Is a hanging shoe organizer the most versatile home organization product?

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Organizing your home can sometimes feel like an unattainable goal. And it can get expensive if you’re spending hundreds of dollars on new furniture or shelving. But the hanging shoe organizer is an inexpensive (i.e. cheap!) home organizer that can be used in every room in your house.

Hanging Shoe Organizer

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Hanging shoe organizers are very versatile, inexpensive home organizers.

It’s called the “hanging shoe organizer”, but these things can hold WAY more than just shoes.

A more appropriate name is “The Multi-Pocket Multi-Functional Hanging Organizing Apparatus.” But that just doesn’t have a good ring to it.

I saw pictures all over Pinterest of the hanging shoe organizer being used in almost every room in the house and it got me intrigued.

So I put it to the test. I bought one organizer, and then set about filling it with different items from different rooms in the house.

I didn’t want to rush out and buy 10 of these things because I was unsure of whether they fit MY needs. And YOUR needs will differ from mine.

I am not going to pretend these hanging organizers are attractive or stylish. But they’re functional.

I’ll show you pictures and examples below of how I used the hanging shoe organizer in multiple ways, but I came to one conclusion.

This hanging organizer works best for storing items that would otherwise be cluttering your counters or shelves in a small room.

For example, if you have a small bathroom with limited drawer or cupboard space (like in an RV or apartment) then this could work really well for you.

Use a Hanging Shoe Organizer to Store Food and Snacks

You can use your organizer like a hanging pantry.

Not everyone has the space or the means to get a fancy pantry. So this inexpensive hanging shoe organizer can become your vertical pantry.

You can stuff the pockets with snacks, side dishes and treats. Even soup cans would fit well in here.

Use it to store snacks and pantry items

To Store Personal Care Items and Bathroom Items

The counter-top in a small bathroom can quickly become cluttered with toiletries and personal items.

And medicine cabinets can get stuffed quickly too.

A hanging organizer like this one can be used on the back side of the bathroom door to make use of that “dead space” or you can hang it on the dry side of the shower curtain (as shown in the second picture below).

Hanging organizer used behind the door

Hanging shoe organizer used on the dry side of the shower curtain to store personal items
Hanging on the dry side of the shower curtain

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To Store Garage Items (Paint and Tools)

Is your garage or shed like mine? A cluttered mess!

Well this hanging organizer could be used to help store tools or items like spray paint and automotive fluids.

It isn’t going to solve all of your garage storage problems, but it could be a start.

If you want more garage organization ideas, check out this article. I wrote the article, yet I still haven’t tamed the chaos…but I’m working on it!

Use a Hanging Shoe Organizer to Store Toys and Kids Items

Organizing toys can be a big headache for parents.

Believe me, I know what that is like.

I think my daughter has taken over about 80% of the square footage of my house!

My daughter has stuffed animals that she probably doesn’t even know she has.

A clear pocketed hanging shoe organizer like this one allows you see what you have, and access it quickly. (Well you can access the higher up items but your kids will be able to reach the lower items.)

Hanging shoe organizer used to store stuffed animals and toys
Hanging organizer used for toys and stuffed animals

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Use a Hanging Shoe Organizer to store cleaning supplies

Our laundry room is the main storage area for our cleaning supplies.

Some of the cleaning supplies were in the house when we bought it. I think some of them are older than I am!

You could put this hanging shoe organizer on the backside of your laundry room door to add to your laundry room storage potential, or you can screw it directly into the wall.

Hanging Shoe organizer used to store cleaning products
Use it to store cleaning products, rags and laundry room items

Use a Hanging Shoe Organizer to store arts and crafts supplies

One of my daughters loves art and crafts!

She has a plastic cart overflowing with supplies.

A hanging shoe organizer like this would get some of those supplies out of the drawers and make them visible.

I think that being able to see what is in the pockets is one of the biggest advantages of the hanging shoe organizer. You can see what you got. You can access your items and supplies quickly!

If you put up your arts and crafts in an organizer like this you can instantly see what you have and it’ll save you time rifling around in a drawer or cabinet.

You’ll still want your drawers or accordion folders to store your paper goods, but at least they won’t be cluttered with crayons and paints.

Hanging Shoe organizer used to store arts and crafts supplies
Hanging organizer to store arts and crafts supplies

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To Store Shoes

And what would an article on a hanging shoe organizer be without discussing holding shoes?

It can fit two kids shoes per slot, but for adults and teens it really only fits one shoe.

I probably could have stuffed some of the sandals in one pocket though.

If you want more shoe storage ideas, check out this article on Shoe Rack Ideas.

Hanging Shoe Organizer to store shoes

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article on the amazingly versatile hanging shoe organizer.

I’m sure you’ll be able to buy an organizer like this at your local store (I found mine at a Walmart), but if you can’t find one here is a link to one on Amazon.

Have I missed a cool use of the hanging shoe organizer? If so, please lave a comment below.

Thank you.

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2 thoughts on “Is a hanging shoe organizer the most versatile home organization product?”

  1. Years ago I lived in an older mobile home that had 4 kitchen drawers & a small kitchen closet that was barely big enough for me to stand in & turn around. The closet shelves were only about 5″ deep on the back & 2 sides & stopped about 2′ above the floor.
    I put a rolling 4 drawer cart in the center & hung a shoe organizer on the inside of the door! I put spices & gravy mix packets in the shoe organizer along with bouillon cubes & small packets of baking mixes, etc. It freed up a lot of space on the shelves.

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