9 simple Bathroom Drawer Organization Ideas (conquer the cluttered drawer)

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Do you have stuffed and cluttered bathroom drawers? In this article we’ll look at 9 bathroom drawer organization ideas to help you get your bathroom organized today.

If you’re in a rush to clean your bathroom counter, a lot of stuff can be tossed into the bathroom drawers (like a dumping ground).

Hopefully the suggestions in this article can help you manage those overflowing drawers.

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Bathroom Drawer Organization Ideas – 9 easy options

The first step to tidying up bathroom drawers is to analyze what is causing the clutter in the bathroom drawers.

Go through the clutter and see if you have expired products, makeup you’ll never use, dental floss you hate, or other items you can do without.

If you have expired medication, call your local pharmacy to see if they can be returned there for safe disposal.

Many of us hold on to things unnecessarily.

Get rid of the clutter.

Then we can start organizing the “good stuff” that is left. And a few of these bathroom drawer organization ideas actually involve getting stuff out of the drawers and storing them more efficiently somewhere else. (Like under the sink.)

1) Use Small Organizing Baskets

small baskets or even bowls inside a bathroom drawer can work well to hold little items like hair accessories and dental floss

Use baskets or small bins to compartmentalize little items like hair elastics and lip balm.

You could buy a dedicated set of organization baskets (like below), or you could just use the things you already have around the house. Even old bowls can work well to hold hair accessories and other smaller items.

2) Get a matching set of drawer organization containers

Poeland 10 Pcs Drawer Organizer Tray Storage Box for Bedroom Dresser Bathroom Kitchen

If you prefer to have a matching set of drawer organization bins you can get a 10-piece set like this one from POELAND.

How tidy would your bathroom drawers be after using these?

3) Use a Drawer Organization Tray

Organize bathroom drawer by using a divider tray
Using a drawer divider tray to organize bathroom drawers

If you don’t have a nice wooden divider like the one in the photo below you could even use kitchen utensil trays to help organize little items.

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4) Put some items into an under the sink organizer

under sink organizer
Under sink organizers can help get stuff out of your bathroom drawers.

Instead of trying to stuff larger items into a bathroom drawer- where they just barely fit – you could put them in the cabinet under the sink.

To ensure that this space doesn’t overflow with stuff you could get an organizer for under your sink.

If you like the look of this under sink organizer you can see more details on Amazon.


If you’re not making good use of your under sink area, you really should check out our article on Bathroom Under Sink Storage Ideas.

5) Magazine holders for Hair tools (straighteners, curlers, dryers)

Organize bathroom drawers by removing hair appliances and storing them in  magazine holder
Magazine holder to hold your hair appliances

Do you have hair appliances stuffed into drawers?

Well, instead of wrapping up your hair appliances and stashing them in a drawer, you could use a magazine holder under the sink or on a shelf.

Magazine holders make a great corral for hair care tools like straighteners, curlers, dryers and more.

Make sure they’ve cooled down before returning to their holders (especially if the magazine holder is plastic!).

6) Get a Medicine Cabinet (don’t store medicine in there though)

Medicine cabinet can help you get stuff out of your bathroom drawers.
Photo credit: Kohler

Having the extra wall-mounted storage space can really help minimize bathroom drawer clutter.

Just don’t keep your medicine in a medicine cabinet.

Despite the name, a medicine cabinet is not a great place to store your medicine because of the humidity and temperature fluctuations in a bathroom. 

(A dark drawer in your bedroom is a better choice to store your medicine…out of reach of kids obviously.)

Above is a stylish medicine cabinet made by Kohler that is available on Amazon.

7) Install small shelves inside the bathroom cabinet doors

There is often wasted space inside a bathroom cabinet door that you can make the most of by installing little shelves.

Maximizing this wasted space means you can get more items out of the bathroom drawers thereby reducing clutter in the drawers. The ones shown below are made by 3M Command Brand.

The product description lists it as almost 10″ long. Make sure it’ll fit inside your bathroom cabinet (and that the door will close) before ordering.

Bathroom organizer - command wall-mounted shelf
Photo credit: 3M (Command Brand)

Click here to see more details on Amazon. This is a good “no tools required” type of installation (no drilling or screwing).

I realize this product photo above shows the shelf attached to the wall, but envision it inside your bathroom cabinet door. Will it work for your space?

8) Use an Over the Door Basket Organizer to get items out of the drawers

Over the cabinet door organizer

Here is another “indirect” drawer organizer.

I say indirect because it helps organize your bathroom drawers by removing items from the drawers and storing them elsewhere.

Do you think this would work in your bathroom?

Click here to see dimensions on Amazon.

9) Use a Magnetic Strip or even fridge magnets for small metal tools

Another neat idea for this wasted space is to install a magnetic bar (like a magnetic knife holder) inside the bathroom cabinet.

Then you can stick your small metal nail tools, scissors, hair clips or other metal accessories to the bar.

The photo below shows a simple fridge magnet taped to the inside of a drawer. Then you can stick metal items here for easy retrieval.

Bathroom Drawer Organizer - a magnet to keep metal items (like tweezers) in one place
Fridge magnet inside the drawer to small metal tools or accessories

If you have a small bathroom you may also like the article I wrote on ways to organize an RV bathroom. A lot of the organization ideas in that article would translate well to a small bathroom in your house.

I hope you’ve enjoyed, and found inspiration from these 9 bathroom drawer organization ideas.

I realize some of them were “indirect” solutions, but even they will go a long way toward reducing clutter in your bathroom drawers.

If you have any comments or suggestions on how to organize bathroom drawers please comment below.

Thank you.

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