold about 16 balls.

And the mesh bags will allow the balls to dry off and avoid developing a foul smell if they’re stored in a ventilated area.

This is a good option if need several bags and you don’t really care about having expensive golf brand logos emblazoned on everything.

5) Golf Storage Bag

Golf Shoes Bag Golf Soccer Football Pouch Sack Gym Sports Shoe Bag

This product is marketed as a bag to hold your golf shoes. But some people use it to store their golf balls instead.

You’ll be able to fit about 20 or so balls in here, and keep them in there with the drawstring closure.

Click here to see more details on this golf storage bag.

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6) Wine Barrel Golf Ball Display Rack (Etsy)

Click pic to see details of this Golf Ball Storage Rack (Photo credit: Barrelworx on Etsy)

Isn’t this a great way to display a golf ball collection?

It is made by Barrelworx and is available on Etsy.

This would look great in an office, a man cave, she-shed or even in your living room. It is sure to draw the attention of your guests.

This is a good option if you want some quality golf décor.

7) Clear Acrylic Display for one special Golf Ball (Etsy)

Clear Golf Ball Display Case (Photo credit: BetterDisplayCases on Etsy)

Do you have one special golf ball that you cherish above the others? Perhaps it’s your hole in one ball?

You can proudly display your ball with this clear acrylic case and the fake putting green grass on the bottom.

If this won’t work for you, it could be the perfect gift for the golf lover in your life.

It would look great on a work desk or office shelves.

It is available from the Etsy seller BetterDisplayCases.

8) Wooden, Wall-mounted Golf Ball Storage Racks (Etsy)

Golf Ball Display and Storage Racks (Photo credit: GoodwoodDesignCoWI on Etsy)

These wooden racks are an attractive way to store and display golf balls.

They are handmade by the Etsy seller GoodwoodDesignCoWI. And they’re made in the USA (Wisconsin).

You can get it in various lengths: 12, 24, 30 or 36-inches long.

These make good golf gifts for the avid golfer in your life.

9) Store your Golf Balls in an Egg Carton (easy DIY golf ball storage solution)

This is likely the cheapest option on this list.

Put your golf balls into an old egg carton and then store them inside your home or another temperature-controlled space.

What is the best way to store golf balls?

You could be losing yardage on your drives if haven’t stored your golf balls correctly or if you’re using old golf balls.

According to this article by Vice Golf the best way to store golf balls is to store them at room temperature (or slightly less) and to avoid extreme temperatures (hot or cold). The extreme high or low temperatures could cause the solid rubber core – or proprietary core – of the ball, or its outer cover to deform thereby affecting its performance.

Storing golf balls inside your home in a temperature-controlled environment is best.

You should avoid keeping your golf balls in the trunk of your car due to the the temperature fluctuations. And don’t believe the old myth about storing your golf balls in the freezer.

This article from Golf Week claims that there is no established study about the shelf life of golf balls. But storing UNUSED golf balls correctly means your golf balls could last 10 years or more. (Presumably without much deterioration in performance). And if you’re using the balls, then it is commonly believed that a golf ball will last about seven rounds of 18-holes of golf. (Reference)

I hope one of these golf ball storage ideas will help you. Just remember to get the most out of your golf balls, store them at room temperature or just slightly below and avoid large temperature fluctuations.

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