How to Organize your Entertainment Center [5 simple steps]

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A beautiful TV is often the showpiece in a living room, but a big ugly mess underneath it looks terrible. This article describes how you can organize your entertainment center quickly and easily in 5 simple steps.

How to organize your entertainment center (5 simple tips)
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This problem of organizing an entertainment center is really nothing compared to what it used to be!

Now that most people are streaming their TV shows, their movies and their music, there is less physical media around.

But any clutter is still clutter.

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Steps for how to Organize your Entertainment Center

Step 1: Take everything off the entertainment center and Declutter

Remove everything from the stand, and look at everything you’ve removed.

Does it need to be kept on your entertainment stand?

If so, does it need to be out in the open or is there a storage box or container for it?

And don’t concentrate on just the movies, photos or knickknacks.

Do you need all those electronics out in the open?

I still like having a VHS player for nostalgia nights, but I don’t need it always hooked up in the living room.

And do you ever use your old surround sound stereo system?

You can now buy sound bars (like this one from Bose) that’ll provide great sound without excess speakers and wires scattered all over.

So look at the electronic gadgets on your entertainment stand. Can some of them be stored elsewhere for “just when needed”?

Step 2: Dust and Clean everything

Now that you’ve removed everything, it is a great time to dust and clean everything.

Get out your duster and start hitting all those hard to reach corners.

I’m sure you already know how to dust, but if you want some dusting tips, check out the video below from YouTube.

Step 3: Organize your Media (group movies together, games together, etc…)

I know guys that had floor to ceiling shelves FILLED with DVD’s and Blu Ray discs.

Times sure have changed.

But I know I still like having my favorite movies on disc.

Yes, movies do leave Netflix.

But instead of keeping my movies in their original plastic packaging, I put most of them into a binder. (Picture below)

The binder was originally meant for music CD’s, but it works equally well for movies.

My movies in a binder to save space

Using a binder system has cut WAY DOWN on the amount of room I need to dedicate to storing movies.

My media binder is by ‘Case Logic’ but I found this popular one below on Amazon.

(What I don’t really like about mine is that it can be tricky to close the zipper if it’s been opened all the way.)

Organize  entertainment center - DVD binder
Media binder

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Baskets to store Movies or Games

I still like to keep my favorite movies in their dedicated cases or collector boxes.

For instance, I keep my Harry Potter movies and Indiana Jones movies in their original box sets.

If you have some favorite movies or games that you want to keep in their original packaging, you can still keep your entertainment center tidy by using storage bins like the ones below.

I personally don’t have these baskets, but if you like the look of them, you can check them out on Amazon.

Organize entertainment center - plastic media storage baskets
Media storage bins

Store movies in an Ottoman, or inside a Coffee Table or Storage Bench

Yes you watch movies or play games on your entertainment center, but this doesn’t mean they have to be stored there.

Many people conceal their movies out of view by placing them inside a nearby storage bench, coffee table, drawer or storage ottoman.

It can help you organize your entertainment center by removing media that doesn’t need to be on there.

Display your Favorite Records

If you’re like me and you have a growing vinyl record collection, you want somewhere to store and display your records.

I am just using a wooden crate right now, but I came across this record holder on Amazon.

It looks like a smart option because it stores your records, and you can shuffle through them to pick out an album.

Organize entertainment center - rack and holder for vinyl records
Wooden record holder

(This should work unless you’re like this guy below. )

Step 4: Hide Cables or Disguise them

Wires dangling down behind your entertainment center can look ugly.

If your entertainment center is an open unit, you can try hiding the cables by attaching a cover to the back of the unit (thereby hiding the wires from the front view).

You could get some thin sheets of wood to nail to the back of the entertainment stand. (I actually use pieces of square foam that is intended to be interlocking foam flooring.)

If you don’t want to do that, or can’t do that with your particular unit you should look into a “wire concealer.” (I also call them wire hiders.)

The one below is available on Amazon. What a difference it makes in the before and after product picture.

Would this make your living room look better?

wire hider
What a difference this wire hider makes

If I ever mount my TV to the wall I’m going to get something like this to conceal the cables: makes it look so tidy.

Step 5: Put your stuff back onto the entertainment center and take a picture of it

Why take a picture of it?

Viewing a photo of your house gives you a more objective viewpoint…it lets you notice things you don’t with your own eyes….almost like you’re an outsider looking in.

I don’t know why this it, but it’s sure true for me.

After you’ve taken a picture, is there anything that catches your eye?

Any annoying clutter or wires that are negatively drawing your attention?

If so, go back and fix it. 🙂

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Thanks to streaming media and new technology our entertainment centers sure look different than they did 15 years ago, but they still require our attention every now and then.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these simple tips and products on how you can organize your entertainment center.

If you have any suggestions I’ve missed please comment below.

Thank you.

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