25 Baseball Hat Storage Ideas (store your collection)

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Do you need to organize and store a large number of baseball hats? It can be tricky storing a hat collection. You’re sure to find something helpful among these different ways to store ball caps.

Hat Storage - 25 handy ideas to organize and store your hats
Hat Storage Ideas

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25 Different Ways to Store Baseball Hats

Most of the hat storage ideas featured in this article pertain to baseball caps.
But there are hat storage options for cowboy hats and other wide-brimmed hats too.

Whichever style of hats you have, the best way to store hats is out of direct sunlight to avoid fading.

And if you live in a particularly dusty area, you may want to cover your hats or put them in your closet.

1) Horizontal Hat Storage Hanger [goes over a clothes hanger]

LokiEssentials Hat Organizer Holder for Hanger (2 Pack) Hat Storage for Room & Closet, 10 Large Holder Clips to Hang Baseball Hats, Ball Caps, Winter Beanie & Accessories, Fits All Size Hangers

The company Loki Essentials makes this closet rod hat hanger that can store up to 10 hats.

You can buy a 2 pack so you can store up to 20 of your hats. 

This could be a good option if you have room in your closet.

2) Hat Shelf Organizer for your Closet

Click picture to see details on Walmart.com

This 10-shelf hanging hat organizer is a convenient way to store your baseball caps in your closet. Plus, there is a plastic dust cover on the front. The shelves are 9-inches wide so they should fit your hats well, and it secures to your closet rod with Velcro.

3) Cap Capers (display your ball caps on the wall)

Cap Capers® Baseball Cap Display; Wall Mounted Hat Rack; Baseball Cap Storage & Organization; (24 pk) Great for Cap Collectors. The Ultimate Display for Baseball Caps

If you want to store your cap collection on the wall – and you don’t mind them getting a little dusty – you can check out the Cap Capers.

Cap Capers® Baseball Cap Display; Wall Mounted Hat Rack; Baseball Cap Storage & Organization; (24 pk) Great for Cap Collectors. The Ultimate Display for Baseball Caps

I first came across these on Tiktok video below…where over 1,700 people commented on her video. Most wanted to know what they’re called and where to get them. Well, the answer is Cap Capers and you can get them on Amazon.

4) Hanging Closet Organizer Shelves

Hat Rack for Closet Hanging Hat Organizer for fedora, 2 Pack 10 Shelves Oxford Boho Hat Rack, With Closet Hook Hat Storage Organizer for wide brim hat Hanging Storage

I know this shows wide-brimmed hats, but this will work for baseball caps too.

You can combine the two pieces into one taller organizer, or keep separate as in the photo above.

And if you don’t have 10 hats to fill all the shelves, you can use the shelves for other things like sweaters too.

5) The “Dome Dock” – a wall mounted hat storage rack

The ORIGINAL DomeDock! American, patented, Wall Mount Hat Rack 25 Ball Cap Storage. Compact Hat Organization System. Made and Shipped in USA. (Single, White)

See that black plastic thing on the wall in the picture above…that is the “Dome Dock.”

If you have all ball caps, then this might work for you. You attach the “Dome Dock” to the wall and stick the brim of your hat down inside the Dome Dock. Then you tuck your next hat behind the first hat, and so on….

The downside to this option is that it may not work well unless you have flat-billed hats (ones with flat brims). 

And if you want a hat that is stacked in the middle of the pile you have to remove all the hats above it then put them all back.

It’s a great way to take advantage of vertical wall space.

Some people complain about the price. I’ll let you decide.

6) Wall-mounted Hat Rack with Key Holder Hooks

Adhesive Hat Rack for Wall, Hat Organizer Holder Storage for Baseball Caps with Hooks for Door Closet, White

This is a similar hat storage idea as the Dome Deck but this one has the added feature of the hooks for hanging up your keys.

It’s a great option for small spaces because of its double-duty functionality.

7) Over the Door hat hanger – a vertical hat storage idea

CapRack18 by Perfect Curver is a popular over the door hat holder
Click picture to see details on Walmart

This product called the CapRack18 is made by Perfect Curve is intended for hats and visors that are adjustable and have the little hole at the back with the adjustable strap. 

You can hold up to 9 hats on the back of your door with one of these hanger strips, and since it comes as a 2-pack you’ll be able to store up to 18 hats behind your door.

This is a very popular hat hanger. It helps you store a large number of hats and put them in an “out of the way” spot.

8) Accordion style Hat Rack for your Wall

Dseap Accordian Wall Hanger: 16” High Wooden Wall Expandable Coat Rack, Hat Rack Holder, Accordion Hook for Baseball Caps, Coats, Mugs, 17 Peg Hooks, Natural

This wooden accordion-style wall rack has 17 wooden pegs to hang your hats, coats, etc…

You can mount it to your wall horizontally – as shown above – or you can mount it vertically.

If the hat lover in your family wears a hat daily, then having one of these by the front door is a great idea. They can just grab it and go.

