17 clever Lazy Susan Ideas to get things organized

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Lazy Susans are versatile spinning organizers that can be used in various creative ways beyond the traditional kitchen cabinet. You may also hear them called turntable organizers or rotating organizers. Whatever you call them, they’re pretty handy.

Lazy Susans can come in handy anytime you have a situation where you have to move one thing to access the thing behind it.

Spices and other things in a kitchen cabinet come to mind, but as you’ll soon see, there are lots of uses for these things.

Check out these clever Lazy Susan organizer ideas

Some of these ideas are DIY ideas, but not all of them…some of them are just handy ways to organize stuff using commercially available lazy Susans.

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1) Craft Supplies Organizer

Photo credit and attribution: Katie from Addicted2DIY.com

You can use a lazy Susan to store and organize your craft supplies such as paint, scissors, tapes, brushes, markers, and other supplies.

This makes it easy to access your supplies and tools without rummaging through drawers.

The DIY lazy Susan above was built and shared by Katie on her blog Addicted2DIY.com

I like how she created the storage slots to fit mason jars.

Are you handy? You could use some Lazy Susan hardware to make your own organizer. You may be able to find the hardware at your local stores, or you can also find some on Amazon.

They’re sometimes called turntable bearings or swivel plates.

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2) Art Supply Lazy Susan Spinner DIY

Photo credit and attribution: ThrifyDecorChick.com

Sarah from ThriftyDecorChick.com put this tabletop turntable to good use by attaching some small paint cans to it and using it as her art supply organizer.

It looks really cute and doesn’t seem that hard to make. Click here to see her tutorial.

If you aren’t as crafty as Sarah, I see that Amazon sells something similar. (Picture below.)

Craft Storage Turntable by Modern Retro - The Lazy Susan Art Craft Organizer Storage Bins - Organizers & Storage Containers for Crafts, Scissors, Kids Crayon Organizer Caddy! (Aqua)

This is a craft turntable that has 5 small, removable buckets to store your supplies.

3) DIY Lazy Susan Organizer using PVC Pipes

Rotating Craft Caddy (Photo credit: RealityDaydream.com)

Here is another clever way to organize craft and art supplies.

Bethany from RealityDaydream.com cut some PVC pipes and attached them to a lazy susan to create this awesome-looking organizer.

This made me realize if you used larger diameter PVC pipes you could make organizers to hold other things too… like a picnic organizer with spots for utensils, napkins and condiments.

4) Butcherblock Countertop Lazy Susan

Countertop lazy susan organizer made from a wooden butcher block
Butcherblock Lazy Susan (Photo credit: DoDodsonDesigns.com)

This DIY Lazy Susan from Do at DoDodsonDesigns.com proves that an organizer can be functional AND beautiful.

She uses a thick slab of wood to create this eye-catching countertop organizer.

Click here to see her tutorial on how you can make one like this too.

Large Lazy Susan Rotating Turntable Organizer - for Kitchen, Pantry, Cabinet, Dining Table, Fridge, Countertop,Vanity - Spinning Food Storage Container for Spices, Condiments- Clear,11 Inches (1 Pack)

A lazy susan can be an effective way to organize condiments in the fridge, and then carry the whole thing to the dining room table when it’s time to eat.

Fill it with ketchup, mustard, salad dressings and various sauces, and other condiments and you’re ready to go.

It allows everyone at the table to easily access what they need.

If you have room in your fridge for one of these, it makes it super easy to access the condiment you’re looking for.

6) Kitchen Utensil Spinner

Neat use of lazy susan to hold kitchen utensils
Photo credit and attribution: HomeyOhMy.com

Amy from HomeyOhMy.com made this clever utensil holder out of aluminum cups, some wood and a lazy Susan bearing.

This could look nice on the kitchen counter next to the stove so your cooking utensils are within easy reach.

If you like how this looks, check out her tutorial.

7) Invite Lazy Susan to your Taco Night

Nostalgia Taco Tuesday Heated Lazy Susan Taco Bar Serving Set for a Party with 4 Tortilla Holders, Fondue Pot for Burritos, Nachos, and Fajitas - 20 Oz. - Red

Your taco night doesn’t have to a be tangle of arms reaching across the table trying to grab fillings.

Instead, add this heated taco bar to the center of your table to spice up your festive evening.

And speaking of spices, check out the option below.

8) Spice Spinner

2 Tier Lazy Susan Organizer - 360-Degree Stainless Steel Turntable Cabinet Organizer Storage for Kitchen, Pantry, Bathroom - Rotating Spice Rack Organizer with 2 Round Trays For Food, Seasoning Sagler

Do you hate shuffling spice bottles out of the way to get a spice at the back of your cabinet?

