7 Fun Things for Kids to do at Loco Landing in Penticton BC

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Are you travelling to Penticton BC this summer with your kids? If you are, here are 7 fun things for kids to do at Locolanding Adventure Park in Penticton.

7 fun things to do at loco landing in Penticton BC
Loco Landing Adventure Park in Penticton BC

What is the Loco Landing Adventure Park?

Loco Landing is an adventure park in Penticton BC that caters to children and families and is a family-run business. It has great décor, and features well-maintained, landscaped grounds. The place looks well cared for: family pride shows.

It does not have carnival rides, but instead has lots of fun activities and attractions for kids.

It is located at  75 Riverside Drive in Penticton BC. (This is near the west end of Okanagan Beach in Penticton…really close to the S.S. Sicamous…a large boat that is grounded on the beach.)

There is a parking lot right in front of the park.

Loco Landing Adventure Park sign in Penticton BC
Sign near the entrace to Locolanding

Sure, this article is about fun things for kids to do at Loco Landing, but at the end of the article I’ll list some fun activities that adults and teens will enjoy too.

Does it cost money to enter Loco Landing?

No. It doesn’t cost money to enter the Loco Landing grounds, but the activities do cost money.

So if you have an older relative with you who just wants to watch your kids have fun, it is totally free for them to enter Loco Landing and watch.

For more information about prices, click here. 

7 Fun Things for Kids to do at LocoLanding Adventure Park

These are all activities that my 4-year old daughter did and enjoyed at Loco landing. There are some other fun things to do here (which I mention at the bottom of the article), but since we can’t personally attest to how fun they are, I didn’t include them in the main list of fun activities.

These aren’t in order any particular order.

1) Mini Golf

Loco Landing Mini Golf Penticton
Loco Landing Mini Golf Penticton

Loco landing features an 18-hole mini golf course that looks really beautiful. My daughter even got a hole in one!

I think this may be the only outdoor mini golf in Penticton…and if it is, it sets a high standard.

2) Climbing Wall

Climbing Wall at Loco Landing in Penticton
Climbing Wall at Loco Landing

Loco Landing has the 25-foot tall climbing wall shown above. Up to 3 people can climb at once, so your kids can race each other (a little sibling rivalry to see who reaches the top).

Below is my youngest daughter scaling the climbing tower.

Little girl climbing the climbing wall at loco landing
Climbing the climbing wall at Loco Landing

3) Monkey Motion – jumping fun

Monkey Motion fun jumping activity at Loco Landing in Penticton
Monkey Motion jumping activity at Locolanding

Kids have a blast on this bungee-corded trampoline contraption as they safely leap into the air.

4) Go-Karts

Locolanding features electric go-karts. Lots of fun without the fumes.

Above is the publicly-shared Instagram photo from the Locolanding Instagram page showing their go karts.

You can race your friends and family around the twists and turns of the paved go kart track.

On their FAQ page, they state that drivers need to be at least 58-inches tall, and passengers must be at least 40-inches tall.

5) Bumper Boats

Do you need a way to cool down on a hot Penticton summer day?

Check out the bumper boats at Locolanding.  They are great fun for kids, teens and adults.

You pay per boat, so you can go on the boat with your little child and only have to pay the single fee for the boat, not per person.

6) Huge Bouncy Castle called the “Badlands Inflatable Park”

Bouncy castle at Loco Landing Penticton
Badlands Inflatable Park at LocoLanding Penticton

Locolanding features Canada’s largest outdoor bouncy castle – the Badlands Inflatable Park.  The thing is massive!

My daughter loves this attraction.

And I love it because it gives her hours of fun and exercise. 

You pay $15 for the day, and your child can come and go. They just have to show their wrist band upon re-entry.

(Note: prices may change in the future. Click here to see current pricing)

Your child will need to be at least 34-inches tall to enter.

7) Race and Steer Little Boats

steering little radio controlled boats at loco landing in penticton

This fun activity is tucked around by the climbing wall. You pay some money (if I remember right it was $1), and then you get to steer little radio-controlled boats around the blue lagoon that surrounds the main boat-shaped building.

This is a good activity if your child is tired from all the other active amusements.

Other Fun Things to do at Loco Landing

Grab an ice cream cone from the Concession

The concession stand is housed is a unique boat-shaped building that is immediately visible upon entering the park.

High Level Ropes Course

High level ropes course at Locolanding adventure park
High Level Ropes Course

My daughter didn’t go on this high level ropes course, but it sure looks fun.

Their website states your child needs to be at least 48-inches tall to go on this ropes course on their own, or 42-inches tall if you are willing to go up there with them.

Older Kids and Adults will enjoy….

Even though Locolanding is great for children, that doesn’t mean that adults and older kids won’t have fun too.

Older folks will enjoy:

  • Bumper boats
  • Go Karts
  • Mini Golf
  • High Level Ropes course

I hope you’ved enjoyed looking at these 7 fun things for kids to do at Loco Landing Adventure Park in Penticton.

Enjoy your trip to Penticton and the sunny Okanagan Valley.

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