Marysville Falls near Kimberley BC (pics of the trail and waterfall)

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If you’re visiting Kimberley BC and want to see an amazing waterfall just minutes off the main road, you’ll want to check out the Marysville Falls.

In this article I share some photos and give a brief description of the trail that leads to the falls.

Marysville Falls BC

Where are the Marysville Falls?

The Marysville Falls are in Marysville BC: a small suburb just outside of Kimberley in the East Kootenay region of British Columbia, Canada.

How to get to Marysville Falls

If you’re leaving Kimberley on Highway 95A heading South-East towards Cranbrook you’ll pass through Marysville. Marysville is a small village about 6 kilometres outside of Kimberley on Highway 95A. 

Just before you enter Marysville coming from Kimberley you’ll cross a bridge over Mark Creek.  The falls are on this creek.

Immediately after this bridge on the right side is where you can park next to the road in order to access Marysville Falls. Alternatively, you can also take a left after crossing this bridge onto 303rd Avenue and you’ll find a small parking lot there.

I took the photo below just after parking my car and I was heading toward the walkway to the falls. You see the sign stating the “Marysville Falls Walkway” and on the far right side of the picture you’ll see the bridge that leads to Kimberley.

Marysville Falls Walkway entrance in Marysville BC
Marysville Falls Walkway entrance in Marysville BC (Photo copyright:

You walk across a beautiful log & timber foot bridge that crosses over Mark Creek. (Below is a picture showing this fantastic wooden structure.)

The log and timber Foot bridge over Mark Creek leading to Marysville Falls in Marysville BC
Foot bridge over Mark Creek leading to Marysville Falls in Marysville BC (Photo copyright:

Then you follow a wooden boardwalk along the banks of the creek. 

Wooden pathway leading to the Marysville Falls in Marysville BC
Wooden pathway leading to the Marysville Falls in Marysville BC (Photo copyright:

But this wood boardwalk does not continue the entire way to the falls.

There is some bare, rocky ground to walk over.

I took this photo pointing the camera behind me back towards the footbridge to show the slightly rocky terrain. (And no, those little cascading waterfalls aren’t “the falls” yet.)

Marysville Falls walkway has some rocky ground to cover (Photo copyright:

As you walk closer to the falls you can hear the turbulent water and see the mist billow up along the rock walls of the canyon. It’s an awesome sight.

Below is a picture of the Marysville Falls waterfall.

The Marysville Falls in Marysville BC (Photo copyright:

If you want more photos of the waterfall click here to see more photos on Google Maps.

Interestingly, I couldn’t find an official reference stating the height of the waterfall.

Some references said 30 meters (about 100 feet), others said about 45 feet tall, and others said 10 meters (about 30 feet) tall. I don’t know if people were getting their measurement units mixed up (meters for feet), but regardless of its stats, this is still a beautiful waterfall that is just a short walk from the highway.

Are the Marysville Falls Wheelchair Accessible? 

No, the Marysville Falls are not wheel chair accessible

There are stairs and some rocky sections of the path.  (A picture of some stairs are below and the picture of the rocky ground was shown earlier.)

The Marysville Falls in Marysville BC are not wheelchair accessible. There are stairs along the wooden boardwalk and some sections of bare, rocky ground.
Stairs on the pathway to the Marysville Falls (Photo copyright:

And be careful because the Marysville Falls trail can get icy and slippery in the winter.

How far is the walk to the Marysville Falls?

It is a just a short distance from the parking area near the road to the Falls. It is about 300 meters to the falls and then 300 meters back. (Reference)

It is more of a chance to see a unique natural feature than a bout of physical activity.

I didn’t time it, but it was about a 5-10 minute walk to the falls from the parking lot near the highway. Super quick. It’s more of a stroll or light walk than a hike.

So it is a short excursion that is more about the destination (the falls) than the journey (the pathway).

Are there photo opportunities at the Marysville Falls?

Yes. There is a small concrete pad where you can stand to get your photo taken with the falls in the background and a fence along the banks of the creek preventing people from falling down.

To see some of the Instagram photos tagged with this waterfall, click here.


The walk to Marysville Falls from the roadside parking lot is just a short excursion. But if you’re a fan of waterfalls or want a quick outing, you should check it out.

Just note it is not wheelchair accessible due to the stairs on the wooden pathway.

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