How do I stop my RV from rocking? [10 RV Stabilizer ideas]

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Can you feel every step your partner takes in your RV? Does your RV feel more like a boat than your ‘home away from home’? In this articles we’ll look at 10 RV stabilizers that’ll help you answer the common question: How do I stop my RV from rocking?

How do I stop my RV from rocking?  10 RV stabilizers help answer the questions how to stabilize a travel trailer or other RV
How to stabilize an RV

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How to stabilize a travel trailer

In order to stabilize a travel trailer or other RV it is important to first level your RV, then use RV stabilizers – such as stabilizer jacks – at the 4 corners of the travel trailer to prevent swaying, and place an RV step stabilizer under the entry stairs for added support. Use RV slide out stabilizers if your camper is equipped with slides. If you have a 5th wheel trailer then stabilizing the front hitch is important too (such as with a tripod stabilizer).

Below you’ll find various RV stabilizer products to help you stop your RV from rocking.

Important to Level your RV first…then Stabilize

A level RV ensures:

  • doors and slides will be able to open
  • that your RV fridge will be able to run properly

You should use leveling blocks to help you level your RV before you use any stabilization jacks or accessories.

In the very informative video below, the host reminds us that if we try to level the RV using the stabilization jacks on the 4 corners of a trailer, you could twist the frame of your RV.

So level then stabilize.

Very informative YouTube video

If you have a pop up camper, I’ve written an article on how to level a pop up camper using the BAL tire leveler.

Leveling Blocks

Level your RV before you stabilize it..use leveling blocks
Click to see more details on Amazon

Even adults can play with blocks! Before you try and prevent your RV from rocking and swaying, you should have it nice and level. These stackable blocks from Camco help you to achieve this.

This 10-pack of blocks is currently rated 4.6 stars out of 5 on Amazon with over 2,700 customer-submitted ratings!

Lynx Leveling Blocks

Use leveling blocks like these Lynx Levelers to level your RV before you try and stabilize it

The host of the video I embedded above said he really likes the Lynx Levelers. When he leveled the trailer in that video he used about 13 blocks. Note these come 10 per bag…so you’ll likely want a couple bags.

Click here if you want to check out this well-rated product on Amazon.

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Stabilizing a Level RV

Now that you have your RV leveled (and your doors are opening properly and your fridge is working correctly) lets look at some various ways to help stabilize your RV.

Not every option is right for all people and all RV’s.

These products highlight what is available. And just because it is available doesn’t mean it is right for you, or for your RV. (Example, your bumper-pull travel trailer won’t need a 5th wheel tripod stabilizer…obviously right.)

But hopefully you’ll find some RV stabilizing product that’ll stop your RV from rocking and swaying.

Note: they aren’t listed any particular order of preference…they are numbered for easy reference…

1) Folding RV Stabilizer by Valterra

How do I stop my rv from rocking? An rv stabilizer like this from Valterra will help. It can help stabilize a travel trailer, motorhome or 5th wheel trailer.
Click to see more details of the Valtrerra RV Stabilizer on Amazon

When I first saw a picture of this aluminum Valterra RV stabilizer I was skeptical…how much could this aluminum thing really help?

But I must be wrong because over 66% of customers on Amazon gave it a 5-star rating, and it currently has a 4.3 stars out of 5 overall. Most agree that this lightweight product provides heavyweight stabilizing results.

To get the best performance from this product they recommend you put one under the back bumper, and one under your entrance door. And when you’re packing up camp, you fold these up and each one only weighs about 3 pounds.

Here is a video showing how it works… scroll to 4:45 minute mark

So the benefits of the Valterra RV stabilizer system are that it is lightweight, easy to set-up (fairly quick), and it doesn’t require permanent installation.

2) Set of Aftermarket Scissor Jacks

Replacing OEM jacks with aftermarket jacks like these ones from Libra may help your RV from swaying
Click to see more details on Amazon

Most the of the scissor jacks that come standard on travel trailers can be classified as one thing: junk!

So, many campers replace their OEM scissor jacks with heavier-duty aftermarket jacks like these ones from Libra.

They need to be mounted to the frame of your trailer on the 4 corners. They aren’t just tossed under your trailer like you would with a car jack. Then when you’re packing up camp for a travel day you contract the jack which pulls it tight to the bottom of the trailer (height when retracted is 4-inches).

But since it does require you to mount it to the bottom of the trailer there is some work for you to do. And depending on your trailer you may need to add mounting plates.

It is currently rated 4.7 stars out of 5 on Amazon with over 400 customer-submitted ratings. (85% of people who left a rating gave it 5 stars.)

If the Libra 4-pack is unavailable, you could get the “EAZ-LIFT” jacks made by Camco. They are available on Amazon and they are also very well rated. (But I wasn’t able to find them as a “4-pack”.)

(And some people keep their removed OEM jacks and install them in different spots under the frame to provide even more points of stabilization in addition to the new jacks in the 4 corners.)

Scissor Jack Drill Adapter

A drill adapter like this one makes quick work of raising and lowering the scissor jacks on your RV
Click to see details on Amazon

Want to save some time and energy? (get a drill adapter)

If you don’t want to use the hand crank to raise and lower your RV’s scissor jacks you could invest in a drill bit adapter like this one.