9) Hat Storage Cubbies (by Boxy Concepts)

Boxy Concepts Hat Organizer for Baseball Caps (Pack of 6) - Transparent Hat Storage Box and Hat Holder with Click-Lock Door and Odor Vents – Easy Assembly Hat Rack System for Stylish Hat Display

Do you have a baseball cap collection that you’re proud of?

These hat boxes from Boxy Concepts are stackable so you can put them in your closet or on a shelf.

But some people say these hat crates are better suited for hats that you don’t wear too often. (It isn’t as easy to get into one of these as it is to pluck a hat off a hat rack.)

Click here for more details on these hat storage boxes.

10) Tree shaped Hat Rack (attractive entryway organizer)

TERRA HOME Coat Rack Wall Mount - Hat Rack for Wall - Decorative Modern Design Tree Shape Wall Mounted Coat Rack with 8 Hooks for Baseball Caps, Coats, Purse - Vertical Contemporary Wall Coat Rack

This hat rack looks like a tree branch and has 8 branches that act as hooks for your hats, coats, scarves, etc…

What I like about an option like this is that your frequently worn hats will be easily reachable, and conveniently close to your front door.

It’s functional and looks good too.

11) Hat-Tac Hat Racks

Hat-Tac plastic wall mounted hat racks
Hat-Tac Hat Racks – Click to see on Etsy (photo credit: HATTACshop on Etsy)

These plastic wall-mounted hat racks by Hat-Tac stick to your wall using an adhesive. No screwing required. And they claim the adhesive is damage-free.

You store one hat on each hook, and you’ll get 4 of these wall hooks in one order.

You could place these low-profile hooks at the back of a door and take advantage of wasted space.

Will these work for you?

12) Hat Rail – Hat Organizer (Amazon)

Hat Rail - Wall or Door Baseball Cap Storage and Organizer, Rack Holds 7 Hanging Caps Nested Together - Compact with Easy Access

This wall-mounted hat rack has room to hang 7 adjustable baseball caps, visors or trucker hats.

I like how the screw holes are 16-inches apart so you should be able to hit the wall studs on a standard 16-inch-on-center studded wall.

This was invented by a husband and wife duo out of Utah.

13) Handmade Wooden Hat Rack (Etsy)

Handmade wooden hat rack from Etsy
Wooden Hat Rack (Photo credit: StoneMTNProjects on Etsy)

If you love the charm on handmade wood projects, check out this wooden hat rack made by StoneMTNProjects on Etsy.

You can get it with 3 hooks (like shown above), or you can get it with 6 hat hooks.

Click here to see price on Etsy

14) Hat Rack made from old golf clubs [on Etsy…perfect for a golf lover]

This hat rack made from old golf clubs is a clever hat storage idea for golf lovers.
Hat Rack from old golf clubs (Photo credit: OldGolfClubs on Etsy)

This cool hat rack (or coat rack) is perfect for golf lovers. It is a great rack for them to hang up their golf hats and visors. It is a handmade product made by the Etsy seller OldGolfClub.

If you love golf…check out our article about –

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15) Hockey Stick Hat Rack (easy DIY option to store baseball hats)

Hockey stick hat rack made from an old hockey stick and uses Command Hooks to hold the hats.
Homemade Hockey Stick Hat Rack

Here is a homemade hockey stick hat rack that my sister made for her son.

I thought she may have screwed into the hockey stick with cup hooks, but she said she actually used Command Hooks. So she didn’t wreck the stick.

This is an easy DIY hat storage idea for the hockey lover in your life. And you can customize it by adding as many hat hooks as you want or need.

You may also like our article on hockey mom gifts.

Hockey Mom gifts

16) Baseball Bat Hat Rack (Etsy)

Baseball Bat Hat rack on Etsy is a great hat storage idea for a baseball fan
Baseball Bat Hat Rack (by SeasonToRemember on Etsy)

Isn’t this cool!

What better way to hang baseball caps than on a baseball bat!

This handmade hat rack is made from a real Louisville Slugger ash-wood baseball bat that is sawed in half.

And you do get both halves with your order. (This is a popular product with buyers.)

17) Wall-mounted Hat Hanging Rail (with clips)

HYDERMUS Hat Rack for Wall 24 Baseball Caps Modern Metal Hat Organizer with 24 Clips Hat Holder Wall-Mounted Storage Display for Closet Bedroom Entryway Laundry 2 Pack

You could do something like this by getting a towel rack and some curtain clips, or you could save the running around and buy this set from the company HYDERMUS.

They are a popular option. And because it clips to the fabric, it works for adjustable caps or fitted caps.

BUT… you have to take the time to actually clip them back up.

If you want a similar option – but no clips – check out the option below.

18) Hat Hanging Rail with S Hooks

Mkono Hat Rack for Baseball Cap Organizer Hanger with 20 Hooks Modern Metal Holder Wall-Mounted Display for Closet Door Bedroom Entryroom Laundry, Set of 2,Black

If you like the idea of a hat rail, but you don’t want to fuss with clips, check this out.

Basically it is a towel rack and some S-hooks. But they sell them as a 2-pack of rails with 20 hooks in total.

It is best for adjustable caps (with the hole at the back), but fitted hats can stay too: just not as securely.

