7 proven Magnetic Paper Towel Holder Ideas [with pics]

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Are you annoyed by your current paper towel holder? Want a cool option? Check out these 7 proven magnetic paper towel holder ideas. They’ll keep your paper towel within easy reach by sticking the holder to a magnetic surface (no tools required).

7 proven Magnetic Paper Towel holder ideas for your kitchen, garage, laundry room or grill.
Magnetic Paper Towel Holder

In this article we’ll look at magnetic paper towel holder ideas that can work:

  • in your kitchen
  • in your garage
  • near your barbecue
  • in your RV
  • and anywhere else you need paper towel.

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7 proven Magnetic Paper Towel Holder Ideas

Below we have some paper toweling holders that you can use in your kitchen, garage, laundry room, or outside on your grill.


Simple Magnetic Paper Towel Holder Bar by Levoshua

LEVOSHUA Magnetic Paper Towel Holder Paper Towel Rack Tower Bar for Refrigerator, Metal Cabinet Black

This simple paper towel bar has two strong magnets to hold it against your fridge, metal toolbox, or any other magnetic surface.

  • You can mount it horizontally, or vertically…whatever works best for you
  • It can fit paper towel rolls up to 6-inches in diameter.

Magnetic Paper Towel Holder with Storage Shelves

KLGO Magnetic Fridge Organizer,2 Tier Magnetic Spice Rack for Refrigerator,Magnet Fridge Organizer Spice Rack with Paper Towel Holder and 4 Extra Hooks,Black

Jeez, what a cool idea.

This magnetic shelf with paper towel rod on the bottom would be a great idea for an RV (just take the stuff off the shelf on driving days).

It would work even better in a small apartment: keep everything close at hand and make good use of otherwise wasted space.

Metal Holder with Wooden Crossbar Towel Holder (by KES)

KES Magnetic Paper Towel Holder, Black Paper Towel Holder for Refrigerator, Wood & Metal Paper Towel Roll Holder, KPH502MA-BK

I like the book of this one. The metal and wood look good together, and I like how the paper towel roll is supported on both ends. That should provide some extra stability.

Will this look good in your kitchen?

Magnetic Paper Towel Holder for your toolbox (by Craftsman)

CRAFTSMAN Magnetic Towel Holder (CMST82695)

The reputable tool manufacturer Craftsman also makes a magnetic paper towel holder for you to stick onto your toolbox.

They say the magnets are rubber coated so they won’t scratch your toolbox. (But who is really concerned about that? My tools are metal.)

This could make a great gift for the handy person in your life who seems to have everything…they probably don’t have one of these.

Click here to see more details on this garage paper towel holder.

Red Paper Towel Holder for Toolbox or Garage

US General Magnetic Paper Towel Holder

If you don’t want the black paper towel holder, check out this red one made by US General.

It is a 2-piece design where each end of the paper towel holder can be moved independently.

This could look cool in your laundry room too if you have red laundry machines.

CLICK HERE to see more details of this red paper towel holder.

Handy Holder for Grill (the Grill Caddy)

Grill Caddy for Outdoor Grill/BBQ, Magnetic with Paper Towel holder, Organize your Condiments and Utensils around the Barbecue with ease

This “Grill Caddy” will be a useful barbecue accessory…it has a little shelf up top for grilling spices and condiments, it has paper towel rod, and it has a hook for grilling tools.

There are two magnetic strips on the back of this unit that allow it to stick to the side of your grill or smoker. (Obviously don’t put it somewhere too hot). The manufacturer claims it can hold up to 5 pounds.

Would this make a good gift for the barbecue lover in your life?

Simple silver Paper Towel Rod (by Cuisinart)

Cuisinart CMP-250 Magnetic Paper Towel Holder, Silver

If you just need a paper towel holder for your grill…and you don’t need anything fancy like a spice shelf…check out this simple magnetic holder from Cuisinart.

You can mount it vertically or horizontally – whatever works best for your grill.

I hoe you’ve enjoyed our concise list of magnetic paper towel holders.

Will any of these work for you?

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