It is a 3/4″ socket on a shaft that you can use with your cordless drill. (I’ve read that using a drill like this may void the warranty on some scissor jacks…just something to keep in mind if you’re concerned about this.)

Many RV scissor jacks have this 3/4″ bolt…but some have a T-slots. Here is a link to a T-slot drill adapter on Amazon.

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3) RV Stabilizing Jack Stands

Aluminum RV jacks stands by camco help to stabilize your Rv and stop the rocking.
Click the picture to see more details on Amazon

These aluminum jack stands by Camco are intended to help stabilize your RV.

They are currently well-rated with 4.6 stars out of 5 on Amazon. (And they aren’t expensive either.)

They can adjust from 11-inches to 17-inches, but some reviewers on Amazon noted that they work best when they aren’t extended very high. So you’ll want to bring some wooden blocks to put under these, or buy pads for this purpose. (And Camco also makes little pads to put under the stabilizing jacks.)

Note: these are not for supporting the full weight of your RV while working under it…they are only meant to be used to help stabilize your RV in addition to the load-bearing of the wheels. (I.e. they aren’t like a car jack stand.)

4) Electronic Stabilizing Jack from Lippert

Electronic jack stands by Lippert help stabilize your RV with the push of a button
Click the picture to see more details on Amazon

What is this?

With the flick of switch this electronic jack will automatically stabilize your trailer – even on uneven surfaces because each leg moves independently.

Who is this for?

It is for people that don’t want to get on their hands and knees to crank stabilizing jacks.

But it requires installation. So you’ll either have to do this yourself or hire an RV shop to do it for you.

Here is a portion of a video showing some electronic jacks. (7:30 minute mark)

In this video the video host shows us some power jacks…but he doesn’t specify the brand. It gives you a good idea of what power jacks do though.

5) SnapPad Rubber Shoes for Landing Gear

These SnapPads rubber jack feet help to stabilize your feet and allow your jack feet to sit better on uneven ground.
Click to see more details on Amazon (there is an installation video too)

What are SnapPads?

These are octagon-shaped rubber pads that permanently snap onto 9-inch round RV jack feet. They are intended to add stability, and because they’re made from rubber they will ‘smush down’ and grip uneven surfaces (like gravel) better than metal feet.

Who are SnapPads for?

The ones shown here are for RV’s that have 9-inch round “feet” on their stabilizing jacks.

But they also make the SnapPad XTRA XL for 12-inch round feet that you can read about here on Amazon.

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6) JT Strong Arm Jack Stabilizer System

The RV stabilizer called the JT Strong Arm system helps to stabilize your parked travel trailer or 5th wheel

These arms attach to your RV’s current stabilizing jacks. Once attached these arms help prevent your jacks from swaying side-to-side and front-to-back.

There are different kits available for different RV’s

They do require installation. And it can be a little confusing figuring out exactly how they work just by looking at a picture of them… so check out the video below for a great demo.

But not everyone likes this solution – there seems to be issues with power jack systems – so below is another option.

7) SteadyFast Stabilizer System (alternative to JT Strong Arm)

In this video Jared discusses the SteadyFast system.

If you want to check out this product on Amazon and read some reviews, click here. This is the version for manual jacks (not power).

If you have power jacks, you’ll want to check out this version of the SteadyFast stabilizer system.

8) RV Slide out Stabilizers (Support stands)

Slide-out supports by Eas Lift help to stabilize your RV slide.  They're also called RV slide out stabilizers

Support stands like these ones go under your slide-out’s rail and help protect the slide from excess movement and minimize sway.

They can extend from 19-inches to 47-inches.

These RV slide out stabilizers are currently very well-rated on Amazon with 83% of ratings being 5 stars.

9) RV Step Stabilizer Support (by Camco)

Camco RV step stabilizer support - how to stop your trailer from swaying and how to stabilize your travel trailer or other RV
Click to see the Camco RV step stabilizer support’s rating on Amazon

The black metal stand in the picture above is an RV step stabilizer support made by Camco. It helps prevent some of the swaying and rocking caused by someone entering or exiting your RV.

Camco RV step stabilizer support helps to prevent the rocking and swaying caused by someone entering or leaving your Rv
Click the picture to see more details on Amazon

The picture above shows how the step supports can adjust from 7-5/8″ up to 14-inches.

But they also make a shorter step support stand that adjusts from 4-5/8″ to 8-inches.

10) Fifth Wheel King Pin Tripod Stabilizer

King Pin Tripod 5th wheel stabilizer helps to support and stabilize the front of your 5th wheel trailer
Click to see details of this 5th wheel stabilizer on Amazon

Sorry about the tiny photo. But I hope it gives you the idea of what this 5th wheel stabilizer looks like…if it doesn’t you should check out the video below. It does a great job showing what and how this product works.

And if you want to see some photos of this 5th wheel tripod stabilizer in use, check out the Amazon product page and scroll to the bottom of the page to see user photos.

The downside (or potential downside) is having to haul it out of your truck bed and potentially scratching your truck bed.

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I hope you’ve found some helpful ways on how you can stop your RV from rocking and swaying.

Once again, all these options won’t work for everyone and for all RV’s but I hope at least some of them will help stabilize your RV.

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Thank you,
Tim from

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