List of Tiny Home Builders in Canada

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This is a work-in-progress list of tiny home builders in Canada.  Tiny homes are growing in popularity in Canada.

This list is provided at your convenience to locate a tiny home builder in Canada that suits your needs.

Beautiful Tiny Homes -  A list of tiny home builders in Canada.  Tiny Homes Canada.
Tiny Homes Canada . Beautiful Tiny Homes – List of Tiny Home Builders in Canada

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Tiny homes and tiny home living are catching on because of rising real estate prices and environmental awareness.

It is cheaper to heat 400 square feet than it is to heat 3,000 sqft. 

I hope you enjoy this list of tiny house builders in Canada.

Tiny House Made Easy

British Columbia Tiny Home Builders

Tiny Home Builders in BC List.  Tiny Homes BC including tiny home Vancouver builders, Mint Tiny homes, Summit Tiny homes and more tiny home BC builders.
Tiny Homes BC Builders

If you can’t find a tiny home for sale in BC, perhaps one of these tiny home builders can build you one to suit your needs.

Below is a listing of some of the tiny home builders in BC.

The list is not exhaustive and more companies will be added as time progresses. 

If you want your company to be added to this list please leave a comment and I will contact you.

Lower Mainland (Vancouver area)

Mint Tiny House Company – Vancouver, BC

Not only does this company make its own beautiful tiny homes, but it can also sell you a trailer if you want to build your own tiny home. Below is photos from its Napa Edition line of tiny homes. I love the combination of the white and wooden accents.

Phone: 1 778 434 2698

The above photos are used with consent from Mint Tiny House company. Their Mint tiny homes are beautiful.

Tiny Homes Canada – Abbottsford,BC

Tiny Homes Canada is a company that can build tiny homes custom-made for your needs.  They also have a great Frequently Asked Questions Page that you can get to by clicking here.

Phone: 1 604 855 2624

WestCoast Outbuildings – Squamish, BC

This company from Squamish makes tiny houses on wheels, but they also make an assortment of small homes and outbuildings on slab too.

If you are looking for a small backyard studio or retreat you should check out their website. Lots of cool stuff.

Phone: 1 (855) 910-7433

Camera Buildings, Vancouver

They appear to offer one tiny house model (the Lighthouse) and one backyard studio building (the Filter Studio), and they both look very modern and sleek.

Phone: 1 604 306 0718

Sunshine Tiny Homes Ltd – Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Tiny Homes has two beautiful tiny home options: the Coastal Escape and Simply Heaven.

Phone: 1-604-741-3108

Sunshine Tiny Homes on the Sunshine Coast in BC
A beautiful tiny home by Sunshine Tiny Homes – Sunshine Coast BC
Tiny home by Sunshine Tiny Homes – Sunshine Coast BC

Vancouver Island

Rewild Homes – Nanaimo,BC

Based out of Nanaimo, Rewild Homes aims to help you reduce your environmental impact while reducing the burden on your wallet.

Plus, they have some good blog posts on their website too.

Phone:  1 250 591 1006

Hornby Island Caravans, Hornby Island

The designs from this company look whimsical and cozy: like something from a storybook.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t have attention to detail. In fact, everything looks well thought out and tidy.

Here is a link to their gallery highlighting their “Tony’s Caravan” model.

BC Interior

Below are some tiny home builders in the interior of British Columbia.

Summit Tiny Homes – Armstrong, BC

Summit Tiny Homes is a company located in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of BC and they make equally beautiful tiny homes.

The country look of “The Thistle” is probably my favourite but the other models are all very attractive! These Summit Tiny Homes really look special.

The above pictures were used with consent from Summit Tiny Homes and you can see more awesome pictures on their website by clicking here.

Canadian Tiny Homes – Nelson, BC

This tiny home company is located in Nelson which is in the Kootenay region of BC.

It is a small family run business but as the website states they have big ideas.

And if their gallery is indication, I’d say they’re right.  Check out their gallery of photos by clicking here.

The above photos are used with consent from Canadian Tiny Homes.

Nelson Tiny Houses – Nelson, BC

Also located in Nelson (as the name suggests), Nelson Tiny Houses currently focuses on two main styles of tiny homes, but they also have a series of videos teaching you how to build your own tiny home!

Very cool.

Below are some pictures from their website highlighting a few of their different models of tiny homes.

Here is a link to the gallery on their website for more pictures.

The above photos are used with consent from Nelson Tiny Houses.

Borealis Tiny Homes, Prince George

Designed to reduce your carbon footprint and made to meet the needs of a Canadian home the Aspen model is a beautiful sight.

Check out its gallery here.

Phone: 1 250 612 8168

Tiny House Made Easy

Esk’et Building Co, Alkali Lake, BC (Esk’etemc First Nation)

Located on a First Nations in Central BC, their tiny houses resemble pieces of art.  They have a stunning Instagram-worthy gallery available by clicking here.

ExpanDwell Homes Inc., Kamloops

They have a neat concept they call a Pop-up House. It can stay on wheels, or it can be put on slab at your site.

Hummingbird Micro Homes, Fernie

Located in the ski town of Fernie BC, this East Kootenay company has some cool looking houses in its portfolio. Check out their website gallery by clicking here.

