Free Habit Tracker Journal Page [helpful printable PDF]

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Developing a new habit takes time and consistency. This free Habit Tracker Journal page in “confetti styling” will allow you to track up to three positive daily habits over a three week period. And then you can simply print off more pages for future weeks.

This sheet makes tracking your positive habit the easy part…now it is up to you actually do the daily task.

Free printable Habit Tracker Journal Page
Habit Tracker Journal Page

You can build the life you dream of, but you have to develop the daily habits and procedures that will get you there.

Because goals are only wishes if you don’t work at them.

You ready to get to work?

Click here to open the Habit Tracker Journal Page (confetti style) in a new browser window.

And remember to click “Fit to Printable” option (or your printer’s similar option) so the whole thing shows up properly on one page.

What does the Habit Tracker PDF look like and how do you use it?

Below is a picture of what the habit tracker journal page looks like and is partially filled in to show you how to use it.

It allows you to track up to three positive habits over a three week time.

Click the picture below to open the Habit tracker PDF in a new browser window. (Then you can print it off from there. Remember to select “Fit to Printable Page” or similar option on your printer to ensure it all fits on page properly.)

Click to open up a BLANK version of the Habit Tracker Journal Page in a new browser window.

How long does it take to develop a habit?

According to it takes an average of 66 days to develop a new habit (but depending on the person and on the habit it might take less time but it could take way longer). What is good about this free printable Habit Tracker journal page is that you can print off more pages when you need them.

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