A lazy susan spice rack can help solve that annoying problem.

9) Rotating Cake Decorator Stand

Cake Decorating Turntable,Cake Decorating Supplies Revolving

Do your iced cake end up looking like mud thrown against a wall? Up your cake decorating game with a rotating cake stand.

Instead of trying to carefully drag your spreading knife or edging around the cake, now you can rotate your cake around your spreader.

The product above is a popular option for beginners, but it is only 9-inches in diameter. So if you’re doing large cakes you’ll need something bigger.

10) Spinning Snack Station and Pantry Organizer

Lazy Susan Turntable - Clear Acrylic, Removable Sections, Rotates 360 Degrees. Easily Organize Your Fridge, Cabinet or Counter. Great Carousel Storage for Food, Spices, Cosmetics. (4-Sections)

This one doesn’t require any DIY skills!

You can create a snack station by placing a lazy Susan in the pantry or on the countertop.

Fill it with various snacks, nuts, granola bars, etc…

This is a fun way to display and access your favorite munchies.

And each of the four compartments are removable for easy refilling.

11) Beautiful Rotating Charcuterie Board (Etsy)

I came across this great-looking charcuterie board on Etsy. It is made of acacia wood by the Etsy seller SHANIK.

If you put on staff parties, host gatherings for family or friends, you could wow them with this rotating board.

Not only does it looks good, but it spins too to make it easy for everyone at the table to get at what they want.

Click here to see availability.

12) Bathroom Essentials Organizer

COOLBEAR Makeup Organizer,360 Degree Rotating Adjustable Acrylic Cosmetic Storage Display Case,6 Layers Large Capacity Makeup Storage for Perfumes,Makeup Brushes,Lipsticks and More,Clear Transparent

In the bathroom, use a lazy Susan to organize toiletries, lotions, and beauty products. It’s especially handy for shared spaces where multiple people need access to different items.

And instead of just getting a single level, flat Lazy Susan, you can get a tiered organizer like this one. It has multiple layers to hold bottles of various sizes.

It is highly-rated, gets lots of sales and it’ll help organize a small bathroom and get some of the clutter off your bathroom counter.

13) Office Supplies Turntable

Unique wire mesh spinning organizing (Photo credit: RemodelaCasa website)

What I like about this DIY organizer from Cristina at the website RemodelaCasa is the flat top. So you could put even more office supplies like staplers up there.

She made this from a turntable bearing and a wire spool. She has a good tutorial on how to make this yourself. Click here to check it out.

An organizer like this could help keep your workspace tidy and make items easily accessible.

14) Spinning TV Remote Holder

Arniche Leather Remote Control Holder,360° Spinning TV Remote Caddy,Desk Organizers and Accessories,for Calculator,Controller,Mail,Mini Tablet,Pen,Phone Storage Holder(Antique)

Got a cluttered coffee table?

Keep your TV remotes in order by placing them on a lazy Susan on your coffee table.

This way, you can easily rotate it to grab the remote you need without searching through the clutter.

The product photo above is clearly Photoshopped but there are some good customer-submitted photos on Amazon.

15) Shoe Rack Spinner

Aheaplus Rotating Shoe Rack, 5-Tier Wood Shoe Organizer for Closet, 360° Spinning Shoe Rack Tower Space-Saving Shoe Storage Shelf for Entryway, Garage, Bedroom, White

I didn’t even know these things existed.

You could create your own rotating shoe rack using a lazy Susan and placing a shoe rack upon it, or you can buy a product like the one above.

The one thing to consider with this particular rack though is that each shelf has a clearance of about 6-inches so taller boots and shoes may not fit well.

RELATED ARTICLE: Other Shoe Rack Ideas to contain your family’s shoe collection.

16) Lazy Susan Garage Organizer

I usually think of lazy susans as just flat organizers, but the YouTuber Shara from WoodShopDiaries went way beyond that.

She built a garage cabinet and stuck it onto of a lazy susan turntable.

And not only can she store stuff inside the cabinet, but because it rotates she can store stuff along the other 3 sides of cabinet too.

So smart.

Below is her YouTube video showing the build.

17) Tool Caddy

Keep your frequently used tools organized by placing them on a lazy Susan in your garage or workshop. This way, you can quickly find the tool you need without searching through a cluttered toolbox.

What does AI think a Lazy Susan could look like?

Lazy susan ideas
A lazy susan organizer as envisioned by DALL-E image generator

Imagine having a lazy susan like this!

This is what the AI-image generator DALL-E thought a lazy susan could look like. It’s like a family command center right on your kitchen table.

I hope you’ve found some inspiring organization ideas in this list.

Which of these lazy susan ideas would help you best?

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