They’re made by the company Mkono.

19) Vertical Wall Storage Spike

HzTinT 3 Pack Anti-rust Hat Rack, Hat Organizer for Baseball Caps, No Drilling Adhesive/Drilling Hat Holder Storage Organizer for Wall Mount Closet Door, Black

This is a great option if you have adjustable ball caps like truckers hats.

Screw the faceplate into the wall then store your hats on the spike. Easy.

Click here to see more details.

20) Hat Rack for Cowboy Hats (Etsy)

Cowboy Hat Holder made of metal and wood can store up to 4 cowboy hats.
Cowboy Hat Holder (by GreatAmericanDecor on Etsy)

Store your cowboy hats on this great Western-themed hat rack by GreatAmericanDecor on Etsy.

This handmade cowboy hat holder has room for 4 cowboy hats and even more trucker hats and ball caps on the hooks.

Will this work for you? Do you have the perfect spot to put it?

21) Horizontal Cowboy Hat Rack (Etsy)

This is a wall-mounted cowboy hat rack that is horizontally oriented. It is available on Etsy
Horizontally mounted Cowboy Hat Rack (by GreatAmericanDecor on Etsy)

Here is another handmade cowboy rack from GreatAmericanDecor (on Etsy), but this one is horizontally oriented.

You can store up to 3 cowboy hats with this rack and up to 6 ball caps. (You could store more ball caps if you slid them along the pegs.)

22) Horseshoe Hat Rack for Cowboy Hats (Etsy)

Cowboy hat holder made of horseshoes makes a good hat storage idea for cowboys or western theme
Horseshoe Hat Rack (by BigSkyMetalWorx on Etsy)

Here is another cowboy hat holder, but this horseshoe hat holder (say that 3 times fast) doesn’t touch your hat’s brim. It holds up the hat where your head would be.

Note the wood doesn’t come with this. What you get is the welded and powder-coated horseshoe hat rack.

23) Farmhouse Hat Rack (DIY option)

Farmhouse Hat Rack DIY that I made
Farmhouse hat rack / coat rack I made (Photo credit: LearnAlongWithMe.com)

Above is a farmhouse hat rack that I made. I ended up adding another hook, and now it is our entryway coat rack.This was an easy DIY hat rack that I believe darn-near anybody can make.

Click here to see my article about this farmhouse hat rack.

24) Cowboy Hat Holder Hooks (Amazon)

YYST Cowboy Hat Rack Cowboy Hat Holder Coyboy Hat Organizer 5/PK- No Cowboy Hat

If you want to make your own cowboy hat holder, you can buy a 5-pack of these hat holders and screw them into rustic wood, barn boards, or even just your wall to help store and organize your wide-brimmed hats.

25) Cowboy Hat Hooks – wal mounted (4-pack on Amazon)

YYST Cowboy Hat Rack Hat Holder Hat Organizer Hat Wall Mount - 4/PK No Hat

You can buy a 4-pack of these u-shaped hat hooks on Amazon, and then screw them into your wall or mount them to a decorative piece of wood.

They are marketed as being cowboy hat holders, but they’d work for other wide-brimmed hats like fedoras, and the hooks would work for ball caps too.

26) Display Shelves for your Ball Caps (Amazon)

NPPLUS Hat Rack, Acrylic Baseball Hat Shelf for Wall,4 Pack Black Caps Holder 3M Adhesive Wall Shelf Display Holder

If you’d rather have your ball caps on display instead of tucked away in a closet, check out this 4-pack of hat display shelves.

You can stick it to your walls using 3M adhesive tape so no need to screw them.

Its like creating wall art and having hat storage at the same time.

Click to see more details.

27) Stainless Steel Adhesive Hat Hooks

Small Adhesive Hooks Hat Hooks Baseball Caps Rack for Wall Mounted Hangers 304 Stainless Steel Waterproof Stick on Hooks Strong & Durable (Max Load up to 4Lbs)-20 Packs

Hat storage ideas don’t have to be complicated. Here is a 20-pack of adhesive hooks that you can mount to your wall or to the side of cabinets.

You could mount the hooks to the wall in an interesting pattern to create a piece of functional, hat-hanging wall art.

28) Freestanding Hat Rack

1 X Black Metal Walnut Wood Hall Tree Coat Hat Rack

Do you have enough space for a free-standing hat rack like this near your entryway?

This is a popular and well-rated hat rack made of metal and wood that you can find on Amazon.

29) Wooden Hat Tree Rack

Vlush Free Standing Coat Rack, Wooden Coat Hat Tree Coat Hanger Holder Coat Hook Entryway Hall Tree with Solid Rubber Wood Base, 10 Hooks, Coffee

Do you prefer the warmth and old-timey look of wood over metal?

If so, you may be interested in this wooden hat rack. It stands about 70-inches tall once assembled.

Most people rave about the stability and look of this product. It may not work well if you have a lot of hats, but it will help you organize your entryway.

Will this work for your home?

I hope one of these ideas has helped you organize and store your hats.

And do you have some favorite hat storage ideas that I’ve missed? If so, let me know.

Thank you.

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