Easy Hockey Stick Holder Hack

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Do you have hockey sticks that always seem to be in the way? I sure do. They slide along the floor and always seem to intentionally trip me. Instead of sending them to the box for 2 minutes for tripping, I decided to do something about it.

Below are our sticks in the carport – always getting in the way. (None of us play organized hockey, just backyard or pond hockey so we don’t have expensive hockey sticks. That’s why I’m okay with having them in the carport and not locked inside the house. In case you’re wondering. 🙂 )

I needed a better place to store them so I looked up some options to get our hockey sticks organized.

Inspiration for this Article

I was online and came across this photo from the website LiveForMotion.com I liked the simplicity of this option. They repurposed a broom holder to hold and organize their hockey sticks. So cool.

Photo credit: LiveForMotion.com

So I wanted to give this a try too.

The article had other cool hockey gear storage tips too, but for now, hockey sticks are what I need organized.

Repurposing Broom Holders as Hockey Stick Holders

I came across these two different styles of broom holders at the dollar store. The black one is plastic. (We’ll have to see how well it holds up.) The white one is metal with plastic rollers.

Dollar store broom holders I'm going to repurpose as hockey stick rack
The broom holders

I screwed them into the wood walls of my carport using the provided screws.

Then I stuck the hockey sticks into the broom holders. So easy.

Hockey Stick holder from broom holders (Photo: LearnAlongWithMe.com)

I like how it gets the sticks off the ground and it’s easy to see and grab the stick you need.

The potential downside though is that the blades stick out from the wall. As you can see below.

This isn’t a big deal for us, because we don’t walk through this little space in our carport. (It is becoming our sports gear storage area.)

But if you plan on installing this in a hallway or another place that you walk past regularly, the blades sticking out may be an issue. You may bump your shins and knock the sticks off the wall.

The two hockey in the middle had thinner shafts so I was able to turn them sideways so their blades were parallel to the wall and not sticking out.

You can see me trying to gesture this in the photo below.

The two sticks on the outside both had thicker shafts so I wasn’t able to turn them sideways.

Once again, this isn’t an issue for me, but could be something for you to keep in mind depending upon where you want to install your own hockey stick rack.

Overall, I’m really happy I came across this little hockey stick holder hack, and I hope you can put it to good use too.

The organizers I used only cost a few dollars to buy and a couple of minutes to install.

So quick, cheap AND easy.

Thank you.

Tim from LearnAlongWithMe.com

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