Tiny House Made Easy

Alberta Tiny Home Builders

Tiny Home Builders Alberta List. Beautiful tiny homes can be yours.  Tiny Homes Alberta.  Build your tiny home in wild rose country of Alberta. Featuring tiny home Edmonton builders and tiny home Calgary builders and more.
Tiny Homes Alberta

Below are some tiny home builders in Alberta separated into Northern Alberta and Southern Alberta.

Northern Alberta  (aka Oilers Fans)

This section has tiny homes builders primarily around the Edmonton area.

Fritz Tiny Homes, Edmonton, AB

Fritz Tiny Homes is a new tiny home builder located outside of Edmonton, Alberta. The owners are the husband and wife team of Kevin and Heather Fritz.

They have a well-designed website that I encourage you to check out.

Phone: 780-340-5441

Knotty Pine Cabins, Edmonton, AB

This family owned company has been around since 2007 and they make cozy cabins in a variety of sizes.

They look very inviting: think your own private ski chalet.
Here is a link to their gallery displaying their 16-feet cabin series.

Phone:  1-877-854-2224

Finished Right Contracting, Edmonton

Finished Right Contracting has several different models of tiny homes to choose from.

If you want a glimpse of one of their completed projects you can click here. 

Phone: 780-952-7617

Fire Pit Fundamentals, Edmonton, AB

This company does several things including building tiny homes.

They build them on 8.5′ wide X 24′ long channel frame, tandem-axle trailer. 

They can either build the frame and you finish it, or they can take care of it all.

Phone: 1-877-361-7329

Honomobo, Edmonton, AB

They build very beautiful, modern-looking and forward thinking container homes.  Plus, they can convert a shipping container into a bar.

Mohr Quality Builders Ltd., Spruce Grove, AB

They have some bright quality designs that look very homey. Their Facebook page has more information and photos.

Phone: 587 989-4229

Tiny House Made Easy

Pocket House, Onoway, AB

They create luxurious small houses where they aim for ‘Small Homes Large Living’.  I think that is great tag line!  I particularly like the look of their Cayman model. 

Phone: 1-855-872-8585

Southern Alberta (aka Flames fans)

Zerosquared, Calgary

I love their tagline or ‘Downsize without Downgrading.’ 

That seems to be their philosophy because they have full-size appliances in a small home. 

Check out their video tour of their Aurora model by clicking here. 

And below are some pictures from their website showing off the Aurora model.

Tiny Homes Alberta - Zerosquared tiny homes in Calgary Alberta.  Tiny Homes Calgary
Tiny Homes Alberta - Zerosquared tiny homes in Calgary Alberta.  Tiny homes calgary
Tiny Homes Alberta - Zerosquared tiny homes in Calgary Alberta.  Tiny homes calgary

The above photos are used with consent from Zerosquared.

Modern Huts, Calgary

Modern Huts makes some really cool residential units out of shipping containers but they can also make retail shops too! 

Do you imagine having your own little coffee shop inside a converted shipping container…well if you do, check out this company.

Phone: 403-862-3970

Teacup Tiny Homes, Lethbridge, AB

This company aims for you to be able to own your own little piece of awesome. 

On their website they emphasize the financial freedom a tiny home can provide, but they also emphasize safety too. Which is nice to see. 

Below is gallery highlighting their “Not-so-lonely Wanderer” model. For more picture on their website click here.

The above photos are used with consent from Teacup Tiny Homes.

Saskatchewan Tiny Home Builders

Below are a couple tiny home builders in Saskatchewan.

J&H Tiny Homes, Saskatoon, SK

You can buy several “Ready to Move” style of houses from this Saskatoon home builder including one style of tiny home. (Their other house plans are for larger homes.)

If you want to check out their tiny home – aptly titled “The Tiny Home” – you can click here to check it out.

Phone: 306-652-5322

Robinson Residential, Regina, SK

Robinson Residential is not a home builder…they are a home designer. You can purchase tiny home plants from them and then your chosen construction contractor would build it.

They have lots of tiny home plans, and small home plans. Click here to check out their tiny homes and small homes.

Phone: 1-877-352-6617

Manitoba Tiny Home Builders

Builders of tiny homes in Winnipeg and other areas of Manitoba.

Candlewood Homes, Halbstadt, MB

These tiny home builders and “Ready to Move” builders have been building tiny homes for over 10 years. They have a tiny home that reminds me of a barn and beautifully reflects the prairie origin of its origin.

Phone: 204-216-0487

Premiere Tiny Homes of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB

I wasn’t able to find out much information from their website, but I see they do have a bit more information on their Facebook page.

Phone: 204-955-7377

Star Ready to Move Homes, Winnipeg, MB

This home builder makes several small houses, and one house plan – called “The Willow” – that could be considered a tiny home. (It is just over 400 sqft and 400 sqft is sort of an arbitrary maximum to be considered a “tiny home.”)

I love how it has a covered porch out front so you could kick back and relax after a long day.

Phone: 1 888 545-2662

This list isn’t exhaustive, and I’ll be adding more Canadian tiny house builders to this list as I become aware of them. I realize at this point it is tiny home builders in Western Canada but I am slowly making my way East with this article and adding tiny home builders in the other provinces.

If you are a tiny home builder that would like to have your company represented on this list please leave me a comment.

I have received written consent to use the photos in this post. If your company is listed but no photos are presented, and you want to showcase your cool tiny homes, then leave me a comment or email me at     tim (at symbol)

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