Home Office Organization and Decor Ideas to create an inviting home office

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Whether you work from home, are a student or just take care of your home finances in your home office, having a desirable work space can not only help you be more productive it will just make you feel better.  This article contains some awesome home office organization ideas and decor ideas that truly work.
The key is to first tidy your space: you can have the latest and greatest decor and “things” but if it’s a cluttered mess that’s all you’ll notice.
Once you have decluttered and tidied, start looking for ways to make your office more user friendly and visually appealing.
Create an atmosphere you actually enjoy being in. The atmosphere, or ambience of your office space is more than just functional organizers though. It includes having beautiful decor, uplifting scents, and music you enjoy.
Home Office Organization Ideas and Decor Ideas
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Here are some great Home Office Organization and Decor Ideas to get you started



1) Cute Desk Mat (Etsy)

A desk mat like this pulls double duty. It is functional and provides a work surface for your keyboard and mouse, but it also provides visual highlights to add a sense of design to your desk.
I have only recently started checking out Etsy.com and I’m always blown away by the awesome items on there.
Home Office Ideas
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2) Personalized Coffee Mug (Etsy)

Nothing says office work quite like a great mug.  Because who can get through a work day – or any day for that matter – without coffee or tea?
Home Office Ideas
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And since we’re talking about office work, I gotta throw in this awesome Dundler Mifflin mug from TV’s “The Office.”
I never got into this show when it was on TV, but my daughter loves it so thanks to Netflix I’ve watched a lot of it recently.
It’s probably the silliest show I’ve ever seen, but it has some classic characters.
Home Office Decor Ideas and Hacks
Check it out on Etsy


3) Decorative cork board or vision board (Etsy)

Use it for work-related notes and schedules, or if you don’t need it for that, fill it with pictures of your hopes and dreams (a vision board).
The board shown below has a wooden frame perimeter and is cork board covered in burlap.
It currently has a 5 star rating on Etsy.com with over 400 reviews.
Home Office Decor Ideas
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Home Office Decor Ideas and Hacks


4) Decorative desk organizers

Have you ever worked at a clean, organized desk then tried working at a messy cluttered mess? Which one did you prefer? Where were you more productive?
I can probably guess it was at the desk where you could actually find things!
It’s hard to get your work done when you spend 10 minutes trying to find the stapler.
I’ve found some cool desk organization ideas for you.
The desktop organizers like the set below should help set you straight. I have to be honest that I don’t really like that color, but the manufacturer does have other color options on their Amazon listing page.
Home Office Ideas
Desktop organizer set

I mentioned they have other color options, and they have this one too…just in case your desktop is actually a table saw.  You were probably worried you couldn’t find an organizer for your table saw, but apparently there’s a desktop organizing set for that too!  (Click to see this unique set on Amazon)

Home Office Ideas


5) Rustic Desktop Organizer with Lamp (Etsy)

I found this organizer on Etsy and I had to include it. I love the look of it. It won’t go with all styles of home office decor, but if it goes with your decor – check it out.
Home Office Organization Ideas

6) Planner

To help you organizer your day you can get planners and/or notebooks in your favorite color.
In the market for a new planner? If you like the look of this one, check it out on Amazon.
Home Office Decor ideas
Nice planner

7) Wall-mounted Organization Center (Etsy)

I also saw this organization center on Etsy. You can get it with either a dry erase board or a chalkboard.  And it comes with a slot to hold mail or papers that need to be dealt with. Plus you can store your markers and keys on this handy wall-mounted organization center.
Home Office Organization Ideas and Decor ideas
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8) Wall-mounted Mail Pockets (Etsy)

Speaking of places to put your mail. Check out these metal mail pockets.  They are another great way to keep paper clutter off your desktop.  These steel mail holders are available for purchase on Etsy by a seller named ModShopGirl.
Home Office Decor Ideas and Organization ideas

9) Another Wall Organizer (to keep your desktop clear)

Here is another great looking wall organizer that you can find on Etsy. I like how this one has hooks down below to hang keys.

Home Office Organization and decor ideas

Home Office Decor Ideas and Hacks
To create an inviting work space is more than just about looks. Yes you need good home office organization ideas, but you also need to appease your other senses as well. And smells can have a powerful effect on our body (as aromatherapists know). Below are some ideas to improve the olfactory appeal of your home office.

10) Scented candle

A nice scent goes a long way in creating an inviting atmosphere. You can click here to check out this candle on Amazon.
Home office decor ideas

11) Essential Oil Diffuser

If you want to diffuse some essential oils into your work space – such as calming lavender – then check out this essential oil diffuser.  This is a popular one on Amazon.

Home office decor ideas


Home Office Decor Ideas and Hacks
Having good stationary is important to functioning home office. The desk organization ideas I listed above should help you keep things straight, but lets look at some cool stationary.

12) Stationary with some color!

Sticky Post-it Notes are a god-send to help tackle the paper clutter of the average office worker. I’m sure you’re probably doing your part to reduce paper usage (like printing on both sides of the paper), but it can still add up. And to help aid the eco-friendly office worker 3M has made these “Greener Notes.”
These ones are great because they are made from 100% recycled paper and have a plant based adhesive. And I love the pop of color simple sticky notes can add to your desk.  You may be able to find them at a local retailer, or you can click here to view them on Amazon. 
Home Office Decor Ideas and Hacks
Photo credit: 3M (Post-it brand)
If you are looking for other more eco friendly office supplies check these out.
If you are in need of a desk, An office desk doesn’t have to be expensive, check out how I made one out of an old door.

13) Cat Paperclips (Yes they’re a thing)

I asked my sister to describe these paperclips, and she said “Super cute paper clips that bring a little fun to your desk.” You can tell she’s a cat person.
Home Office Ideas
Cat paper clips
If you’re a cat person too, you can check these out on Amazon.


Thank you for checking out this list of home office organization and decor ideas.

There are thousands of products and hacks out there to tidy up home offices and to improve their functionality.
What works for you?  Please share it with our other readers.  We all want to learn more way to improve our lives, and it often starts with our home.

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