How to use Public Transit to get from Disneyland to LA Angels Baseball Game

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I recently spent a couple days exploring Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure. On the evening of my second day I decided to check out an LA Angels baseball game at Angels Stadium. Here is how I took public transit from Disneyland to Angels Stadium.

How to get from Disneyland to Angels Stadium using public transit

I am not a local resident, in fact I’m just a tourist so there may be other ways to get to Angels Stadium from Disneyland, but here is how I did it and it was easy.

Quick Summary

  • Catch ART shuttle from Bay 15 at Disneyland (the ARTIC Sports Complex Line)
  • Get off at ARTIC station (main transportation hub in Anaheim)
  • Walk to west side of ARTIC station and then walk along S Douglass Road (under the overpass) until you get to Angels stadium (at night you’ll see the bright outfield lights)
  • To return to Disneyland, walk back to ARTIC station, go to east side of the Station and wait at Bay 12 or 13 for the “ARTIC Sports Complex Line.”


Public transportation companies tend to shift things around: change bays, change route names, etc… When I was there it was Bay 15 at Disneyland to get there. Wouldn’t hurt for you to double-check though in case things have changed by the time you’re there. Pop your head into a parked bus and ask the driver which bus and which bus stop to get to Angels Stadium. I can’t be held responsible for how any changes to transit may affect your trip.

Step 1: Catch ART Shuttle from Disneyland (Bay 15) to ARTIC Station

I caught the “ART” shuttle from Bay 15 right in front of Disneyland. There is a large bus loop just to the west of main entrance to Disneyland park. It is the black-circled area in my screenshot map below.

I can’t remember exactly where in the circled area of the above map Bay 15 was, but look for this sign on the pole.

Bay 15 at Bus Loop in Disneyland

“ART” stands for Anaheim Resort Transportation. You can click here to go to there website to get more information about their routes and stops.

How to take Public Transit from Disneyland to Angels stadium using the ART shuttle
Picture of the side of the ART Shuttle bus

The ART shuttles (little buses) cost $4 cash per trip if you buy your ticket on the bus. The buses are cash only with a machine to insert your bills or coins just inside the entrance to the shuttle.

If you want to buy a Day Pass or Multiple day pass you can do so at some vending kiosks around Anaheim. Here is a link to the kiosk locations.

My trip to Angels Stadium was fairly spontaneous so I just paid the $4 cash when I stepped onto the bus. I didn’t have a Day pass.

Step 2: Get off at ARTIC Station

The ART shuttle didn’t drop me off right at Angels Stadium though.

It dropped me off at ARTIC station. This was about a 15-20 minute drive from Disneyland.

They may have some special game-day buses that drop you off right at Angels Stadium but I was a little late getting to the game, so if there was any special buses, I wasn’t aware of them. Not a big deal though.

Getting from Disneyland to Angels Stadium - the ARTIC station
ARTIC Station in Ahaheim (main transportation hub for the city)

The ARTIC Station (which stands for Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center) is a very colorful and easy to recognize building.

Step 3: Walk to west side of ARTIC Station and walk south along S Douglass Road toward Angels Stadium.

You have to go under the overpass highways, and walk toward the Stadium’s bright outfield lights (if its a night game you’ll see them).

This photo is blurry but I took it while walking south along S Douglass Road and going under the overpass.

Walking under the overpass heading along S Douglass Road towards Angels Stadium

Once you walk under the overpass you’ll be able to see the large parking lot for Angels Stadium.

Walking from ARTIC station to Angels stadium - walking under the overpass
Angels stadium in the distance with outfield lights blazing

Now that Angels Stadium is clearly within view, keep walking toward it.

Buying a Ticket at Gate 6 of Angels Stadium

After crossing the parking lot I saw some security guards and a security checkpoint near Gate 6.

It was cool because there was a small ticket booth there as well. If this ticketing station is not open you can continue to walk around to the main entrance of the Stadium.

But luckily for me I didn’t have to do anymore walking.

I was able to buy my $5 ticket right there at Gate 6. Then I had to go through the security checkpoint and make my way into Angels Stadium.

My LA Angels Cheap seats ticket
My $5 ticket to LA Angels game

I couldn’t believe I could get a ticket for only $5. It was my first Major League Baseball game so I was just happy to be there. And the low cost didn’t hurt either.

If you’re curious what a $5 ticket gets you, below is my view from my $5 ticket seat.

LA Angels - view from the cheap seats

It was cheap because it is an “obstructed view.” I could see the infield just fine, but you see the black strip overhead, that is the section above us overhanging and blocking my view.

It wasn’t a huge issue, but it did obstruct my view of witnessing my first major league homer.

A player from the Astros named Tucker hit a high fly ball that sailed over the right field wall for a home run. I saw it go up and I saw it land, but I couldn’t follow its full trajectory.

Step 4: Return to Disneyland by walking back to ARTIC station, go to Bay 12 or 13 and catch “ARTIC Sports Complex Line” back to Disneyland

To make my way back I exited through Gate 6 at Angels Stadium, walked back the way I’d come (across the parking lot, under the overpass, to the ARTIC station then around to the east side of ARTIC station).

Once on the east side of ARTIC station look for Bay 12 or 13. The reason I say 12 or 13 is because they both claim they are a pickup spot for the ARTIC Sports Complex Line.

I sat at Bay 13 because it was first in line for the direction the bus comes, and I thought at least I’d be able to read the front of the bus as it passes me.

Below is a picture I took of the bus stop at Bay 13 at ARTIC Station. It may be hard to read but it says “Service to Disneyland Resort”.

Bay 13 at ARTIC Station in Anaheim

Because I hadn’t planned ahead at bought a Day pass I had to pay another $4 to catch this ART shuttle back to Disneyland.

(Actually, as a surprise to me the bus stopped at “Anaheim GardenWalk” which was closer to my hotel than Disneyland so I hopped off there. I didn’t think the bus made extra stops so it wouldn’t hurt to check with the driver if they make any stops near your hotel. If not, you can probably catch a bus or shuttle from Disneyland to your hotel.)


It was easy getting from Disneyland to Angels Stadium and back using public transportation.

Only one shuttle (small bus) to get there, a short walk to Angels Stadium and then one bus back to Disneyland.

I saved money while in LA and Anaheim by not renting a car. And I was able to get to where I wanted using public transportation.

I found the bus drivers to be very friendly and helpful.

If you are ever in doubt just stick your head into a parked bus and ask the driver for help, or ask an attendant at the bus loop in Disneyland. They are very helpful too.

Speaking of helpful, I hope this article has been helpful for you.

If you are heading to Disneyland and are wondering how to save money at Disneyland, you may like this article I wrote from my recent trip there.

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